The Untitled Goose Game: Everything We Know So Far

Whether you follow House House or your favorite Youtuber has picked it up, you've probably heard a bit about the new game Untitled Goose Game. It was released on the 20th and since then the internet has been buzzing about the goose that just seems to want to cause havoc and mayhem.

Anyone that has the (unfortunate) experience of dealing with geese when they're in the mindset to cause problems, knows just how much trouble these feathered hooligans can get into. And now with Untitled Goose Game, it's the perfect chance to be one of those troublemakers, and cause a little mischief for a sleepy little village. Whether you have every intention of buying the game or you have no idea what everybody is talking about, take a look as we tell you Everything We Know About The Untitled Goose Game.

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6 Made By House House

Untitled Goose Game is the second title by the Australian indie company House House. The four-person team is the creative mind behind the 2016 game Push Me Pull You, that's on PC and the PS4. It's also the second time they've been assisted with a game by Film Victoria, a government organization that invests in projects that promote the development of Victoria's digital media industry and more.

The game is available for Windows, Mac and for the Switch, currently. The art style of the game is similar to their previous one, flat colors and low poly meshes that actually work well to give the game a very smooth and clean look. It also has some amazing music, composed by Dan Goulding that features scored from Debussy that really sets the tone for the game.

5 What Is This Game Exactly?

Untitled Goose Game is, simply, a stealth game. The player is a goose, who has nothing aside from a pair of webbed feet, a quick waddle and the abilities to honk, flap their wings, and swim at their disposal. The game is set in a simple English village that gets terrorized. The player is given a list of objectives to complete, like locking a shopkeeper in the garage or throwing a rake in the lake, and once each objective is completed it gets crossed off the list.

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The goose can grab objects with its beak and carry it away, like gardening equipment, toys, and even a pumpkin! Just don't get caught by the target, as they will give chase and can catch up to the goose and take their items back. Other than trying to stealthy steal items, it's totally up to the player how they want to accomplish their tasks and which to do first.

4 The Targets

As we mentioned before the Untitled Goose Game is set in an English Village, meaning there are quite a number of people who will become victim to the goose's antics. We don't have proper names for these villagers yet (and probably never since, well you're a goose) but there is a wide variety of them.

The first person you'll meet after the tutorial is the Gardener and the first page of objectives is all about driving him mad. They include getting him wet, stealing from his garden and taking his personal property, like his rake, his keys, and even his radio. There's an objective to make him hammer his own thumb, which can be achieved while he's placing a no goose sign. Which won't stop us, since we can't read. One of the targets is a child, and while bullying a kid in real life is wrong, it's pretty funny in the game.

3 Simple Equals Better

The art style for the Untitled Goose Game is simple, but in its simplicity, it creates a very charming and surprisingly large world for players to explore. While the game was originally going to have the human NPCs simply react to the goose and clean up after it once it moved items around. But they changed it so that the NPC's line of sight is limited, making it the stealth game it is now.

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By completing objects on the to-do-list, players can open up the world, moving onto other areas with other objectives. Players start off in the woods, then to a garden, and then make their way further into the village with shops, residential homes, a pub, and even a park! Terrorize an entire community to be the rudest bird of the century.

2 Tons Of Secrets To Uncover

While being stealthy and being as annoying as possible are the two main things to do in Untitled Goose Game, players who explore will find that there are plenty of other hidden gems. There are several different objectives on each area's To-Do list, and over 20 objectives to do in total. But outside of the To-Do List, there are several secret objectives that can be completed.

These won't be on the list, but will instead be marked off as players explore and find their own ways to complete them. Some of the objectives on the To-Do List include collecting flowers, getting thrown over a fence, score a goal with a soccer ball and even make the boy in town trip in a puddle. There are even a few chances to dress up the goose with the items it steals. One objective has the goose wearing a red ribbon, another has it stealing an old man's pipe and hat, both which the goose can put on. There's even a crown that can be worn! But it'll be up to each individual player to find out how to get it.

1 Play Your Own Way

The Untitled Goose Game is a hit with tons of people, young and old, and it's in part to how open the game is. Outside of a set of tasks on the "To-Do(quickly) List, there's no time limit and most things can be done in any order you want. And there's fun to be had outside of petty theft and disturbing the peace. There are a few objectives that have the goose turn from Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral (at best).

The goose can play a game of ring toss with an old man, or even entertaining people in the park or at the pub. The goose can even find love! In the woman's garden, there's a goose statue, which is used in one of the objectives. It gets a little lonely being the only goose in town, so even a fake one can be great company. Take it on a picnic, for a swim, or a walk around town to show off the chaos you've unleashed.

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