TheGamer's Marvel Holiday Gift Guide

Here is our guide to the most unique and exciting gift for the Marvel fan in your life!

Marvel’s prominence in comics, films, and games remains undisputed, and there appears to be a hero (or villain) that can appeal to every kind of fan. Since the popularity has only grown with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), there is a broad range of great gift ideas  for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Marvel Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Want a gift that will be used every year? Look no further than an ugly Christmas sweater.  Designs include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, and others popular characters on these sweaters officially licensed by Marvel.

Marvel Iron Man Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Those who watched Avengers: Endgame know that Tony Stark won’t be needing his armor anymore (too soon?), so why not use it to brew coffee every morning? Lifting the mask reveals the place to use either capsules or scoops of ground coffee, and from there the amount brew can be chosen as either 6, 8, or 10 ounces.

House Of X, Powers Of X Hardcover

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The X-Men have had a rough time in the last few years. House of M, a great storyline from 2005, left the world with only a handful of mutants compared to before, and House of X looks to revamp the image of the group, as well as their standing in the world. Without getting into spoilers, both storylines are among the best that the X-Men have seen in years.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

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Board game fans can attest to the quality of the “Legendary” brand deck building games that have been released over the past decade. This board game is for 1-5 players and can be tweaked for additional challenges. There is also a Legendary: Civil War, Legendary: Secret Wars, Legendary: Villains, and more so it is not hard to find one that suits everyone.

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Arcade 1Up Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet

Via: gamesradar.com

This limited-edition home arcade game is sure to bring back memories. This features a beautiful cabinet with a custom riser and some of the best Marvel games ever released in arcades: Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men: Children of the Atom, and The Punisher. The quality of these machines has so far been great, and this would make a great addition to the home of any fan.

The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition

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Ever since Iron Man blew audiences away in 2008, the MCU has been on a non-stop ride to the top that ended with the triumphant Avengers: Endgame. With the sage at a close, all twenty-three films are up for grabs in this fantastic looking collector’s edition, each in 4k UHD and Blu-ray. The price tag is hefty, and the production of these appears to be limited, so it may be hard to snag, but it could be the perfect gift for the diehard MCU fan.

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