The Sims: A Complete History Of The Goth Family

Anyone who knows anything about the Sims series knows a thing or two about the Goth family. Even if they have never played as the Goth family (preferring to stick to families of their own creation) and have never read up on the family's strange and mysterious history, every player has seen the family hanging around public lots and knows the name Bella Goth. This famous virtual family has been a staple in the Sims series since the very beginning and has appeared in each and every main installment in the series. New details and chapters get added to their story each and every time that they appear which keeps this family interesting and as mysterious as ever. This article will act as a brief yet comprehensive guide on everything the Simmers of the world need to know about the infamous Goth family.

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8 Who Are The Goths?

The Goth family is a small family who was originally introduced to the Sims series in the first installment and has been featured in each and every installment since then, with a new twist on their story each time.

The core family comprises of Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth, and Cassandra Goth. Though Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth, and Alexander Goth have been known to be included in the family in certain games and expansions. Different expansions have different versions of the family; however, Bella, Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alex are the core members that appear in most core/main installments.

7 What Happened to The Goth Family?

The history of the Goth family dates back to the 17th century with a woman named Morgana Goth who could enchant, persuade, and possess men with her immense and incomparable beauty. These powers often drove men mad and one went as far as to create a doll in her likeness. Magical abilities and an unofficial curse placed on the female members of the Goth family exist in every generation because of Morgana's actions (allegedly.)

In The Sims 3 (which is set 50 years before The Sims 2,) we meet a young version of the goth family who are living in the town of Sunset Valley (which their family founded.) Their history in sunset valley in rooted deeply in their feud with the towns other founders. When the young Mortimer comes of age, he moves to 5 Sim Lane (The Sims) with his wife and child. We next see the Goth family in The Sims 2 in Pleasantview. At this point in their story, Mortimer is reaching the end of his life and seeing a young girl who is after his money, Bella has been abducted by aliens, and Cassandra is just about to be left by her fiance at the altar. This is the end of the Goth family story as the Goths who appear in The Sims 4 belong to an alternate universe where none of this took place.

6 What Happened in Strangetown?

One may notice that, though Bella Goth is not present in the Goth family household which resides in Pleasantview in The Sims 2, she can be seen as a townie in the neighboring destination known as Strangetown. At some point in her life, Bella Goth was abducted by aliens and taken from her life and family. When the aliens finished with whatever they had planned, they dropped her off in Strangetown (an Area 51 inspired town that is frequented by aliens, military personnel, and bizarre happenings) with no memory of what happened to her or her previous life.


Her personality and physical appearance are slightly different than they were before the abduction so many wonder if she truly is Bella Goth or if she was replaced somewhere along the way.

5 Addams Family Inspiration

It is impossible to look at the Goth family home as well as the people who live inside of it and not think of everyone's favourite Gothic film family: The Addams Family. From their gothic nature to the graveyard that replaces a normal backyard, the similarities are obvious. But the biggest similarities seem to come from the family itself. Bella Goth and her husband, Mortimer, are as close as one can get to Morticia and Gomez without copyright infringement and their

4 Appearances in The Sims

Now it is time to get into the specifics.


In The Sims, the Goth family exists in several versions. In Bustin' Out, the family is made of Mortimer and Bella who are literally haunted by the ghosts in their yard. In the base game, the family is made up of Mortimer, Bella, and Cassandra who share a small yet gothically themed home. And in The Sims: Unleashed, the family is expanded greatly. In this version of the game, Gunter Goth, Cornelia Goth, and their two cats have been added to the family. They live in a ridiculously large mansion. The kind of mansion that we all build for ourselves when playing the Sims for the first time.

3 Appearances in Sims 2

In The Sims 2, the Goth family is absurdly rich. Like cannot achieve without cheat codes rich. When we meet Mortimer this time around, he is an elder who is at the brink of the end of his life. His faithful and beloved wife, Bella Goth, was abducted by aliens and never to be seen again (by the Goth family at least.) Mortimer is spending his time with a lady of questionable morals who has her eye on the family fortune. And Cassandra is about to be married to a man who is in the middle of three relationships (one of them being with the gold-digger who is seeing Mortimer Goth.) The gameplay begins just before Cassandra's wedding and though the player is in control of the game, it will be kicked off by Don (the fiance) leaving Cassandra at the altar.

2 Appearances in Sims 3

It is important to note that the entirety of the Goth storyline that is held within The Sims 3 occurs 50 years before the events of The Sims 2. This time, the family consists of Gunter, Cornelia, and their young son Mortimer and they live inside a large goth mansion that was the first building that was erected in the town of Sunset Valley and was passed down through the generations from the Towns Goth founders. Though the town was founded by the Goth family, it was technically built by the Landgraab family; and these two families have been feuding since the town was created.

One may notice that the Goth family is far more traditionally Goth in The Sims 3 and some may argue that the families Gothic nature lessens a tiny bit with each passing generation.


In Supernatural, the version of the Goth family that resides within this town is headed by Gunther's sister, Frida, who fled Sunset Valley after nearly being forced to marry a man she could not stand. It is important to note that every member in this Goth household perished tragically and exist as ghosts.

1 Appearances in Sims 4

The Goth family that exists in Willow Creek in The Sims 4 exist as an alternate reality version of the traditional Goth family. The family is made up of Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander and they exist entirely outside of the plot lines of each and every previous incarnation of the Goth family. They reside in a lovely Gothic mansion in one of the core neighbourhoods in the Sims 4 and like previous installments, their home contains minimal electronics. Fans of the Goth family may be disappointed to know that there is no graveyard at this residence as ghosts were a later addition to the Sims 4.


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