The Witcher: 10 Most Awesome Cosplays Of Minor Characters

These characters may not be as prevalent in the story, but their designs are still quite striking and inspirational leading to some excellent cosplay.

The Witcher games make up one of the most popular RPG series in recent years. The unique world and colorful characters that make up the texture of these titles shine through, inspiring their fans' creative sides, seen in the popularity of Witcher cosplays.

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While there are a great number of cosplays out there of the main characters in the series, there are just as many that focus on some of the more minor roles. These characters may not be as prevalent in the story, but their designs are still quite striking and inspirational. Here are 10 of the most awesome of cosplays of minor characters from the Witcher games.

10 Iris Von Everec By Lyumos

First on our list is a wonderfully eerie cosplay of Iris von Everec from the Hearts of Stone DLC by cosplayer Lyumos. You'd be forgiven for thinking the above image is taken straight from the game itself. Lyumos's pale skin and dark attire perfectly capture Iris's morose appearance.

Lyumos also cosplays as a variety of other Witcher characters (and actually appears elsewhere on this list). This striking portrayal of one of the more tragic characters from the series is still enough on its own to warrant her an entry.

9 Fringilla Vigo By Elena Samko

Next up is a Fringilla Vigo cosplay by Elena Samko. While Vigo doesn't play that much of a role in the games, she does make an appearance in the third installment and was a member of the infamous Lodge of Sorceresses. Samko's full outfit captures Vigo's complete signature look, up to and including the parchment pinned to her dress.

Samko also cosplays as various other Witcher characters, including Triss and a succubus. Her range extends to media outside the world of the Witcher as well, encompassing titles like Bloodrayne and Ghost in the Shell.

8 Leshen By Idromy's Costumes

What would a Witcher cosplay list be without some of the more monstrous elements of the world? This intimidating Leshen from Idromy's Costumes fits perfectly as one of the more ferocious creatures from the stories. As guardians of the wilds, these fearsome beings are a challenge to fight and will kill any intruders in their forest.

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The scope of creativity on display with this Leshen cosplay is indicative of the other creations from Idromy's Costumes. Other works include clickers from The Last of Us, harpies also from the Witcher games, and a myriad more equally impressive costumes.

7 Orianna By Anna Pavlenko

Not all monsters look like monsters, and that is especially true of Anna Pavlenko's rendition of the higher vampire Orianna. Appearing in the Blood and Wine DLC, Orianna seems helpful at first, with her darker nature only uncovered later in the game during an optional quest.

Pavlenko's other work includes a variety of other games from various genres. She's cosplayed as the K/DA version of Akali from League of Legends and has made several costumes for other cosplayers as well, including Hanzo and Torbjorn from Overwatch.

6 Madman Lugos By SWS Cosplay

From the realm of monsters, let's go now to the Skellige Isles, and the wide range of colorful characters found there, including the aptly named Madman Lugos, portrayed here by SWS Cosplay.

Lugos can be found throughout The Witcher 3, as one of the jarls of Skellige. His nickname comes from the overly aggressive and combative nature he displays, and is certainly captured in the askew gaze here.

SWS Cosplay also boasts a variety of cosplay from the Witcher games. These include the protagonist witcher, Geralt of Rivia, devoted medic Shani, and a youthful version of Ciri.

5 The Crones By Various Cosplayers

Our next entry features not just one cosplayer, but three. The Crones of Crookback Bog are here portrayed by Elena Samko, Fragaria Zefir, and Rogutenok. The Crones, comprised of the Whispess, the Brewess, and the Weavess, appeared in The Witcher 3 as minor antagonists standing in Geralt's way during his quest to find Ciri, although their distinctive and creepy atmosphere has made them stand out amongst the villains of the game.

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Samko has appeared earlier in this list, but joining her here are two other cosplayers to complete the trinity: Zefir, who cosplays as other Witcher characters, and Rogutenok, who works in several different video games.

4 The Strengers By Katt And Bear Cosplay

One of the more interesting groups of characters from The Witcher 3 was absolutely the Strenger family, shown here as a cosplay by Katt and Bear Cosplay. Phillip Strenger, aka the Bloody Baron, and his wife, Anna, had a complicated and fraught relationship, leading to a series of outcomes depending on your choices.

Needless to say, the couple cosplaying as the Strengers here seems much healthier. Katt and Bear Cosplay does a variety of cosplay across a wide range of media, pulling inspiration from everything from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to Batman.

3 Cerys By EugeNia

Cerys an Craite is one of the young Skelligers vying for the throne of the Isles, and she is portrayed excellently here by cosplayer EugeNia. Depending on player choices, Cerys can wind up actually becoming Queen of Skellige, ushering an era of peace and prosperity for her people.

EugeNia cuts a striking Cerys an Craite, complete with her royal crown and armor faithful to Cerys's look in the game. She also cosplays as characters from other video game titles, such as the Assassin's Creed games and the terrifyingly difficult Bloodborne.

2 Priscilla By Daria Kravets

Cosplay is a unique sort of performance, so what kind of list would this be without one of the best performers from the Witcher games? Daria Kravets here plays a wonderfully accurate Priscilla, also known as Callonetta. Priscilla plays a key role in the game as Geralt searches for Dandelion the bard, helping him on his way.

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Kravets's cosplay repertoire includes other Witcher characters, including a stunning take on Ciri that's almost exactly like the official version. She also cosplays as characters from other games, including Cyberpunk 2077 and League of Legends.

1 Shani By Lyumos

For our final entry on the list, we return to a cosplayer who was featured a little earlier - Lyumos, and her take on the character Shani. This red-haired medic is encountered in the very first Witcher game, although she may be better known for her role in the Hearts of Stone DLC.

As mentioned above, Lyumos's cosplay catalog includes a range of Witcher characters. Her take on Shani here is incredibly faithful, from the style of outfit worn to the specific way she parts her hair. This makes her one of the best minor character cosplays from the Witcher world we've seen to date.

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