The Sims 4: Everything New Announced At E3 2019

The year 2019 celebrates the 20th year of The Sims franchise, making it another big year for all Simmers, if not the biggest yet. With the leaks that came in earlier this week through the Origins platform about a possibly island themed expansion pack coming in very soon, speculation has been high until the announcements and the official trailer released during EA Play's The Sims 4 announcement session at E3. We've got some exciting details to share about the game, so buckle up Simmers and let's get to the details on this new expansion, new stuff pack and what the next game pack will be all about.

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10 Pride Stuff

As a result of a partnership with the It Gets Better campaign, The Sims 4 will be releasing a bunch of cool Pride themed objects in the next few months to celebrate pride. As all Simmers know, The Sims franchise has always been extremely inclusive and campaigned for diversity in its games, which we absolutely stand for as well. Starting from June, Simmers will be able to decorate their houses with colorful Pride objects to celebrate diversity, and even have gender neutral bathrooms in-game.

9 Moschino Stuff Pack

Thanks to creative genius Jeremy Scott, The Sims 4 and Moschino collaborated to create an adorable bunny themed hoodie. Not only can you find these hoodies in a few Moschino stores in real life, but they're also available in-game since April. Moreover, later this summer The Sims 4 will release a special Moschino Stuff Pack with even more cute outfits for your Sims to rock, along with a new freelance fashion photographer career. This being the first time a Stuff Pack comes with a new career, we're definitely looking forward to trying this one out.

8 Realm Of Magic Game Pack

It's finally confirmed: magic is on its way to The Sims 4! Although we have no further details on what exactly the pack will entail for now, we can expect inspiration and popular game mechanics will be brought over from previous expansions like Makin' Magic and Supernatural. The Game Pack is set to be released sometime this upcoming fall, which is perfect for Halloween theme. Until then, we're just going to have to satisfy our curiosity with wild speculation. Witches, wizards, spells and potions are just a few things we're hoping to see make a comeback!

7 Island Of Sulani

That's right, Simmers, the next expansion will transport your Sims to the sunny and tropical island of Sulani. You can choose to live by the beach, on the water, in the mountains or even by the jungle.

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Be careful, however, where you decide to start your new island life at, because there's also an active volcano in Sulani. Based on the trailer and the screenshots we've already seen, Sulani will be inspired by Polynesian cultures and let you families turn their lives into a permanent beach vacation with local island neighbors to help you settle in.

6 Beach Activities

Island Living is packed with tons of new island and beach appropriate interactions and activities your Sims can partake in. The trailer showcases suntanning and sunburning making an appearance in the game, as well as building sandcastles (or destroying them). You can also go snorkling, swim or float freely in open waters for the first time in a The Sims game and grab an aqua zip to get faster from one place to another.

5 Colorful Objects & New Build Stuff

For any Simmer who loves building and furnishing, we've got excellent news: houses on stilts! You can now build a paradise island home on water, and your Sim can climb down a ladder to immediately take a swim in the ocean. There are also dozens of colorful new decor items and bungalow themed furniture to give your beach house that perfect island style.

4 New Island Careers

Of course it wouldn't be a The Sims 4 expansion with theme appropriate careers. With the new Island Living, your Sims can become Conservationists and make sure the island stays clean and flourishes.

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If you're more into working a tan while getting paid, you can also work as a lifeguard at the beach. Or, perhaps you're an expert in diving and want to teach others, in which case you have the option of becoming a dive instructor. The new expansion also turns fishing into a real career, so you'll have plenty of options to finance your new island lifestyle.

3 Festivals & Island Spirits

Living on an island is all about celebration and enjoying your life. If your Sim walks around Sulani, they might come across the locals enjoying a nice barbeque or preparing a local specialty drink. There are also festivals that celebrate the island itself and its elemental spirits that make an appearance every once in a while. Depending on how well you take care of the island and its beautiful nature, the elemental spirits might be kind or unkind towards you. Make your choices carefully!

2 Dolphins

We've seen it in the leaks that came out earlier this week and it blew all of us away. Dolphins, a must addition to any tropical island environment, are for the first time coming to a The Sims game. Not just that, these creatures are not decor. Your Sims will be able to interact with them and befriend them overtime. Sims can play with their dolphin friends or receive a spray of water right into their faces. It's still unclear how interactive dolphins will be, but needless to say we're all excited to find out what cool our new aquatic friends bring forward.

1 Mermaids

No doubt the biggest piece of news was the announcement of mermaids finally coming to The Sims 4. Previously only seen in The Sims 3, there had been quite a bit of speculation on whether or not this mechanic would come over to The Sims 4. But here it is in all its glory and can be fully customized in the CAS screen just like vampires and aliens. You can choose different details and tail colors for your mermaid, not to mention there will be special magical abilities the developers have refused to elaborate on so far. Moreover, as a mermaid your Sim will be able to befriend dolphins more easily and develop what we assume is a more special bond with them.

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