Skybound's - Formerly Telltale's - The Walking Dead Resumes Development

Development on The Walking Dead: The Final Season has resumed after being taken over by Skybound Entertainment.

When Telltale Games announced their closure at the end of September, you could almost feel the outcry from Walking Dead fans. Episode Two had just been released and it ended on a cliffhanger so cruel that it would surely have led to riots were the game to never be completed, which after Telltale’s announcement seemed to be the case.

Lucky for Walking Dead fans there seemed to be a white knight waiting in the wings. Skybound Entertainment, the studio formed by the original Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman, recently announced that they would take over development and finish the game. A collective sigh of relief was heard as Walking Dead fans around the world breathed easy.

And now we’ve received official confirmation from Skybound that development on Episode Three has begun. In an update on the company’s blog Monday, Skybound said they have picked up where Telltale left off, and have even picked up former Telltale staffers to work on the game’s completion.

"We’re excited to let you know that many of the talented, passionate team members who originally worked on the game are resuming development efforts today," wrote a Skybound spokesperson.


Episode Three was reportedly nearing completion when Telltale close up shop, so if Skybound was able to obtain those files we could see Episode Three release sooner rather than later. Episode Four, however, was still in the early planning stages when Telltale laid off their entire staff. Skybound will have to start mostly from scratch on the final episode.

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Meanwhile, as Telltale begins to wrap up their operations games are being pulled from digital storefronts, including The Walking Dead. Skybound also announced that they were working on putting The Walking Dead back on Steam and are getting the licenses all sorted out in order to make it happen.

Skybound said that release dates are forthcoming, and we’ll be sure to let rabid Walking Dead fans know as soon as we have them. In the meantime, rest easy: the nightmare of an endless cliffhanger will soon be over.

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