25 Things About Dragon Ball Super That Make No Sense

When one talks about immortal pieces of fiction in the realm of pop culture, there are quite a number of names that come to mind. While different people might have different opinions when it comes to this subject, one name that will be unanimously uttered has to be Dragon Ball. It pretty much goes without saying that Dragon Ball Z is probably the most popular animated series that was witnessed by children all across the globe. The power fantasy portrayed in this series is second to none, and it must be said that the show has cemented its name as one of the most enduring aspects of modern pop culture. The popularity of the show was so immense that fans clamored for a sequel more than a decade after the original series had stopped airing... and this wish was actually fulfilled with the release of Dragon Ball Super.

While the series might be holding its own when it comes to doing justice to the lofty name of Dragon Ball, the fact of the matter is that there are still a multitude of problems plaguing the new series that need to be addressed. In fact, there are a lot of instances in Dragon Ball Super which are downright nonsensical, and need to be looked at in detail. So, keeping this in mind, here are 25 things in Dragon Ball Super that make no sense whatsoever.

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25 Why Doesn't Goku Teach Instant Transmission To Anyone Else?

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Instant transmission is one of the most useful techniques in the entire Dragon Ball series. Instead of having to waste time using vehicles to travel long distances, Goku can simply choose to move at the speed of light and teleport wherever he wants to, rendering any other form of transport worthless.

So why hasn't he taught this technique to anyone else?

After all, we're pretty sure that there are no restrictions when it comes to the use of this technique — after all, Goku learned this technique from an entirely different species. So, there's little to no reason why he should keep this technique for himself only, and not teach it to someone else.

And this isn't the only time Goku's been selfish either...

24 Goku Hasn't Taught The Kaio-ken To Anyone Else Either

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The fact of the matter is that the Kaio-ken has proven to be one of the most powerful techniques in existence. While this technique might've been ignored during the latter run of Dragon Ball Z, it ended up making a celebrated comeback in Dragon Ball Super. However, if the technique happens to be so powerful, then another question comes to mind.

Why is the Kaio-ken exclusively Goku's technique?

After all, this essentially means that Goku will always remain a step ahead of Vegeta at all times, which would rattle anybody's ego, especially the Prince of all Saiyans. If this power boost is so useful, then the Z Fighters should ideally be begging Goku to teach them this valuable technique.

But it seems that Goku isn't really all that smart, to begin with. After all...

23 Goku Was Incapacitated By A Freaking Ray Gun

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Goku is supposed to be the strongest warrior alive on Earth. No one can even come close to his colossal might, and his natural aptitude when it comes to anything and everything related to fighting makes up for his lack of intellect in other departments... or does it? After all, Goku still lets his guard down at times, which is why he was defeated during the Frieza Saga.

But the manner of his defeat is questionable, to say the least.

After all, no one expects a person like Goku to go down without a fight. However, a man with incredibly acute battle awareness wasn't able to notice a threat to his life... in the form of a freaking ray gun. Yep, you heard that right. A Saiyan who was able to attain the power level of a god was disposed of by a common ray gun. Pathetic.

22 Zenkai Is Pretty Much Nonexistent Now

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As much as it pains us to say this, the fact that Goku was brought to the brink of his demise by the ray gun meant that he would inevitably witness a spontaneous rise in power. After all, Saiyans have an innate ability called Zenkai, which drastically improves their power level once they are able to recover from a fatal assault... right?

Wrong. Zenkai is nothing more than a relic of the past.

This is quite disappointing, especially since this ability played a major role during the Frieza Saga, when Vegeta was fatally wounded by the Ginyu Force multiple times, but managed to come back with a greater power level. Unfortunately, it seems that this ability shows no sign of coming back anytime soon.

Instead, we're being introduced to new baffling concepts, one of which will be discussed in the next entry.

21 The Concept Of S-Cells Is Plain Stupid

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Becoming a Super Saiyan used to be a special thing that very few people could boast about. However, the fact of the matter is that this power has become so widespread that there is absolutely nothing special about it anymore. In fact, the appearance of Universe 6 also brought with it their very own batch of Super Saiyans.

However, their manner of transformation is wildly different.

Instead of experiencing strong emotions as seen in pretty much the entirety of Dragon Ball Z — save for Super Saiyan 3, which was a transformation achieved through intense training — the Universe 6 Saiyans apparently have an abundance of S-Cells due to their complacent nature. This allows them to focus their power towards a tingling sensation at the back of their neck, which allows them to transform.


20 Super Saiyan Used To Be A Legend, But Super Saiyan God Is An Even More Legendary Legend

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The legend of the Super Saiyan has pretty much become a joke at this point. After all, the previous entry has already discussed in detail about the futile nature of these transformations, now that any half-baked Saiyan can achieve this form. What makes this even worse is that the legend of the Super Saiyan is not the only tale to be told.

There's a legend about a Super Saiyan God as well.

Anyone who's even bothered to watch the movie or anime can vouch for the fact that this legend was the reason why Beerus journeyed towards Earth in the first place. But if this tale existed in the first place, then why was there such a hue and cry about the original Super Saiyan legend?

And we've not even scratched the surface when it comes to the complains surrounding this series.

19 Why Make Super Saiyan God Lean If Super Saiyan Blue Has The Usual Buff Look

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Before we start off with this entry, let us state beforehand that the original story of The Battle of the Gods was supposed to be wildly different. We ended up with a pretty light-hearted tale, but the original story was meant to be way darker. For instance, Beerus was supposed to be a fearsome villain instead of a nonchalant foodie, which is somehow even scarier. Toriyama spearheaded all these changes.

The design of Super Saiyan God was also changed by quite a lot.

Instead of the lean, thin body that Goku received after transforming, the original idea was for Goku to be even beefier than usual, while still retaining an impressive level of speed as shown in the movie and anime. However, if Toriyama really wanted to make these transformations unique, then why did Super Saiyan Blue not have the same effect on the bodies of Goku and Vegeta?

18 Vegeta Became A Super Saiyan Blue Without Having To Transform Into A Super Saiyan God

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Speaking of Vegeta, there's one more point that we need to get across.

After the Battle of the Gods arc, Goku was able to attain the power level of a God simply because he fought in that state for an extended period of time. This revelation angered Vegeta, who simply did not want to lag behind his rival any longer. So, he decided to train on Beerus' planet to reach this power level, and become a Super Saiyan Blue.

This essentially made the Super Saiyan God transformation completely irrelevant.

Keep in mind that a Super Saiyan Blue is essentially a Super Saiyan God Ascended Super Saiyan, which — aside from being a mouthful — also implies that being a Super Saiyan God is necessary to achieve this step. But for Vegeta, these rules simply don't apply.

All this just goes to show that...

17 Super Saiyan Blue Is Just An Excuse To Sell More Dragon Ball Merch

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This hurts to say, but at the end of the day, Dragon Ball is the property of Toei Animation, who can do whatever they want with the franchise. So, if they want a Super Saiyan transformation with a different color to sell more merchandise, then the creators have no choice but to comply with these demands.

This is perhaps why the Super Saiyan Blue transformation even exists.

So, while it might be possible that Toriyama and Toyotaro actually wanted to do justice by the Dragon Ball series and build on the transformations that had already been established in the previous series, it is very much possible that the higher-ups at Toei just wanted an excuse to rake in more money.

16 The Whole Point Of The New Series Is To Suppress Power, And Yet Goku And Beerus Literally Have Aura Dragons

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Dragon Ball Z was a series that placed an extensive level of importance on making the characters release as much power as possible. This set the scene for voice actors to truly showcase their mettle by screaming at the top of their lungs — something that is missing in the new series, since now maintaining power is about controlling energy rather than releasing it.

This is why the aura dragons of Goku and Beerus are pretty stupid.

Don't get us wrong — it's definitely cool to see these two unassailable entities fight each other with gusto. However, if the series wishes to stick with the theme of controlling power, then perhaps showcasing two giant aura dragons might not exactly be the greatest of ideas.

15 What's The Point Of Super Saiyan 3 If Super Saiyan 2 Can Exceed Its Power Level

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There was a point when the Super Saiyan 3 transformation used to be one of the greatest and most powerful transformations of all time. Even now, witnessing Sean Schemmel pour his heart — and his lungs — out as Goku ascended to this new level will still send chills down the spine of any Dragon Ball Z fan.

But now, the Super Saiyan 3 form is pretty much useless.

In fact, the Super Saiyan 2 form can be more powerful than this state, which makes no sense. And yet, Vegeta was still able to land a punch on Beerus when he was angered by Beerus — something that Goku couldn't manage. If that wasn't bad enough as is, even Trunks was able to ascend above the power level of a Super Saiyan 3 because of an intense feeling of anger.

Speaking of which...

14 Trunks Shouldn't Be Able To Keep Up With God-Level Fighters

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We all know that Future Trunks is an incredibly cool character. In fact, the majority of fans were jubilant when he made his return in Dragon Ball Super, and the arc in which he was featured turned out to be one of the best arcs of all time. However, the fact of the matter is that no matter how cool a character might be, there are still limits to their power.

But in the case of Trunks, an exception was made.

It goes without saying that Zamasu and Goku Black could've easily wiped the floor with Trunks. Yet, somehow, it seems that Trunks was still powerful enough to not be decimated in a single blow by these two god-level entities.

If that wasn't bad enough, the next entry will surely irritate the annoying fanboy inside you.

13 The Saiyans From Universe 6 Are Insanely Powerful, Even Though They Just Discovered The Transformation

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During the tournament between Universe 6 and 7, it is revealed that the Saiyans of this mirror Universe live a very peaceful lifestyle, since they didn't have to deal with any strife. This is very much unlike Universe 7, where Frieza had taken over and forced a life of war on the Saiyans. So, when Vegeta revealed the Super Saiyan transformation to Cabba, these Saiyans discovered a whole new level of power.

In fact, this power is so great that it somehow rivals that of a Super Saiyan Blue.

This is where fans of the series would start scratching their heads. After all, the fact of the matter is that a Super Saiyan Blue has god-level powers, and a normal Super Saiyan isn't fit enough to scrape their boots. However, for some reason, the Saiyans from Universe 6 are able to hold their own against Goku and Vegeta. It makes absolutely so sense whatsoever.

Speaking of things that make no sense...

12 Normal Humans Shouldn't Be Able To Keep Up With The Fights Anymore

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During the fight between Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku during the early moments of Dragon Ball Super, the fight escalated to such a fast pace that none of the Earthlings were able to keep up with the action. This makes sense — after all, gods would definitely be fighting at a speed that mortals couldn't keep up with.

But in present times, Earthlings have no problem following these fights.

Sigh... the sheer number of plotholes in this series speaks volumes when it comes to how the show's story is being concocted on-the-fly. If both Vegeta and Goku have reached a godlike level of power, then it should be impossible for a normal human to witness this fight, let alone make their own expert comments.

This just goes to show that...

11 The Z Fighters Have Become Completely Irrelevant As Of Right Now

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There was a time when the Z Fighters used to be a fearsome group, sporting power levels unlike anything ever seen before. However, the onset of Dragon Ball Z completely changed the dynamic of this group by making them look like nothing more than complete weaklings.

While the onset of the new power levels in Dragon Ball Super meant that the Z Fighters needed to pick up the pace (which they have, to an extent), the fact of the matter is that they are still incredibly weak, and serve as nothing more than pests to some of the major threats in Dragon Ball Super.

One Z Warrior, in particular, went through a rather wasteful arc that we're about to explain in detail.

10 Gohan Neglected His Training And Ended Up Going Through The Same Arc He Went Through In Dragon Ball Z

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Gohan used to be one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball, and he still has the potential to become as strong — if not stronger — than Goku. Unfortunately, his pursuit of knowledge meant that he had to shelve his martial arts training — a decision that came back to bite him in the rear when Piccolo had to sacrifice himself to save Gohan. To make sure that he wouldn't become a liability again, Gohan decided to resume his martial arts training with Piccolo.

Doesn't that sound awfully familiar?

Yep, this is the exact same arc that Gohan already went through in Dragon Ball Z. Talk about lazy storytelling. But at least the writers bothered to develop Gohan's strength, unlike the next character, who used to be a force to be reckoned.

9 Gotenks Has Become Nothing More Than Comic Relief

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Goten and Trunks played a major role during the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z. They were perhaps the only people who could pose a serious threat to Majin Buu, and this was made possible through the act of fusion. The resulting individual, known as Gotenks, was a prodigy, who is still only the second person to master the Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

But in Dragon Ball Super, Gotenks has become irrelevant.

This essentially means that Goten and Trunks have become nothing more than just another spectator to the epic fights in Dragon Ball Super, which is an absolute shame. Watching Gotenks ascend to a whole new power level would've been a sight to behold, but unfortunately, it seems that this won't happen for quite some time.

8 It's Hard To Believe That Instant Ramen Is The Most Delicious Thing On Earth

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One of the major reasons why Beerus allowed Earth to stay intact was because of the culinary mastery that the planet's inhabitants have when it came to a host of different cuisines. The sheer variety when it came to the enticing food appealed to both deities, who decided to regularly visit the planet and try out a whole host of foods.

Their meal of choice? Freakin' cup noodles.

Yep, you read that right. In a planet that boasts over a hundred different forms of cuisine, for some reason, Beerus and Whis found processed noodles to be the tastiest of them all. It boggles the mind as to how this is even possible. Perhaps we've just been having the wrong type of cup noodles all along.

7 It's Impossible For Ginyu To Gain Complete Mastery Over Tagoma's Body

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Captain Ginyu was a pretty significant character during the Frieza Saga in Dragon Ball Z, and — obviously — the leader of the Ginyu Force as well. Keeping his goofy antics aside, his power was still pretty impressive, and his body switch technique proved to be quite a headscratcher indeed. However, there was a major weakness in this technique — Ginyu couldn't extract the full power from a body he wasn't familiar with.

If this is the case, then he should've been unfamiliar with Tagoma's body too.

However, this wasn't the case — instead, he was able to pose a pretty significant threat to the Z Fighters. While Vegeta did end up making short work of him, his proficiency when it came to using Tagoma's body to its fullest extent still begets a proper explanation.

But there are many things in Dragon Ball Super that haven't been properly explained, like how...

6 Piccolo Didn't Sense Any Violent Ki In Frost, Who Turned Out To Be Evil

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Once the concept of mirror universes was introduced in Dragon Ball Super, viewers expected that the counterparts of the characters in Universe 7 would be wildly different. And — for the most part — this was the case. Cabba revealed that the Saiyans in their world were the protectors of peace, as opposed to ambitious warriors. However, in the case of Frost, he seemed to be fairly decent at a first glance.

However, he turned out to be just as bad as Frieza.

The only difference was that while Frieza was a tyrant who never hid his true intentions, Frost was slightly more devious and pretended to be a paragon of justice, when he was anything but. However, if he was evil, then Piccolo should've sensed the violent ki in him. For some reason, this didn't happen, and Frost was able to cheat easily before getting caught.

5 Beerus Stated That He Destroyed All The Dinosaurs On Earth, Which Is Just Plain Wrong

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Dinosaurs used to exist on planet Earth, before going extinct. However, while the exact cause of their demise is still up for debate, the reason for their disappearance in Dragon Ball is a whole another story. Apparently, Beerus was the god who chose to take care of these gigantic reptiles on planet Earth.

However, we all know this is not true.

After all, unless our eyes (and the animators) were deceiving us, dinosaurs are very much alive in the world of Dragon Ball. One of them even chased a young Gohan when he was training with Piccolo. So what's the point of telling such an obvious lie? Anyway, if Beerus actually wanted to destroy the population of dinosaurs, he would've just blown up the entire planet instead of painstakingly tracking each and every dinosaur on the planet.

4 The Hyperbolic Time Chamber Is Used Whenever The Plot Demands It

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Probably one of the most useful rooms in the entirety of Dragon Ball, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber essentially functions as a room which slows down time to the point where one day outside is equivalent to one year inside the time chamber. Ideally, this would allow warriors to hone their skills as quickly as possible, and attain impressive power levels in the span of a few days.

If that's the case, then the room should be used whenever there is an impending danger.

Instead, characters only use the room when the plot demands it, which is just plain stupid. The sheer amount of training allowed by this room basically means that people can train as much as they and attain fearsome power levels — something that could be witnessed when Gohan was able to attain the Super Saiyan transformation in this room.

3 If Whis Can Turn Back Time Then Nothing Matters Anymore

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The Golden Frieza saga is certainly a pretty interesting arc in Dragon Ball Super. While the anime was essentially retelling the story from the movies, there was still enough extra detail to make it worth a second watch — even though the animation might've been a bit shoddy. However, the ending of the arc is pretty weird, when Whis turns back time and allows Goku to take care of Frieza with one final blast.

If Whis has this fearsome power, then its implications break the entire story.

After all, the fate of the world isn't really at stake anymore now, is it? With the advent of these angels, pretty much anything and everything is possible. By all intents and purposes, Earth should've been finished. And yet, it seems that the world exists simply because the people who shouldn't have played around with the rules did exactly that.

2 Goten, Marron, And Trunks Still Look Young Even Though Years Have Passed By

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Apparently, the events of Dragon Ball Super occurred a few years after the end of Dragon Ball Z. This shows in the appearances of multiple people, who show some signs of aging. However, while the Saiyans didn't exactly change (since they can retain their youth), there's another group of people who should've aged, but didn't for some inexplicable reason.

The children didn't grow up at all!

It boggles the mind as to how the kids still look so young even after all these years have supposedly passed. By all accounts, Goten, Trunks, and Marron should've at least grown a few inches, at the very least. Yet, as far as we can see, the kids haven't grown up at all, which is definitely a bit shady.

1 Toriyama's Name Is Used To Market Dragon Ball Super Even Though Toyotaro Is At The Helm Of The Project

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As we've already mentioned before, Toei Animation still holds the rights to the Dragon Ball name. The marketing efforts are solely up to them, which means they can choose to pull off shady tactics as well if they want the series to attain as much viewership as possible. So, how did they do that? Simple.

They gave the major credit to Toriyama, ignoring his protege who's shaping the story of the series.

This protege is Toyotarō, and the fact of the matter is that he should be receiving way more credit than what he's currently receiving. Instead, he just has to make peace with the fact that no matter what, Toriyama's esteemed name will always cast a looming shadow over his own.

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