The Sims 4: 5 Things Realm Of Magic Does Better Than Makin' Magic (And 5 Things Makin' Magic Does Better)

The Sims 4 is the latest edition of the sprawling The Sims series, which debuted in 2000. It has been met with mixed reviews from both life-long and newer players, but one of the most popular requests across the entire community has always been magical sims - or, more specifically, witches. The most recent announcement, a gamepack called Realm Of Magic, finally answers that call by introducing an occult-type called Spellcasters.

It's hard not to notice that Realm of Magic seems to have a lot of similarities to Makin' Magic, an expansion pack for the original game. For example, each one introduces a special neighborhood or world for magical sims to acquire magical items, Magic Town in TS1 and The Magic Realm in TS4. There are probably several other similarities as well, but there are actually quite a few more differences.

Makin' Magic focused a bit more on a carnival, magician-type of magic, while Realm of Magic seems to overall be a bit more focused on a serious, occult-like magic. This means that each game has its own individual strengths and weaknesses based almost entirely on a player's preferences - and here's a small sampling of them.

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10 TS4 Realm Of Magic: Magical Variety

To date, Realm Of Magic is the largest witch-related game in the series so far, with a total of 24 spells, 15 different potions, and several different curses. Other games in the series have included different archetypes for magic users before, but the upcoming gamepack takes it a step further by introducing four different styles for Spellcasters to use. They are called Practical, Mischief, Untamed, and Alchemy. Luckily, the four are not mutually exclusive, so players will be able to explore every style with the same Sim.

9 TS1 Makin' Magic: The Vendors Of Magic Town

There are three magical vendors in Magic Town that offer unique items and ingredients in exchange for MagiCoins, as well as quests and the opportunity to barter for special ingredients that can't be acquired any other way.

Faerie Queen Maria is a fairy with a beautiful floral cart that sells fairy-themed items like Pixie Dust and Sands of Time. She will exchange a Four-leaf Clover for Honey.

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Vicki Vampiress is a vampire with a medieval cart that sells dragon-related ingredients and items, like Dragon Scales and Dragon Treats. She will exchange Garlic for Beeswax.

Apothecary Todd is a human with a whimsical cart that sells things like Beeswax and Magic Beans, which can be planted to grow a beanstalk. He will exchange a Rubber Chicken for Elderberry Nectar.

8 TS4 Realm Of Magic: Freehand Spellcasting

Gone are the days of being bound to using a wand to cast a spell. So far throughout The Sims series, there has always been a need for a wand, but in Realm of Magic, Spellcasters are able to learn how to use their powers without using one.

However, the ability to customize your Spellcaster is one of the main focuses of the gamepack so there are, of course, a wide variety of different Wands available for players who prefer to use one!

7 TS1 Makin' Magic: Bonehilda, The Skeleton Maid

Makin' Magic introduced several new things to the game, but one of the most beloved items was probably Bonehilda, a skeleton maid that came in a decrepit coffin. It's as simple as purchasing her coffin and setting it up somewhere in the house, and voila! An instant maid that's never held back by the needs bars of the average helper sim.

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She is a quirky, slightly creepy icon of the series, in spite of not being included (so far) in The Sims 4.

6 TS4 Realm Of Magic: Fashion

There's always been a lack of alternative Create-A-Sim items in The Sims 4. Occasionally, punk and goth sims may be thrown a bone like the Vampires gamepack, which still seemed to be a majority of vintage and historical items that leaned toward a more modest style as opposed to edgy, modern items that were a bit more risque. Luckily, Realm Of Magic seems to finally address this issue!

There's no shortage of leather, studs, fishnet, and lace in the trailer. In just a couple of minutes, we're treated to a buffet of boots, heels, high-cut skirts, low-cut tops, and tight clothing, all in a beautifully dark palette. Finally!

5 TS1 Makin' Magic: Living Garden Gnomes

One of the spells in Makin' Magic is called Perfect Garden. It can make any plants and crops on the lot reach their full potential by sending out a rain cloud, even the most lifeless and wilted ones. However, if it's used while the caster is in a bad mood, it will bring any and every nearby garden gnome to life.

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These mischievous little creatures will kick the caster in the shin and destroy any plants on the lot. Luckily, their sentience is only temporary!

4 TS4 Realm Of Magic: Cauldrons

Cauldrons are an iconic part of witchcraft, period. The Sims 2 included them as a core part of playing as a magical sim, and Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron was available for purchase from The Sims 3 store, allowing any Sim to make potions. The trailer for Realm Of Magic reveals that cauldrons have been reintroduced as something that Spellcasters can use to create Potions.

There's something special about cauldrons in Realm Of Magic, though! Even non-Spellcaster sims can use them to cook a small handful of recipes: Chili, Mac N Cheese, and Cioppino!

3 TS1 Makin' Magic: Amusement Parks

Clowntastic Land is an amusement park-themed lot in Magic Town where Sims have the opportunity to take part in several different activities, some magic-related and some not so magic-related. There's a fun-house ride that was basically a small roller coaster, a mini-golf course, several different arcade games, a fortune-telling machine, a cotton candy vendor, and a dueling station. Plus, Nagganaste the snake charmer and Apothecary Todd are always hanging around somewhere.

A somewhat similar lot is Vernon's Vault. It offers a spookier take on the fun-house ride, mini-golf, checkers, a wishing well, gumbo stands, and a stone stage for sims who want to watch (or put on) a magical performance!

2 TS4 Realm Of Magic: Familiars

A variety of different familiars are being introduced in Realm Of Magic. Some are normal creatures like crows and owls, while others are mystical creatures like Voidcritters - and players who own Cats And Dogs will be able to turn their loyal companion into their Spellcaster's familiar. The familiars are beautiful, unique creatures that help Spellcasters in a few different ways, including protecting them and helping to conserve Magical Energy.

Spellcasters are able to bind as many different familiars as they want, though they can only summon one at a time, and each familiar can be given a unique name.

1 TS1 Makin' Magic: Magical Performances

Putting on a performance is a good way to earn MagiCoins, the currency used for the majority of purchases made in Magic Town. The quality of the performance has a direct effect on the profits that a Sim will make from it. The outcome of a carnival-themed stage is boosted by having a high Mechanical skill, while a laboratory-themed stage benefits from a high Logic skill, as does using one of the sleight-of-hand trick tables. There are also stations throughout Magic Town where Sims can challenge others to a duel.

Even non-magical sims can get a kick out of a performance or a duel by watching safely from the audience!

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