The Sims 1: Every Original Expansion Pack, Ranked

Expansion packs are a staple in the Sims series. Every iteration of the base game has been accompanied by several packs that add new features, interactions, and worlds to play in to the original game. Though The Sims has come a long way since it was originally released in February 2000. Though many Simmers prefer the newer editions of the game due to the increased activities, better graphics, and improved customization, many fans still enjoy the original games. For without them, we would not have the games that we have today. So in honour of those original games, let us rank the packs that started it all.

Note: like all rankings, this ranking is purely subjective and reflects the combination of the writer and the general consensus from the gaming community at large. Each and every person and player will have their own personal rankings and all rankings are valid.

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8 Deluxe Edition

Though it did not add too many additional features to the base game, the Deluxe Edition of the game brought new clothing and other items that were truly welcomed addition to the first game. Though they did not change gameplay to that extreme of an extent, the pack did allow players to customize their characters to a higher degree than the base game did alone.

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And that is something that should be applauded.

7 Hot Date

Some people enjoy building homes, cities, and neighbourhoods in the Sims. Some prefer creating families and planning lengthy stories for their descendants to live out. And others prefer to use their games to explore the intricacies of human relationships and interactions. The Hot Date expansion brought dating to The Sims (amongst other things) and was truly celebrated by fans. It also introduced the concept of community lots which was a true game changer. Before the introduction of this pack, Sims were essentially stuck on their home lots. They'd be able to leave for work but players were unable to follow them. Allowing players to follow their Sims around the worlds they created was a celebrated addition to the game and one that stayed with the series ever since.

6 House Party

Some people enjoy creating quiet lives for their Sims where their virtual friends spend their days building their skills, taking care of their needs, and taking part in solo activities. While others prefer to make their Sims the life of the party, literally. The House Party expansion brought the concept of social gatherings and parties to the Sims world.

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Now Sims would be able to pick up the phone, call up a few friends, and host a "burn-it-to-the-ground" type party.

5 Superstar

Each Expansion Pack brings something new to the world of the Sims and when the game was first created, each pack was truly revolutionary to the game. There were no expectations in place and no one had any idea what would come next. The Superstar Pack, as the name implies, brought the concept of fame and superstardom to the Sims world. It added a touch of creativity and imagination to the previously hyper-realistic game. Instead of a life simulator, it became a dream simulator. Since the introduction of this Expansion Pack, every installment of the Sims has introduced some form of fame system to the game: each with their own perks and consequences.

4 Unleashed

Looking back on these previous Expansions is fascinating as it is so jarring to remember a time where these features which are now commonplace base game features were brand new and exciting. This is one of the biggest Expansion Packs the series has ever seen to date. This pack brought the concept of farming to the game as well as a plethora of new objects and the ability to own pets. Truly a game changer.

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Like most of the packs on this list, once pets was introduced to the game they became a staple to the series and were brought back for every instalment to date.

3 Makin' Magic

Though the Unleashed Pack brought numerous changes to the games, it pales in comparison to the Makin' Magic Pack. This pack introduced the concept of magic and the supernatural to the Sims world (and such things have become a main feature of the series since.) It also brought forth multiple new themed locations such as the Carnival and other magical themed lots. Not to mention the near 200 objects it brought to the game. After this pack was introduced to the Sims games, magic became permanently intertwined with the series and has found its way into each and every instalment of the series.

2 Vacation

Since The Sims began, players have been wanting to take their Sims on vacation. Every single instalment in the series has contained some sort of vacation-themed pack. Say hello to the Expansion pack that started it all: The Sims Vacation.

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The Vacation pack gave Sims the ability to take vacations in the world around them. Fun fact: there was no time limit to these vacations. Many players took advantage of this feature and took their Sims on never-ending vacations in order to allow them to "live" in non-standard neighbourhoods.

1 Livin' Large

Though this pack does not include magic, fame, nor the ability to take vacations as other Expansion Packs in this list do, this pack earned the top spot on this list without the need of fancy additional features. This was the first Expansion Pack in the Sims series. It brought so many things to the game and created a precedent for expansions that has continued for the past nineteen years. This pack brought numerous types of people, careers, options, abilities, and objects to the game. It truly changed the game and turned The Sims from a realistic life simulator to a game where one could live out their wildest day dreams.

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