The Sims 4: Funniest Glitches Found From Island Living

The Sims 4: Island Living is finally here. The expansion is absolutely stunning, but it's not without its glitches... and some of these are hilarious.

The Sims 4: Island Living is finally here, just in time for summer and the excited Simmers who have been waiting to get their hands on mermaids and jet skis. While the new expansion is absolutely stunning with its colorful new island and vacation themed content, some members of the community have already encountered some rather odd glitches. As is often the case with new content, bugs and glitches are bound to happen and as long as they're harmless and fun, there's really nothing to worry about. Let's have a look at ten of the funniest glitches you might encounter after setting up Island Living.

10 Invisible Beach Towels

Your Sim is all prepared to head on to the beach to soak in all the vitamin D and work up a tan, only to find that their towel is invisible upon placed down. Instead, your Sim will be lying down on the ground as if nothing is wrong and you'll be left scratching your head in confusion. Thankfully, Simmers over at Reddit figured out that turning up your lighting levels will fix this issue and your towels will magically appear after quickly restarting your game. Now, back to sunbathing!

9 No Canceling Odd Jobs

There are a few ways to make a bit of coin while living on the island of Sulani, from patrolling the beaches to make sure nobody's drowning to teaching people how to dive in the ocean. Sometimes, however, you might want to cancel your task and spend the day just hanging out at the beach.

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Unfortunately, that might be impossible with this bug which literally doesn't let you do that. You signed up for the odd job? You finish it. It's an all too realistic bug.

8 Powerless Mermaids

Mermaids, the most central part of this new expansion pack, are a huge addition to the base game. Therefore it's really no surprise that a bunch of glitches are related to them. For one, some Simmers report that their mermaids are utterly powerless when using their voice to call out the ocean threat. This certainly sounds like an embarrassing and somewhat annoying bug that makes it quite underwhelming to be a mermaid. Make sure you have no other mods installed before you install the expansion or restart your game.

7 The Tan That Never Appears

One of the new amazing features of the expansion is of course being table to work up a nice tan at the beach. After a while in the sun your Sim will receive the Moodlet, but in some cases you might not see any difference on your Sim's actual skin. If this is the case, make sure you have no custom skins or overlays that might be covering the default skin modifications. There's nothing more awkward than spending hours under the sun, only to gain, well... nothing.

6 Ocean Inside The House

One thing that's so great about Island Living is the look of the island and all the effects that come with it, including the calming ripples of the ocean. While usually it would be nice to see such a calming view from a beach front house, some Simmers have discovered that these ocean effects appear randomly inside their houses and on their furniture without any specific reason.

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It's unclear whether this is lucky or unfortunate. After all, who could say no to a little extra seaside atmosphere?

5 Untouchable Drinks

Between all the sunbathing and odd jobs, your Sim can take a quick trip to the local bar on the island of Sulani for a refreshing drink. That is, if they can actually get their hands on one of the cocktails being served. Simmers have reported a glitch where the bar will be filled with drink orders from patrons, but none of the Sims will actually be able to grab these drinks. While the idea of infinite drinks sounds amazing, it's less so when you can't even seem to grasp one in the first place.

4 Changing Mermaids

The first thing many of us are likely to do in Island Living is creating our own mermaid Sim in the CAS screen, just to see and test all the new mermaid cosmetics. Unfortunately, you might be disappointed to find that once your beautiful mermaid steps into the water they look nothing like how you designed them. Either our Sims are beginning to have a mind of their own, or this is another major bug that the developers have yet to fix. Either way, don't be surprised if your purple mermaid is now suddenly green!

3 Sand Swimming

If there's one detail in Island Living that needs praise, it's the animation the developers came up with for the mermaid swim. Once your mermaid gets into water they transform into their true form and begin swimming gracefully through the waves.

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However, this animation sometimes carries over to land, and you'll most likely see some weird cases where a mermaid or even a normal Sim will be swimming in what appears to be sand.

2 Walking On Water

If swimming in sand wasn't funny enough, the opposite is also quite entertaining yet concerning to see. For reasons still unknown for most Simmers, mermaids will sometimes stop swimming in water and instead grow what looks like a pair of mermaid legs. You'll then see them walking and running on the surface of the water. This isn't a special skill, even if we could technically be led to believe so. It does make for entertaining photos and quite a sight for anyone watching from the beach.

1 Swimsuits, All The Time

The fact that this is a glitch is funny in the sense that this is Island Living and you would assume everyone would be wearing a swimsuit most of the time while living on an island. However, that's not really the case here. Simmers have reported that on lots that allow you to live on water, Sims will refuse to wear any of their normal clothes and will instead constantly switch to their swimwear. It's almost as though they know better than us what attire best suits their new beach front house.

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