The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack Deep Dive Shows A Huge Amount Of Gameplay

The Sims team has taken to Twitch to do a deep dive of the new Moschino Stuff Pack, which is due to be released next week. During the hour long stream, they showed off some new Create A Sim and Build And Buy items, as well as an unprecedented amount of gameplay features.

Usually, stuff packs are just that, stuff. They tend to contain few gameplay elements, aside from a couple of interactive items. This new pack is different, as it comes with a new career and a side of extra gameplay features.

Build And Buy Items

We didn’t see all the items in the catalog but instead we were shown an apartment furnished with some of the new objects. The most noticeable thing was the huge curved windows and vibrant colors.

There are also a number of industrial loft themed objects, including some new art, a bookcase and several brand new photography oriented objects, including two types of backdrop.

The photography items have all been separated and also include lighting, kit boxes and a tripod, which allows photographers of any skill level to take perfect photos.

There are also new décor items, rugs, sofas and a clothing rack. For those who enjoy clutter, we also saw some magazine piles, to add a touch of realism to your coffee table.

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Create-A-Sim Items

The stream was focused mainly on gameplay, so we only saw a limited amount of create-a-sim items. However, we do know that all the items are from Moschino’s current collection, including their Sims based merchandise.

The pieces are vibrant runway pieces, well suited to the fashion photography career which comes with the pack. Viewers were reminded that the clothing is high end, rather than everyday wear, although some pieces are more wearable than others.

Game Play

The new freelance fashion photographer career works in a similar way to the other similar careers, offering daily tasks and requiring you to submit images to be approved by your clients.

The new studio allows you to adjust all the components. You can move and change the color of the lights, alter the backdrops patterns or pick up the tripod and carry it to a local beauty spot.

Photography itself has also changed, with more flexibility than ever before. The studio now allows you to take photos of larger groups, including pets and toddlers.

Finally you can also display your photos in better and more customizable frames, an update which came with the most recent free base-game patch. There is even the ability to put frames on tables. This stuff pack is definitely stuffed.

The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack releases on Aug 13 for Pc and Mac and September 3 for console players.

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