TheGamer's Streamer Holiday Gift Guide

With over 2 million active streamers on Twitch, there's a pretty good chance you'll be buying a gift for a streamer this holiday season.

With over 2 million active streamers on Twitch, there's a pretty good chance you'll be buying a gift for a streamer this holiday season. Whether they're a hobbyist who likes to stream with friends or they're getting serious about it, there are plenty of awesome gifts that can help take their stream to the next level.

Some of these gifts add production value, making any stream instantly more professional looking, while others add personality and flavor to help a streamer stand out in the crowd. Every gift on this list is affordable, easy to use, and can help the streamer in your life no matter what level they're at.

Without further ado, here is TheGamer's Gift Guide for Streamers this holiday season.

Webaround Green Screen

via: Webaround

Webaround is one of those products that is so genius in its simplicity that it makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. The collapsible green screen attaches to the back of your chair creating a practically instant background. Now you don't need to make your office into a streaming studio with a full-size backdrop just to get a nice background on your stream!

via: Webaround

The Webaround comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to ensure there is a right fit for every streamer. The 56" Big Shot is their most popular model because it offers the most possible coverage. They even offer the option to add a customized logo.

You can order the Webaround from its website, as well as Amazon. Check out our full review of the Big Shot for more information about this low profile, handy green screen!

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Razer Seiren Emote

Every streamer needs a good microphone, and the Razer Seiren Emote is a high-quality supercardioid mic with a one-of-a-kind feature: a pixel art emoji that interacts with your chat!

With Razer's Streamer Companion App, you can choose from dozens of emotes (or make your own) and then assign them to specific actions. Now, every time the streamer gets a new follower, donation, or subscription, your microphone will display the corresponding emote. It's super easy to set up and a really fun way to build engagement with your audience.

The Seiren Emote is part of Razer's Cortex network that supports any and all Chroma enabled devices; along with your Emote, you can also sync your Chroma mouse, keyboard, headphones, and even Hue Smart Bulbs for a creative and exciting light show with every new sub! Razer is thinking a lot about supporting streamers with its products and the Seiren Emote is an awesome tool that can make your stream really unique.

You can check out the Razer Seiren Emote on its website. Read our full review for more details.

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Lume Cube LED Light Panel

via: Lume Cube

Lume Cube offers a huge variety of lighting solutions for streamers. We like the LED Light Panel in particular because it has a wide, even cast that creates a nice, soft look. It's bi-color, meaning you can adjust the color temperature of the light to match your environment. It's also battery-powered, making it a great light for IRL streamers to mount onto a camera. You can even use the light itself as a portable battery!

This water-resistant LED light is seriously bright, too. Even streamers who want to use it outdoors at night will find it to be surprisingly powerful. Lighting is something streamers often take for granted when they're first getting started, and an entire 3-point lighting set-up can be a huge investment. Obviously, the Lume Cube isn't going to replace a professional lighting set-up for full-time streamers, but it's an extremely versatile and inexpensive solution for any streamer who wants to add some production value to their stream.

You can find out more about the Lume Cube LED Light Panel, and all of its awesome products, on Lume Cube's website. Check out our full review of the Lume Cube LED Light Panel for more details.

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PTZ Optics Web Cam

No gift guide for streamers would be complete without a good camera, so we recommend the PTZ Optics Webcam as a fantastic entry-level camera to really step up your stream. Compared to some other major brands, the PTZ Optics Webcam offers a lot of control and functionality for a fraction of the price.

With the PTZ Optics Webcam, you're getting a 1080P 30FPS camera with an 80-degree FOV, which is all pretty standard. However, you also get some really awesome features like shutter control, noise reduction, anti-flicker, and color tuning. You don't need to be a photography expert to get a lot out of this camera, either. The webcam is plug-and-play and has some really easy to use software if you want to fine-tune things. You can even pan, title, and zoom digitally!

You can check out the PTZ Optics Webcam on its website.

Razer Respawn Mental Performance Drink

There's a lot of powered energy drinks for gamers out there, and most of them are pretty disgusting. They either don't dissolve very well, make you jittery and tense, or are all weird flavors like cotton candy and rainbow sherbet, or all three (and what's a FaZeberry supposed to be, anyway?).

Razer Respawn isn't like those at all. It's a mental performance drink as opposed to an energy drink, meaning it's designed to give you focused mental energy rather than physical energy. It dissolves well, and honestly, it tastes great.

Gamers and streamers spend untold hours in front of their computers, and streaming can get pretty exhausting. It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to entertain an audience you can neither see nor hear, and Respawn is a great way to keep that energy up without worrying about crashing, messing up your sleep, or getting wired.

Razer has sample packs available on its website, which make great gifts if you don't know what flavor to get (though we highly recommend Pomegranate Watermelon).

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