Best And Biggest Mobile iOS Games Of July 2019

wizards unite

Mobile gaming isn’t what it used to be. If you’re an iPhone user, the world’s largest gaming library is right at your fingertips. With millions of games to choose from, sifting through the sea of options can eat up precious gaming time. That’s why our brand new segment, “Best And Biggest Mobile iOS Games,” is providing a monthly roundup of mobile gaming’s brightest new releases. Whether you’re after a casual puzzler or an epic adventure, you’ll find it all right here.

Among the hottest iOS games, July was a busy month. Pokémon GO added its fourth generation of Pokémon to the game, and the Team Rocket invasion flooded Pokéstops with Team Rocket Grunts and Shadow Pokémon. Clash of Clans fans, on the other hand, are still testing out the new practice mode from June’s Builder Hall 9 update and enjoying the challenges released as part of July’s Clan Games. With highly anticipated releases like Call of Duty: Mobile entering open beta, there’s a lot to look forward too as well.

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The Kreator

the kreator gameplay

Genre: Platformer, Endless Runner

Platforms: iOS

Attention Required: Partial

Who knew playing God would be this relaxing? Free-to-play platformer, The Kreator, pairs the anxiety-driven experience of Flappy Bird with the zen-like atmosphere of Monument Valley in a way that isn’t nearly as jarring as one might think. Traverse the universe as a glowing orb, breathing life into distant worlds and collecting wisps in order to stay alive. This is a mindless game to release some tension after a long day or to kill some time on your commute. You can even play in “Zen Mode.” Minimizing the already minimal obstacles, Zen Mode lets players swim through an endless flow of warm sunlight and fly over the glistening surface of alien oceans without the threat of defeat looming in the distance.

Dr. Mario World

dr mario world game

Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: iOS, Android

Attention Required: Partial

Match-three puzzle games aren’t for everyone, but Dr. Mario World is one of the most-anticipated releases in the genre for quite some time. Finally making its iOS debut on July 10th, it’s a Nintendo classic that has been recreated for virtually every Nintendo device. Do yourself a favor and skip the single-player mode. The real-time PvP mode is where it’s at. Playing online against friends adds a bit of urgency that most matching tile games seem to lack.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

wizards unite

Genre: Augmented Reality, Location Based

Platforms: iOS, Android

Attention Required: Partial

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Pokemon GO reimagined for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Instead of capturing Pokémon, you’ll cast spells to recover “foundables,” which are recognizable magical objects, creatures, and people. After Wizards Unite’s first full month of gameplay, the premise remains unclear, with the specifics largely left to be colored in by the player. Other than being a mirror image of Pokémon GO—set up to capitalize on Niantic’s previous success in the AR genre—Wizards Unite reads as more of an imitation than its own standalone game. But there are a few redeeming characteristics. The monotony of tossing one Pokéball after another is vaulted, calling for players to learn and execute unique spells in order to capture foundables. This may make Wizards Unite seem complex from the surface, but it’s a joy to play once you dive a bit deeper into the game’s mechanics and master the art of slinging spells. It doesn’t have the teeth to take over Pokémon GO, but it’s no slouch either. Niantic brought in nearly $10 million dollars within the game’s first month in stores. Wizards Unite is free to play and available for download in the App Store.


oddmar game for ios

Genre: Action-Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

Platforms: iOS, Android

Attention Required: Full

Winner of an Apple Design Award, Oddmar is a gorgeous platformer that is one of the few pay-to-play mobile games that outplays its cost. Work your way through a vibrantly colored and meticulously crafted world of Vikings in order to redeem your clan and book your ticket to Valhalla. Battling Norse gods and solving puzzles along the way, warriors will unravel a storyline that offers a surprising level of charming sincerity. The game’s 2.5-hour run time is a bit short for the $4.99 price tag, but the artful intent behind all 24 breathtaking levels makes up for it.

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