The Witcher: 10 Awesome Triss Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game

Triss of The Witcher is a beautiful and complex character, a sorceress who ends up as one of Geralt's love interests — requited or unrequited, depending on the paths you take, particularly in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The chestnut haired woman from the book has become a flaming redhead with some beautifully designed video game outfits, and from that, some amazing cosplays have been born — both of her original outfits and some DLC content.

Although we think everyone who's cosplayed Triss looks great, there are some that are just breath-taking and clearly put a lot of time and effort into their costume. These are some amazing Triss cosplayers. Geralt's a lucky guy.

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10 Christina Fink

Christina Fink, or Fink the Fox on Instagram, attempted the DLC version of Triss. This dress takes some confidence to wear and probably some faith that it won't slip, given the sloping V, but she pulls it off with that exact Triss attitude that the character deserves.

Not only that, but the details of the dress are amazingly done, and the wig she's wearing is not only the perfect color for Triss but absolutely gorgeous. And look at that headpiece too! This cosplayer has done an amazing job on the character.

9 Astrid Cosplay

Sticking with the DLC outfit, here is Astrid Cosplay. Rather than the green hues of the first dress, she's gone for a more blue (and it is, of course, subjective due to in-real-life lighting and the details and perception of the video game). She looks absolutely brilliant as Triss, with that soft, enchanting look that would make us absolutely believe she's a sorceress IRL.

The wig is also flaming red which works, considering the vibrance of Triss' hair in-game. Astrid has done an amazing job on this cosplay, no doubting it.

8 Maker and Muse

Maker and Muse on Instagram, otherwise known as Imogen, is a British cosplayer who's done an amazing job on a more classic take of Triss. She's clearly gone for likeness, considering she's put pictures of herself and Triss side by side, and honestly... she's nailed it, from the details on the outfit to the expressions. She could be a realistic rendering of the character, for all we know.

Without the costume on, it looks as if she'd actually resemble Triss in her daily life too, which helps. Or she's absolutely nailed the art of make-up.

7 Quick Kiwi

Quick Kiwi on Instagram, otherwise known as Viktoria, is a Russian cosplayer — which makes sense there are so many, since The Witcher is incredibly popular over there. After all, it's Polish, which is pretty close by, and it got popular over there far more quickly than it did in Northern America and the west of Europe.

This is another classic Triss nailed, right down to the expression, and she's surrounded by an awesome Yennefer and Ciri too. Yes, Witcher ladies! These guys all look amazing, and should be commended on their craftmanship and talent.

6 Aleksandrareil

Aleksandrareil has done multiple versions of Triss, and here she is looking stunning in the evening gown with a Geralt. Scroll through her Instagram to see more pictures of her as Triss, but this one was just gorgeous and told a story — the gentle way she's touching him, and the intense look on Geralt's face.

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Sometimes, this is what sells a character in cosplay — the photos, posing, and expressions, not just the actual costumes themselves. But the details on this dress are gorgeous too, and the cosplayer clearly has the whole package.

5 A Court of Cosplay

This cosplayer not only boasts an awesome cosplay name, A Court of Cosplay, but she has a fantastic classic Triss costume.

This photo is really awesome too. Sometimes, Photoshopping a picture can ruin it, or doesn't turn out quite as expected. Sometimes it's better to post a more raw image. But with sorceresses, a touch of magic can truly do the picture justice and this one is just incredible. The flame in her hand reminds us that this is an intimidating sorceress, not a woman who's just there to chase Geralt around, and this cosplayer totally sells the character to us.

4 Catherine Cosplay

Catherine Cosplay, otherwise known as Stormborncat on Instagram, has this gorgeous photo of her DLC Triss available on her Instagram. Not only does she look amazing and her eyes tell a whole story, but she's nailed the setting of the photo too. The mirror and everything around her look as if they could actually be something from The Witcher set, selling the story and character to us even more.

Apparently, Russia has a lot of good Witcher cosplayers and is just bleeding talent!

3 Natsumi Cosplay

Moving only slightly away from Russia and into Ukraine, we find Natsumi Cosplay. Yet another cosplayer who's nailed DLC Triss, the costume is apparently by @fdcosplaystudio but has been brought to life by this awesome cosplayer.

And the photo is complete with a flaming book, taking the fire Photoshopping up a notch. Yes!

2 Desire Cosplay

This Italian cosplayer, Desire Cosplay, has come up with something original for Triss. With CD Projekt Red ready to release their new cyberpunk game, she's done a cyberpunk version of Triss and it's... awesome.

Sometimes, it's hard to do a mash-up and have the character and what the cosplayer is going for be completely recognizable, but this cosplayer has nailed it. The hair, the necklace... Just wow! This is awesome.

1 Irine Meier

Probably one of the most well-known Triss cosplayers on Instagram is Irine Meier. She has a beautiful Triss outfit, and videos on her Instagram with tips for cosplaying the character — so she's helpful too! She also has a number of other awesome cosplays such as Mera from Aquaman, and seems truly dedicated to her craft. She deserves the following she's amassed, as do all of these Triss' — and more! Go check out their work.

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