The Witcher 3: A Guide To Every Possible Romance

It’s no secret that in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (or any of the other Witcher games or books), Geralt enjoys a woman’s company. Intimate scenes are a-plenty between him and other characters, with most main female characters giving you the opportunity for romance.

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Be careful, though — sometimes there are consequences. For example, romancing both Yennefer and Triss will have them both ditch you, leaving you to only pick one out of those two ladies. Other than that, Geralt can have his fun without consequences from his main chosen romance plotline. Whether that’s Yen or Triss.

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9 Keira Metz

Meeting Keira and going along with her is an optional quest. She’s an interesting sorceress who’s an old friend of Geralt’s, and at the end of the secondary quest "A Favor For A Friend," Geralt will have the option to romance her.

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Choose to have dinner with her, and she will be fairly straight up about how she feels and what she wants. Geralt can then either tell her he’s not in the mood, tell her there’s someone else (the morally right thing to do, Geralt!), or tell her she doesn’t have to ask twice. No prizes for guessing which of these options will conclude in a romance scene with Keira.

8 Triss Merigold

Triss is one of Geralt’s main romance options alongside Yennefer, so if you choose her, be prepared to forfeit Yennefer. These ladies have their dignity, and there’s no having both.

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You must both kiss her at the ball during "A Matter Of Life And Death" and agree to help her with the mages during "Now Or Never." Otherwise, just choose all of the dialogue options towards her that scream love and affection. Then, at the end of the secondary quest "Now Or Never," Geralt will have the option to simply say farewell to Triss or tell her to stay.

If you follow all of these instructions, it will lead to an encounter.

7 Yennefer Of Vengerberg

Geralt’s other main lady Yennefer is the first one we meet, but the actual intimate scene comes later (if the right options are chosen, that is).

During "The King Is Dead—Long Live The King," which is the main quest you can’t miss, Geralt will have the option to tell Yennefer they’re going to die or tell her he wants to kiss her. To romance her, he should tell her he wants to kiss her, of course.

Later, during "No Place Like Home" (another unmissable main quest), she’ll ask to speak to you in private to see if you’re already in an intimate relationship, and another scene will unfold. But the first scene needs to have been done to unlock this one.

6 Jutta An Dimun

In Skellige, Geralt will meet Jutta. She’s a tough warrior with a vow that she’d only sleep with a man who could defeat her in single combat, so if you’ve decided that’s the sort of thing Geralt likes, you might want to complete the side quest that will unlock an encounter with her.

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Complete the side quest "Iron Maiden" for Jutta to invite Geralt back to her house. Her house is around the site where the fight with Gundar took place, and Geralt can go back to her house for an encounter.

It doesn’t really unlock any fun plot points, but if your goal is to do every romance, you’ll want to complete this one.

5 Madame Sasha

You need to do well at Gwent and do the Gwent quests to unlock this one, which can be pretty difficult for some players. Some people love Gwent; some avoid the Gwent quests altogether. It does take some skill to be good at them so if Gwent’s not your thing, Madame Sasha may not be one character you want to romance.

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If you do, however, complete "Gwent: High Stakes" and when she asks for half of the winnings, give them to her. It might seem like a high ask, but it’s what you want to do if you want to go to bed with her. Otherwise, Geralt is spending the night alone.

4 Crippled Kate’s Brothel

In Novigrad, there’s a place called Crippled Kate’s that costs 20 crowns for… well, you can guess.

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This one doesn’t take a lot of talking or really romancing them at all — it’s just Geralt paying for the encounter in Novigard and it's truly is as simple as that. It’s not necessary for the plot and doesn’t really add much except Geralt losing his money, so it’s only good for those who truly want to see every intimate scene in the game, or maybe those who just want to see every corner of the game in general — which is fair enough.

3 Passiflora Brothel

Maybe you do want to see every intimate scene in the game, or see every corner of it. You’re about to lose more than just 20 crowns if so.

Also in Novigrad is Passiflora, if Geralt heads up there, he will be charged 40 crowns and the result of it is pretty much the same.

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As stated before, these have absolutely no bearing on the plot and don’t offer rewards of any kind, so if you just want to see the scenes, you could really just head over to YouTube and check them out. But if you notice you’re passing the place in-game, then sure, you might as well go for it.

2 Shani

The first DLC romance in Hearts Of Stone is Shani.

As part of the main quest, Geralt will attend a wedding with her and towards the end, a quest will unlock called "A Midnight Clear." The goal is to cheer up Shani and if Geralt uses his Witcher senses, he can see things that will cheer her up. (Hint: Rowan berries!)

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Once you have a gift, go to the barn and meet her. When a conversation unfolds, reply, “You’ve got me.”

Various dialogue choices from here on in will unlock romance with Shani. Just be sure you’re being flirtatious and romantic.

1 Syanna

In Blood And Wine, Geralt meets Syanna, a morally grey character who’s had an extremely hard life and is out for revenge.

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During "The Night Of The Long Fangs," Geralt is given the option of going to Syanna or looking for Orianna. Choose to go to Syanna and unlock the land of fables, where Geralt travels through with Syanna. At the end, the dialogue options will be pretty straight forward; Syanna comes onto him pretty heavily and he can let her have her way or deny her.

If any romance scene aside from the main characters is worth doing, it’s this one. It’s… it’s interesting.

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