Theory: Gears 5's Toilets Are Ginormous Because COG Soldiers Have Dwarven Heritage

Gears 5, released nearly a month ago to wide praise, displays some of the best graphics on consoles today along with a fantastic overall art direction. However, there's one strange thing going on with the design of toilets in the world of Gears 5, as they are so massive they make COG soldiers look like dwarves.

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A Reddit user made light of this situation, posting a video to Reddit where they played as JD Fenix in one of the early levels.

The first thing the Reddit user shows in the clip is how the stall doors are ominously large; almost 1.5 times as large as the COG soldiers themselves.

We then catch a glimpse of the toilet itself, behind an open stall door. While not as huge as the doors, they are nonetheless something to be reckoned with and make us wonder whether it is the toilets that are large or the COGs that are small.

Finally, the player approaches the restroom mirrors, which confirm the bathroom was either made for large individuals or the COG soldiers need to have a different designated restroom.

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Regardless, this scenario is very bizarre. In a series where characters are perceived to be giants, it's interesting to see them dwarfed by, of all things, the content of the restrooms. Either poorly constructed or built for a different species, the COG soldiers are simply incapable of using the restrooms in the urban areas of the game.

Some Reddit users replied to the original post with theories of their own. For example, Reddit user ScornMuffins said, "Well the robots gave their specifications in metric measurements, but people who fitted the furnishings thought they were imperial."

Another user had a more detailed explanation. User m1kethebeats repeated the sentiment that COG soldiers and humans in the Gears universe were once comparable to NFL linebackers, at least, due to "human growth hormone" and "protein and protein accessories." Yet, after multiple wars, these humans faced malnutrition and lost their size and, thus, are now tiny compared to the design of the restroom.

While fans have created some rather interesting explanations, they are definitely in jest. Realistically, it is just a bizarre design and, frankly, the public restrooms likely were not a huge focus in the game's design. That said, it's still incredibly hilarious.

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