10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting The Sims 4: Island Living

The Sims 4 Island Living is the seventh Sims 4 expansion, which allows you to live on the tropical island of Sulani. It’s an experience like we’ve never seen before with new customs, traditions, and a whole new pace of life.

Island Living allows your Sims to immerse themselves in a new culture, throwing off the constraints of modern life and getting back to nature. From a beautiful cabana by the ocean to an off the grid hut on the beach, your Sims can find the home of their dreams and relax into island life.

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With the change in pace, there’s so much to take in. Here are 10 things about Island Living that are good to know before you take the plunge.

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10 Treat The Island With Respect

Over time the island will become dirty. Sims will see trash begin to wash up on the beaches and collect in the oceans. Once it appears, you can interact with it to clean it up.

Keeping the island clean will begin to have an effect over time. As you continue to tidy up, you’ll begin to see positive changes across Sulani. Likewise, if you leave the trash to pile up you’ll see more negative changes happen.

As well as just environmental changes, there are also island spirits, keeping clean keeps the spirits happy. As for neglecting the island? Well, let's just say there are consequences.

9 Mua Pel’An Is Full Of Secrets

The neighborhood of Mua Pel’An is full of secrets and is a great place to explore. As you venture around the area you can find different harvestables, collectibles and more. The place is crammed with hidden gems and beautiful landscapes.

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If you explore far enough, you’ll even find a waterfall, which you can interact with in several ways. Not only can you shower and play in the waterfall but you can also find and collect frogs. If you bring your partner, there’s also a steamier option to explore.

8 Jobs Are More Flexible

Island life just isn’t compatible with the 9-to-5 daily grind and the good news is that Sims have more job options than ever before. Adults can now work part-time and Sulani residents have extra options such as becoming a diver, lifeguard, or fisherman.

If even those short shifts are too much for you, there is also casual work. You can simply select odd jobs on your phone menu.

Some odd jobs require skills and others don’t. Anything which says a time of ASAP is a rabbit hole job and anything with a deadline requires you to complete a task. Complete tasks promptly to gain reputation.

7 You Can Live Off The Grid

If you really want to live the simple life, the neighborhood of Mua Pel’An has lots which are disconnected from the modern world. These off the grid lots have no electricity and minimal plumbing as well as no bills.

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You can search the build buy catalog for items which are compatible with off the grid living so just check the items description. You’ll have limited options for plumbing, a couple of options for cooking with gas and candles to light your home, making this a unique experience.

6 Fans Will Keep You Cool

In the tropical world of Sulani, the temperature is often hot, hot, hot. If you have Seasons installed this could lead to some dangerous situations, as Sims stack up moodlets from overheating.

Luckily, ceiling fans are here to help. All ceiling fans now cool down the room they are placed in, as long as you turn them on. This allows for Sims to take a break from the heat and sit in a cool and pleasant environment. Just make sure you turn them off if the temperature takes a turn.

5 Don’t Forget Your Sunblock

Island Living unlocks the ability to sunbathe. Once installed, it will allow Sims to sit on loungers, both on land and in the water, and bask in the rays of the sun. You can even sunbathe on a boat.

While sunbathing is a relaxing pastime, your Sim will get burnt if they aren’t careful. Lucky you can prevent this with sunblock. Simply click on your sunbathing Sim and select the apply sun protection option.

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Just watch out for pranksters as they can apply your sunblock cheekily to give you an interesting tan line.

4 There’s A New Way To Party

Something which could easily be missed amongst the new items is the addition of a new type of social event, Kava Party. As with all social events, you can simply pick up the phone and arrange a time, venue and guest list.

When throwing a Kava Party, many of the tasks are centered around eating and drinking Kava. As long as you keep the drinks flowing, the party will be a success. Just don’t be surprised if you get some extra guests as the locals love to socialize.

3 The Neighbors Are Really Friendly

The whole of Sulani is filled with friendly neighbors and they’ve reinvented the welcome wagon. Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by guests with a filled Kava bowl. The fruitcake is gone and, in its place, is this delicious island beverage. They’ll come and toast your arrival and even leave you the bowl, so you’re prepared next time.

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If you have a fire on your lot, you can also expect a neighbor to drop by in a flash, wielding a fire extinguisher which apparently they keep in their bikini pocket. If you want to join in the fun then keep an eye out for pop up events happening in different places across the map. These are a great opportunity to get together with neighbors and have some fun.

2 Keep Mermaids Hydrated

Mermaids are the latest occult life state to be introduced to the game. You can create a mermaid in create a Sim or check out the island where at least one of your neighbors has a close relationship with the sea.

If you play as a mermaid, you’ll notice that they play very similarly to normal Sims but they have a hydration level instead of hygiene. To replenish this need simply get into water, either a bath or the ocean.

Mermaids can also use their hydration to do a few interesting things. Try clicking on the mermaid option on your menu the next time you’re in the sea.

1 Be Careful Where You Build

For those who love to build, Island Living offers some great new building mechanisms. You can build over the ocean, use stilt foundations, and even place glass flooring. The off the grid trait also helps make some lots a challenge.

One thing to be aware of is the restrictions in place on Sulani. Oceanfront lots will not allow you to build underground. This means that they can't have basements or swimming pools on them. You can however build a pool on a lot which is close to the sea, just as long as the plot doesn’t go into the water.

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