25 Wild Things The Sims Actually Lets Players Do

When it comes to the video game industry, the way that we view entertainment and gaming has changed dramatically, and part of this has to do with innovative games that changed the way that players viewed the act of playing a video game. The Sims and Simcity were two games that really set the precedent for changing the way that we play games, and offering players their first glimpse into the simulator world. The Sims was a quirky game that managed to let players literally control their own “Sim” in various aspects of daily life, from building a home to taking out the trash. The sky's the limit when it comes to playing The Sims, and this is why the franchise has stayed such a popular fixture in the gaming community.

As the games have progressed there are many aspects to the gameplay experience that players don’t realize, and this is what has kept the game such a fresh face in the gaming community ever after all of these years. The Sims really allows its players to do some unique things, so naturally, this will keep players coming back for more. We are going to be taking a look at some of the wildest things that the game would allow players to do, and these unique attributes that have made The Sims a household name to this day. The game is quite unique, to say the least, and will definitely go down in history as one of the most popular games to ever roll out, even in this day and age of massively multiplayer online gaming.

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25 Drive Your Sims Off Their Rocker

Via: EA Games

This is probably not the most practical thing to do, but one of the unique attributes to The Sims franchise was the fact that there are no rules. You can literally build a home with no door and leave your Sim inside of the house with no food or water. This and a few other attributes will cause your Sim to eventually change in a negative aspect, which can end in a few different ways. While this is probably not the objective of most players, it is still quite funny, to say the least, so naturally many players have had fun doing this.

24 Build A Home With No Doors Or Running Water

Via: Sims Citizens

Again, this game is unlike any gaming franchise that you have ever seen. As such, there are many unique and oftentimes intense things that you can do to your Sim, the first of which is building a home that has no running water and no front door. This will prevent the Sim from using the toilet as well as being able to drink water, pretty crazy right? The creators were going for a realistic experience and thus the game is about as real as you can get in many aspects, from feeding times to keeping your home clean.

23 Cause Your Sims To Become Unhealthy

Via: Sims Community

The Sims is such a realistic game, in fact, that there are many other aspects that you must follow up on, and diet is one of them. You Sims character can become quite unhealthy quickly, and this is not a good thing if the Sim is going to work and or/you have multiple Sims in the same house. It's not uncommon for a Sim to become sickly and lazy, which can eventually result in the Sim no longer being with us and then the player will have to move on with another Sim. This interesting concept pretty much makes the gameplay experience endless, and time-consuming, to say the least. (Gamespot)

22 Import Your Music Into The Game

Via: Sims Community

More recent variations of the Sims have allowed a new feature, which is to import your own personal music collection into the game. This is an awesome feature if you are spending a good deal of time playing the game, which many players tend to get quite immersed in the world of The Sims. Importing your music was a fairly new feature that many of us who played the original Sims titles never got to experience, which has really improved the overall gameplay a great deal over the original.

21 Get A Job And Go To It Daily

Via: EA Games

The Sims is a reality-based game, in which you are basically a simulation of everyday life. When it comes to everyday life on The Sims, one of the most important aspects is going to a job every day, similar to in real life. The most original aspect of this game was the fact that players would have to get a job, and if you fail to get a job, the Sim will become out-of-shape and lethargic, which has made the game incredibly realistic. This was just one of the many wild things that The Sims allowed players to do.

20 Maintain A Real Diet In Order To Stay Alive

Via: EA Games

When it comes to playing The Sims there are many realistic aspects to the game, and one of them is the fact that the player must maintain a healthy diet for their Sim character. Maintaining a healthy diet to stay alive is an important aspect of the game. If you allow your Sim to overindulge themselves, they will eventually become unhealthy and possibly leave the game permanently. This is just one of the unique aspects that have always made The Sims a fun and addictive franchise because the game is so lifelike and cartoonish at the same time.

19 Watch TV And Interact With Other Sims

Via: EA Games

You Sim will end up having a pretty busy day, and one of the top daily activities for a Sim, when he or she gets home from work, is to watch TV. Similar to in real life, the Sim will scroll through the channels and see what's on the tube. Generally, this will go on for a little bit of time until the Sim becomes bored and goes onto doing something different. Obviously, all of the gameplay won’t be taken up by TV time, but this is a pretty cool feature for a video game to allow players to do.

18 Get A Pet And Keep Them Healthy

Via: EA Games

To maintain a healthy Sim, the character must have a full life, and if your Sim has graduated on to have a family there is no doubt that a pet will be needed. In addition to daily routines as a Sim, a pet is another task to keep up with, and the game is so realistic that your Sim must remember to feed and maintain their pet as well. And yes the Dog will do a number two inside the Sims' home if he is not taken outside, so make sure to put a functioning door on your Sims' home.

17 Maintain Garbage Service And Pay Bills

Via: EA Games

Living in a Sims world is not free, and your Sim must work to maintain the bills just like in real life. The Sim will need to keep up on a few bills that come due, and one of which happens to be the garbage service. If the garbage piles up in your Sims' home, the character can become ill from the dirt, and eventually pass away. This makes it a crucial feature that your Sim is on top of his bills and is careful with his money, adding a real-life aspect to the game that you might not see in a lot of simulators.

16 Buy More Property And Improve Your Sims Home

Via: EA Games

Living in the Sims world is a lot like the game of monopoly, and if your Sim is doing good financially they will be able to increase the size of their home and improve upon it. You can also buy a lot of land as a Sim and if you are building up your money in the game you can continually expand upon your home. This adds a really cool level of depth to the game that also makes it quite addictive as you continue to build your dream home and add unique features to it, plus with the expansion packs, the upgrading abilities are almost endless. (Game Informer)

15 Own A Car In The Sims World

Via: EA Games

When The Sims first starts out, your character will be picked up and dropped off for work every day, but as the game progresses and your character starts to make money you can eventually buy your own Sim automobile! Although the game doesn’t allow you to drive the vehicle it is a cool feature nonetheless, adding another level of realism to the game that has continued to make the franchise an addictive one, to say the least.

14 Go To The Doctor When The Sim Has Become Ill

Via: EA Games

Caring for your Sim is a full-time job, and if you are willing to put the effort into the game it can be quite a time-consuming experience. When a Sim becomes ill there is a good chance that they will need to go to the doctor, and if your Sim doesn't go to the doctor they will become very ill. There are various reasons for becoming ill, one of which is letting trash pile up in the Sims' home which can be a result of a few different scenarios.

13 Maintain A Healthy Living Environment

Via: EA Games

The Sims is a very realistic game, especially the new titles as the series has progressed over the years. One of the most important things is to keep the home clean, as well as make sure that your Sim is eating right. If the Sim is not keeping up on a healthy diet they can become out of shape just like in real life, and in the newer titles, you can actually send your Sim to the gym which is a pretty cool feature, to say the least.

12 Visit the Secret Areas

Via: SimsVIP

Believe it or not, there are quite a few secret areas in the Sims titles, and if you are canny enough you’ll be able to explore this one of a kind areas. The creators of The Sims wanted the games to be realistic enough that they would entice players to keep on playing, and by finding these hidden areas you’ll unlock a number of unique features which make the games both unique and fun to play in the long run and pretty addictive too.

11 Start A Fight

Via: EA Games

Being a Sim is a hard thing, especially if you have a full house of Sim characters. Tension can boil over quick, as most Sims will need their own space and places to sleep. The newer titles in The Sims franchise has allowed players to create households where the Sims will get physically upset with each other and this is just one of the interesting features of these games. This is a pretty unique trait that many new players don’t realize they can do on the game, creating a funny and fun experience.

10 Build The Mansion Of Your Dreams!

Via: EA Games

The premise behind the Sims is that the game is a simulation experience, and thus you are able to build the home of your dreams. This makes for a one-of-a-kind experience where you are able to pretty much build any type of house, and if you are able to use a cheat code for unlimited money, your Sim will be in for a wild ride. This makes for a pretty fun experience that many players have spent years figuring out and having fun doing, and this has made the game a fun experience.

9 Throw A Party

Via: EA Games

The Sims is a reality-based simulation game so naturally, there has to be some form of celebration, and there is! You have a few options for a celebration such as the ability to celebrate different holidays and birthdays, and your Sim can also have a party and invite other Sims characters over. Design a custom dance floor and your Sim will have the best house on the block, creating a one of a kind element of gameplay that can last for hours as your Sim parties through the night.

8 Take Care Of Your Yard (Virtually!)

Via: EA Games

With building a mansion comes the responsibility to take care of the yard, and your Sim will need to keep up on their yard care. Your Sim will perform yard maintenance every few days depending on how many plants you put into the yard, and the task can take a little bit of time if you have managed to construct a mansion. This is an interesting way that the designers have made the franchise a little more interesting, little quirks like this make the game a fun overall experience like no other.

7 Take Care Of A Pet (Or Multiple Pets)

Via: EA Games

Perhaps your Sim has acquired a collection of pets during their time creating a home, and thus these pets need care. Depending on how many pets your Sims acquire will determine how much money and time will need to be spent on maintaining these pets, and while this is an interesting feature if you have built a large home and have multiple things going on, this can detract from the gameplay in the long run. But still, it's pretty cool to have a virtual life with a virtual pet too. (Game Informer)

6 Use A Cheat To Buy Free Real Estate

Via: EA Games

The Sims is such an addictive franchise that you can spend hours looking to build the perfect home for your Sims, but what happens when you run out of money in the middle of the construction phase. Well, luckily there are quite a few cheat codes depending on what version of the game you are playing that will allow you to have enough money to buy up as much property and expand as much as you want. This is the ideal way to play if you like to build stuff and want to skip having to work and go through the phases of Sim life.

5 The Sims Can Become Millionaires With The Free Money Cheat

Via: EA Games

Maybe you are playing a Sims game and you don’t want your character to have to work, and perhaps you don’t want to sit through the slow gameplay. Well, there are a few cheat codes that will allow you to continue building stuff and buying items without running out of money, and while this might seem like a pretty extreme cheat this adds a level of fun to the game that might not be experienced if you have to build up your funds the slow way.

4 You Can Explore An Alien Planet

Via: EA Games

As The Sims series progresses, there have been a number of changes that were made to the games that allow a whole new level of gameplay, and one of those changes was in the newer titles where players can actually go into space. We are guessing that this was one way to keep the series alive so naturally, the designers would add a unique feature like this to a game franchise that already pushes the limits for design and functionality.

3 You Can Commute To Work Like In Real Life

Via: EA Games

Well, there is no doubt that at some point your Sim is going to have to get some sort of meaningful employment, so naturally, there will be times when your Sim is caught in traffic. This is another realistic aspect to the game, which has made for a pretty unique situation where your character will actually be living up to real life standards. This is just one way that the Sims franchise has managed to connect players to a world that has continued to evolve for the last two decades.

2 You Can Grow A Garden And Watch It Fail

Via: EA Games

Gardening is a big part of suburban life for most people, and in The Sims franchise, it is no different. Your Sims character will be able to garden and keep a yard up for most of the game, and if you have built a big home there will undoubtedly be a big yard that will follow it which makes for a pretty unique game. This is a pretty unique aspect that we haven’t seen in a game series since Farm Ville, and it will continue to evolve as more Sims titles are released with add-ons and such.

1 You Can Neglect Your Household Chores

Via: EA Games

Yes, there is a virtual world where you can pretend to be a couch potato, or in some of our cases mimic real life. The Sims is a game where you can either keep your Sim on the right track or steer them down a dark road of despair. With the dark road of despair, this generally encompasses eating poorly and neglecting one's household chores. When this happens your Sim character will be stuck living in a bad environment of decay, which in turn can cause your Sim to get sick or even worse.

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