25 The Sims Whisper Confessions You Won’t Believe

These Whisper confessions from The Sims players are shocking, to say the least.

I have a confession: I love The Sims. It is one of my all-time most favorite franchises. I fondly remember picking up The Sims 3 upon release. At the time, I had a second monitor setup for work. I would load up the game, creating a faux-version of myself, and sit and play for hours on end. On my second screen, I would watch the newest Let’s Plays from top YouTubers, all of whom were obsessed with the game at the time. It was natural inspiration for my own home builds. Man, that game sucked up hundreds of hours of my life. And no, I do not regret the time I spent playing one bit. Looking back, I own most of the expansion packs, which is more than I can say for The Sims 4. Love it or hate it, Maxis and EA have crafted a winning experience.

I’m not alone. Not by a long shot. The following 25 Whisper confessions are evidence of that. People come together because of their love for The Sims. There are entire communities of people of all races, genders, and ages who share their creations, tips & tricks, and stories. Oh, man, the stories crafted in-game. You’ve got tales of prolific writers, stoic vampires, and downright erotic orgies thanks to game-changing mods. The Sims is, literally, a god-game. You can do what you want when you want, and however you want. Few, if any, other games have captured this sense of freedom and perspective.

Do you have any confessions to make from your time in The Sims?

25 A One-Day Wedding

Via: Whisper

Back in the day, when I played The Sims 3 religiously, I rarely enjoyed actual human interaction. I was the stereotypical loner, hiding indoors with my video games while people enjoyed soccer outside, or whatever they were doing. It’s too hot for that, though. Give me some air conditioning.

In the video game world, specifically in The Sims, going on a date and then getting married was just one afternoon. It’s probably not like that in real life. The game allows the imagination to run wild. You can absolutely start a family, buy a pet, and build a home in a single playthrough. It’s fun, too. In the real world, it's just work. Skip all that tiresome interaction and just play the game instead. It’s easier!

24 Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Via: Whisper

Man, if making friends was as easy as The Sims, we’d all have a Facebook friend’s list of over 500. Easy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In the game, you kind of just click through a random assortment of talking points, hoping one will land you a few social aspects. If that happens, you’ve got a friend in the making. In the real world, it takes way more effort.

Now, let’s talk about cats, right? They’re pretty cool. They have four legs, a lot of fur, and sometimes get annoying. Who doesn’t love cats? Now we’re best friends. Honestly, this confession speaks a lot about the type of person who spends hundreds of hours in The Sims. The loner-type, the one with social anxiety and stress issues.

23 Deceit And Trickery

Via: Whisper

Hey, this is a far better form of stress management than punching a wall or drinking copious amounts of alcohol. If someone bugs you in real life, don’t attack them physically. Instead, wait until you get home, load up your game, and create a lifelike version of them. Give them a happy life, make them productive and adventurous, then take it all away. Or, wall them into a room without any doors and watch as they urinate all over themselves, sleep on the floor, and dream of better days. You can’t do this in real life without inviting a life sentence in prison to the door. Get your aggression out!

The developers designed The Sims to be all-encompassing. You can honestly be a dastardly villain if you so choose. Live your virtual life!

22 A Christmas Tale

Via: Whisper

Oh, man. The sense of entitlement here is reaching a peak. If you’re lucky enough to have parents who purchase video games as presents, then at least put a little effort in. I know, The Sims 4 does a look little better graphically than its predecessor. However, The Sims 3 has a lot of fantastic features that the fourth entry entirely skipped over. Not to mention the copious amounts of DLC, Stuff Packs, and costly Expansions for this new release. It’s egregious. Seriously, have you seen the Origin store?

For anyone who started with The Sims 4, give the earlier entries a chance. There’s a lot of charm and possibility buried within the first few games. Heck, some would even argue that the little-known releases are worth your time. That’s for you to decide, though.

21 Success Is Measured In Keystrokes

Via: Whisper

Most of us can relate, honestly. If you’re at all like me, you probably build a starting character similar to yourself, albeit more successful and handsome. In my game, my Sim is a wealthy, well-known author who publishes a new book every single day. In the real world, that’s not the case. If I published a book each day, I’d most likely be dead from exhaustion and mental anguish.

The Sims allows us to live out fantasies. It’s the entire point of the game. In fact, some such fantasies may help your real life. For example, my writing professional in-game pushes me to be better. It’s motivational. If my Sim can practice his writing that often, why can’t I? Why can’t you?

20 Want To Go Swimming?

Via: Whisper

It’s a meme at this point. Build a family of Sims, then drown one or two in a pool after deleting the ladder. It’s like a rite of passage at this point. Unfortunately, The Sims 4 makes such a task difficult. You’ll need to go back an entry to acquire this achievement.

Are we sociopaths? No, not at all. Well, maybe a little. This is a video game, though. It’s not like people are lifting the ladder from a real pool and drowning someone. My god, that would be horrible. In the game, however, it’s totally viable. An annoying neighbor? Take ‘em swimming. Found a new love interest at the local library? Take your wife for a relaxing lap around the pool. It’s a catch-all solution.

19 I'm On Number 25

Via: Whisper

Hey, who needs the stress of the real world? Planning a wedding, getting married, and having kids–all stressful events. They take a lot out of you. Trust me. Or, you could avoid such social duties and play The Sims 4 instead. You know, the game where you can create Dean Winchester–even his likeness–and then roleplay as a happy, functional family without any demon menace looming overhead.

But seriously? 25 children? I can barely handle one kid in my primary game, let alone 25 of them. Their needs are way too difficult to handle. Maybe I’m just slow. But that’s like running an orphanage at that point. Give away some of those kids, girl!

18 A Harem Of Husbands

Via: Whisper

“Getting stuck in the pool.” Yeah, that’s what happened. Tell yourself it was an accident. That ladder at the far end was “accidentally” deleted. It happens. We’ve all accidentally killed ten different Sims in the pool. In a single game.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that these deaths were intentional. I mean, at the beginning of the game, we have the opportunity to create an entire family. The perfect family, if you will. Over time, that may grow stale. There’s something brighter around the virtual corner, right? Well, that seems to be the case with this young woman. I mean, how else do you explain so many accidental deaths by drowning. The Sims PD are surely staking out her virtual home by now.

17 #Motherlode

Via: Whisper

Man, if we could all just close our eyes and enter the notorious #motherlode cheat code, then we’d be set for life. I mean, who doesn’t want $50,000? In an instant! That’s enough to take care of your debt, put a down payment on a charming home, and take your significant other on a shopping trip. Worst case scenario, just close your eyes and enter the code a few more times!

If only the world worked like that. In The Sims, it’s quite simple. That money goes quick, but it’s typically enough to build a quirky house with a second-story, a pool in the backyard, and then fill each room accordingly. I’m sure we’re all guilty of using cheat codes at one point or another. I know I sure am.

16 Crafting The Perfect Girl

Via: Whisper

There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Sometimes, finding a partner may be difficult. I mean, I can’t speak from experience, of course. I imagine it’s not easy, though. In The Sims 3, it’s the most natural thing in the world, though. There’s always someone to woohoo with if you’re looking in the right place. Or, you could do what this young woman did, just make your own partner and then start a family. That’s what 95 percent of us ultimately do.

The Sims allows us to craft our perfect partner, family, and career. It’s all about playing god. Sometimes, when we invest a lot of time in the game, it’s easy to become enraptured by the possibilities. You really start to feel for your Sim and even implant yourself into their shoes.

15 I Have The Control!

Via: Whisper

A horrifying thought. If our Sims were alive, and we performed sociopath actions, such as drowning them in the pool or burning them live, then what must they think of us? Surely, they would consider us more of the devil than a god.

A scarier thought, however, is part two of this confession. What if someone is controlling us? What if they don’t like the path we’re on? I’m afraid to go swimming now. I knew there was a reason why I’m always sitting at a computer. Someone refuses to let me get up and do something else. They just want to raise my writing skills! You know what, I’m okay with that… for now.

14 Revenge Or Psychotic Cry For Help?

Via: Whisper

There’s a reason The Sims 4 advanced its character creation system. And no, it’s not to offer us more options to create ourselves. EA understands the emotional pain of dealing with bullies and horrible family gathering. They know we all just want to create those who hurt us, then torment them to no end in-game. That’s how more than one save file turns out, at least. I mean, right?

This confession hits home… kind of. Personally, I’ve never spent any time creating an enemy in my games. I typically create myself and my fiancée, then maybe a random friend or two as a roommate (see: extra income). Other than that, I typically play a pretty normal, albeit sometimes boring, game of The Sims. There’s nothing wrong with either playstyle, though.

13 Queuing Up

Via: Whisper

This kind of plays into the same confession we discussed just moments ago. What if we are The Sims? What if someone is sitting up in the clouds, using their custom-built gaming computer to control our daily lives. What if EA is Agent Smith? The idea that someone else is responsible for our actions is both terrifying and also somewhat of a happy thought. I mean, some people turn out okay, right? Some people find happiness; they get married, they live long, healthy lives. Surely someone is doing something right up there on their computer if that’s the case.

Or, more likely, we’re just the best save files. We’re the YouTube Let’s Plays of another universe. Someone recorded our gameplay and thought, “Hey, my people would love this.”

12 Crushing Hard

Via: Whisper

We’ve all had a crush on someone at one point or another. Typically, the crushing period is during our school days. After that, we become adults and usually focus on meaningful relationships with some substance instead of fawning over an attractive person. Of course, some things never change, though.

If you’ve ever had a crush, then you know the fluttering feeling in your stomach each time they pass by. You know of the dread should they ever discover your secret. But at the same time, you want them to know. You want them to acknowledge your presence. That’s all a real possibility in The Sims. In fact, you can control the entire relationship from start to finish. It’s simple. Some would call it sad or creepy, and one of those people would be your real-life crush, but they don’t need to know.

11 EZ-PZ

Via: Whisper

Meeting someone in person is terrifying. More so if that person is a potential dating candidate. There’s just so much that can go wrong. What if you say something stupid? Or spill coffee on yourself? Or ask too personal a question? It’s a minefield.

In The Sims, dating is simple. It’s straightforward. You put the two characters into the same room, spam the conversate option, and mix up your interaction with jokes, flirting, and friendly conversation. It’s easy. After a while, your relationship bar will rise, and you’re on the way to a happy marriage. The whole ordeal is over within an hour or two, maybe more, depending on your playstyle. In real life, expect a comfortable relationship to last for years at a time before marriage and children are on the table.

10 ...Paused

Via: Whisper

At one point or another, we all get that feeling. You know the one. Like life is running away from us along a path we cannot keep up with. It’s a gruesome feeling. It’s like there is little control on your part. Yeah, we get that.

For real, though. Have you ever left your Sims game unpaused and just walked away? It’s absolute chaos. Your Sim, if they’re not set to handle their own needs automatically, will literally sit in the same spot and urinate all over themselves. It’s too much for them to handle. Never leave the game unpaused. Never. Once you do come back, it’s not impossible to catch up, but it’s damn hard.

9 Extortionate Content

Via: Whisper

I’m not going to bother doing the math, but I personally own The Sims 3 and at least four expansions. For The Sims 4, I won two expansions and two stuff packs. In total, that’s a lot of money spent on the franchise. EA absolutely adores fans like myself. You, too. They strive on release new expansion packs, stuff packs, and content releases–all of which cost way too much money. Seriously, their business practices need to change sometime soon. If people keep buying copies, that won’t happen, though. Personally, I’ve only ever bought extra content during sales. Never at full price. I’m sure I’m not alone either.

How much have you spent on The Sims? Is it nearly as much as this young woman’s confession indicates? If so, did you get your money’s worth?

8 Proud Parents

Via: Whisper

I rarely, if ever, have children in The Sims. They annoy me. They always want something when I’m trying to handle my own Sim. Who has time for that? So, on a personal level, I cannot understand the feeling of pride that stems from an in-game child. My fiancée, on the other hand, always creates the two of us, and then she ensures we have at least three children. I can hear her calling them cute, adorable, or another synonym of attractive when she’s playing. At the same time, I listen to her becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.

I’m sure there are folks out there who love the multitasking of raising Sim children and handling their own adventures, too. I’m not one of them. Probably never will be.

7 A Grim Reality

Via: Whisper

How many weekends have you spent playing video games? After a long week at work or school, chances are there are few of us wanting to do anything besides relax and rest a bit. For us, video games are the escape. It’s a hobby we can all get behind. The Sims is a franchise we all know. It’s like a gathering point for gamers. At one point or another, we all play a Sims game.

This weekend, forego the parties. Instead, stay at home and play The Sims 4 in honor of all those doing the same. Let’s come together as a nerdy community and enjoy controlling the lives and emotions of virtual characters until they make us mad and we drown them in the backyard pool. Right, guys?!

6 The Sad Clown

Via: Whisper

Honestly, after hundreds of hours of gameplay, I never knew this. I’ve laid eyes upon the sad clown painting countless times. More than I can probably count. I never knew if you showed any emotion towards the picture, the tragic clown himself would grace with you any appearance. Did anyone else know this? Maybe it’s time we load the game up and test it for ourselves.

That’s a new weekend mission. Once work is done on Friday, I’m going to hop on The Sims and find myself a sad clown. Maybe you can befriend him? Or perhaps woohoo the clown and make little mime children. Your imagination is the only limit in this world.

5 A Language All Its Own

Via: Whisper

You know, the development team went through a lot of trouble, and most likely a few headaches, when developing the language of The Sims. It’s absolute gibberish, and yet iconic at the same time. If you play a recording of a Sim talking, chances are the listener will recognize the language immediately. If not, then their childhood was probably boring.

At the same time, we can’t help but laugh. It’s such an ugly language. I mean, who thought “faloopsinarb, woo fa goo,” would be a great line of potential dialogue. And have you heard the music over the stereo systems you can buy? Oh, my god. It’s horrifying! We must agree with her last statement, if someone talked like this in public, it would be difficult to look at them ever again. Let’s hope no one goes that far, though!

4 Matronly Love

Via: Whisper

I don’t believe I’ve ever become emotionally attached to a character this intensely. Sure, I’ve shed a tear at the death of a beloved character, maybe once or twice, but to hang on every thread of their actions and wish them well, I don’t know. That just never happened. Call me emotionally cold, I guess.

This confession is telling, though. It speaks to the community as a whole. If you look at other players in The Sims community, many of them become overly attached to their characters. It’s the type of game that lets you build that emotional connection if you wish. Of course, it’s an investment. You need to be open and willing to invest your time and emotions into a virtual character. For some, that’s quite easy. Others, however, may have a challenging time. That’s fine, though.

3 Who Needs A Social Life?

Via: Whisper

Looks like someone’s getting a visit from the social bunny. Seriously, most of us enjoy video games more than actual social interaction. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. Who has the time to maintain so many real-life friendships? And that’s not to mention the possibility for arguments, which make everything awkward. It’s best to ignore the outside world. Close the curtains on your windows, crack open a cold one, and enjoy the weekend alone…with only your video games. Not a single soul around. A completely empty house.

That’s quite sad. What’s better than introducing your RL friends to your favorite video game? Better yet, having them enjoy the game. The Sims can be enjoyed by everyone. It just takes one session, and you’re hooked!

2 The Mansion Man

Via: Whisper

The building is one of my favorite parts of The Sims. I tend to spend more time on my house than I do my character. In fact, I spend little time on my character. I usually have a save file from my very first creation, which I then load into a fresh world and pick an empty plot. From there, my imagination runs wild. The foundation is set, walls are erected, and floors are patterned with faux-wood for that classic appearance. It’s a lot of fun.

Anyone who fancies themselves an armchair architect will find the construction portion of The Sims to be fanciful and fulfilling. I mean, imagine a 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 4-floor mansion. With a stuff pack in The Sims 4, you can even build that movie theater. Seriously, it’s pretty sweet!

1 Gender Equality In Games

Via: Whisper

Honestly, this is bound to happen within the next release or two. EA totally follows social media and understands the needs of the public. They’re most likely watching the equality movement as we speak, plotting and planning The Sims 5 on a white-board in their office. Of course, that’s way too far away. The Sims 4 still has a life all its own. In fact, it will most likely receive a few more expansion packs and stuff packs in the coming years. Seriously, they’re only just releasing the game on PlayStation 4. Don’t get too hyped.

In all actuality, you can somewhat create a transgender character. It takes a bit of imagination, like with most of the game. Craft a male or female, then make them as feminine or masculine as you wish. Dress appropriately. It’s not a surefire method, but it may suffice for the time being.

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