10 Things To Do After You Beat Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

We've all had a great time taking down some of the amazing beasts that Monster Hunter has to offer, but What now? Left with no purpose or direction it boots you out into beginnings of The Guilding Lands and expects you to take off running.

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A hunter always has a plan of action (a good one anyway) and a solid path to follow. Some hunters need to get back out and slay some new creatures, while others need a break from the wild side and a bit of home decorating hits the spot. Whatever the fancy, it's time to dive in and find out what happens in Monster Hunter World once the credits roll.

10 Pay It Forward

We've all been struggling beginners in almost every game you play at some point. Most games will leave you out in the cold to fend for yourself. Now with Iceborne comes the new feature that allows high ranking players to help out the novices.

You get a reward for helping out in the end and the new hunter doesn't have to fumble his way through the beginning steps of the game. The higher level you are, the better the reward will be for the master hunter. Many treasures await the generous teacher, the warm fuzzy feelings helps too.

9 Redesign Your Room

Now that you've gone out on your adventures and tackled the best beasts in the land, it's time to return home and settle for a while. Whether you go for a cozy, warm room to rest in or a stylish bachelor pad. Through your time traveling, you've unlocked a lot of different decorations that match your personal style.

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You can use the unlocked items to redecorate or you can use the research points that you've gathered up to unlock wallpaper and different pieces of memorabilia. New pieces are also coming out all the time with constant updates and new DLC's already in the works.

8 DLC's And Events

With DLC's already being announced the content will be flowing freely for the foreseeable future. On top of the constant stream of creatures being added for you to find, every DLC will have new beasts to hunt.

Iceborne has already announced a future DLC where Rajang will be making another appearance, a chance to take out the fanged beast once again. Events will also make an appearance with all-new gear to unlock, especially if a collaboration happens that Monster Hunter is known for.

7 The Guiding Lands

Only after a hunter has run through the entire main story will they be allowed to enter The Guiding Lands. A large area that gives all the terrains of Monster Hunter in one area. The best part? Random monsters will spawn, pulling from the entire roster of the game.

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This gives a unique combination that can't found anywhere else in the game. Rare mining locations are another feature that will allow you to get your hands on all those resources you couldn't quite reach in the main game. This is a chance to upgrade that weapon you could never quite get.

6 Complete All Your Objectives/Trophies

Even for those that try to do their best at getting everything while completing the story, you're bound to miss a few things with so many distractions. Iceborne has such a vast amount of content that it even gets its own separate set of trophies to collect. For all you platinum gatherers, it's your lucky day.

With some pretty hefty goals to achieve, this will definitely keep you busy until the next event comes around. Good luck to the hunter who plans on hunting 50 elder dragons in a master rank quest or finding every piece of treasure in the expansion.

5 Augment Your Weapons

Getting your weapons up to completion in Master Rank is a task in itself. For those weapon freaks out there, you can now take it a  step further by augmenting.  You'll need specific, rare resources to do this but if your already this far deep then no one question can question the dedication.

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The Guiding Lands will be the place to go with its mining locations coughing up the missing links that you'll need. Augmenting is the perfect tool if you've found your perfect weapon but there has always been something that bugs you about it. You can now up the power or just about any other stat that you feel falls short.

4 Level Up Master Rank

This is really the basics of what you should do after completing the story.  Your Master Rank will allow you into different quests with better monsters and more items. It can really slow your progress with the other objectives if you can't level up and quick.

Special occasions and certain quests will skyrocket that rank faster so players should keep their eyes out. As soon as the rank is high enough its time to grind all the high-level quests that are available.

3 Observe And Report

The good old Lynians, a hunters weird and wonderful ally. Well, a new feature in Iceborne will let you observe their odd behaviours and report back to the researcher to complete quests.

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This won't be as easy as it sounds because the researcher is quite a picky person. You'll need photographs of them in quite specific actions to satisfy them. While it's not the most exciting activity, you'll be rewarded for  your efforts

2 Up Your Build Game

While a mediocre setup might have scraped some through the main storyline, its time to pick up the slack. Otherwise, a hunter will find themselves in the middle of a fight they are woefully unprepared for.

Jewels once thought of as nothing but cosmetics, now give you 2 skill points for each one, a rank 4 jewel anyway. Focus on these because they can give you a massive advantage in the later stages.

1 Collect The Native Creatures

While this game focuses on taking down massive beasts for the glory, sometimes it's nice to be a collector for once. There's plenty of life in Hoarfrost Reach to be obtained, some that you can display in your room.

What sort of Hunter doesn't display their collection proudly? You can release them in your room and have yourself a new pet. While they may not be as awesome as an Elder Dragon, your new friends will keep you company once your home from the hunt.

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