How To Play As Geralt In The Monster Hunter: World's Witcher Event On PC

Geralt Monster Hunter

The Witcher 3 crossover event in Monster Hunter: World is now live on PC.

Capcom is very much keen on appealing to their PC audience these days. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that Monster Hunter: World players will be able to enjoy events on the same schedule as console players, but it does mean that PC players will eventually get to enjoy all the same events and loot as their console brothers. It’ll just take a few extra months.

Now that it’s been a few months since The Witcher 3’s crossover happened on console, now it’s finally time for the PC hunters to get in on the action and play as everyone’s favorite Witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

Playing as Geralt isn’t all that difficult. The event adds a new contract that can be taken for anyone hunter rank 16 or higher. All you gotta do is talk to the Felynes sitting in the Tradeyard, and you’re off to meet the Witcher.

Those little Felynes will take you to the Research Base to investigate some sort of anomaly in the Ancient Forest (which is why the contract is called “Trouble in the Ancient Forest”). Apparently, creatures are dropping dead and nobody knows why. That’s where Geralt comes in.

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Once Geralt arrives, you’ll suddenly find yourself controlling Geralt instead of your normal hunter character. That’s fine since Geralt is geared for bear. His signature weapon is a rarity 8-level sword and shield that’s based on the silver shield he wields in The Witcher 3. He’s also got some pretty good armor and some magic powers that regular hunters don’t have access to.

Eventually, you’ll have to hunt a Leshen, which is a tough beast to slay. On the upside, doing so will give you a bunch of Witcher-themed rewards including the ability to craft Geralt’s armor, sword, and some Palico armor that turns him into a gremlin. Gross.

The contract is available forever, so no need to rush. Unless you want to perform the ultra-high-rank version of the quest which you get from Ciri. That’ll pit you against an even tougher Leshen and will give you even better rewards. The tougher Leshen is only available until the end of the month to hunter rank 50+ characters, so better get a move on.

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