You Just Know They're Going To Kill The Dog In The Blair Witch Game

Microsoft's E3 conference showcased a whopping 60 games, including the upcoming Halo: Infinite, the Ori & The Blind Forest sequel, and a whole bunch of Gears Of War content (including Gears Pop!, which is surely one of the most anticipated games of this year).

One game that stood out among the slew of new game announcements was a first-person horror game that turned out to be set in the world of The Blair Witch Project. It's a pretty out there property to base a game on in 2019, but it did feature one interesting aspect in particular: a dog companion named Bullet. That can't possibly be good.

The game itself kind of looks reminiscent of other survival horror games like Outlast 1 & 2, especially since one of the key mechanics of this game seems to involve carrying around a camera, and panting heavily while running through a creepy forest. There also seems to be all manner of ghosts and boogeymen scattered about the woods. The game is being developed by Bloober Team, the creators of games like Layers Of Fear 1 & 2, and Observer, so this type of game is well within their wheelhouse.

The Blair Witch series hasn't really had a lot going for it in quite a while. Everyone remembers the first movie since it was a crazy success story, but every sequel afterward has mostly been a critical and financial bomb. However, making a game set in that world isn't the worst idea, as many horror games have taken inspiration from The Blair Witch Project, so why not cut out the middleman and just build a game around it?

But all this talk is secondary to one of the cruel facts about this game: That dog is probably about to get super dead.

In the trailer, your character runs after the dog as it takes off into the forest, probably leading you on a wild goose chase that gets you involved with a whole bunch of supernatural mumbo jumbo. From there, a bunch of scenarios are likely to occur, and most of them aren't good for you, or your canine friend.

First, your dog might just get outright killed by The Blair Witch, or one of it's possessed lackeys. This could happen right at the start, or later on. Your dog might even be the driving force that makes you go deeper into the story of the game, kind of like the frog in Blaster Master. You might either spend the majority of the game chasing after it, or it may die right away, making you swear revenge on the being that killed it, which will probably end being a really stupid idea.

There's also a chance that much like the characters who all seem to go crazy and stare at a corner of the wall for some reason in The Blair Witch series, maybe you'll end up possessed and kill the doggo yourself. That would be pretty dang traumatic, but also pretty on point for a horror game.

Then, there's the saddest possibility of all: What if your dog has betrayed you? What if somehow, The Blair Witch has turned your faithful companion against you, either by magic, or the promise of better head scratches than you can provide? This could lead to you having to put down your now evil pupper yourself, like some kind of satanic take on Old Yeller.

It's sad to say, but there's just no way that your dog makes it out of this game unscathed. Dogs are pretty much the most lovable animals on the planet, which makes them perfect emotional cannon fodder in a horror game. It's the kind of shocking moment that will elicit a response no matter what, so there's a pretty good chance that it's going to happen.

We'll find out surprisingly soon what the fate of this very good boy will be, as The Blair Witch's trailer promises the game will release on August 30th of this year on Xbox One and PC. Just remember that most Blair Witch movies, as well as most games made by Bloober Team, don't tend to have happy endings. So, if you're the kind of person who goes on Does The Dog Die before watching a movie, this game may not be for you.

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