25 Things That Happened Between Fallout New Vegas And Fallout 4

Long-time fans of the Fallout series were concerned when Bethesda purchased the IP from Interplay. The development and publishing company would release Fallout 3 in 2008. It was an action role-playing game that was more accessible to all fans, especially console players who never got to experience the numbered series on a computer.

Many fans of the older isometric games were furious with the new style of game. Most of their fears were later calmed with the release of Fallout: New Vegas in late 2010. It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, which was composed of several members of the previous team. The game included a majority of the last games' assets but focused more on role-playing and story.

Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 are a mere six years apart. The Courier was well on their way to their next delivery while the Sole Survivor was waking up on the opposite side of the map. Six years may appear to be a short amount of time, but there were still many significant events that took place without the Courier or the Sole Survivor.

Our list compiles some of those events that happened between the six-year gap of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. Many of these moments were revealed in Fallout 4 in terminals and during conversations but may have been missed by impatient gamers. There are several spoilers related to the entire series. If you're interested in learning more about the Fallout franchise, hopefully, we can help inform you of what took place off-screen.

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25 A New Group Investigates The Commonwealth

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The East Coast faction of the Brotherhood of Steel was different from the West Coast group. They were more focused on helping people than taking their technology. They were also not hidden away underground like the group within New Vegas.

After the victory in the Capital Wasteland, the group decided to travel to the Commonwealth.

Small recon groups were sent out to meet the locals and learn more about the area. The Commonwealth differed because it had more open land and no threat from the Enclave. Unfortunately, there were still mutated threats, such as Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls.

24 They Want Their Synths Back

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The Institute has been working in post-war America for ages. They strive to improve life for humans, even if it means replacing them with superior beings known as Synths. These robots quickly learned to think on their own. They no longer wanted to be enslaved under the Institute. Synths began escaping into the Commonwealth. They were aided by the Railroad. The Institute quickly learned of this group and knew they had to destroy them all. They began their war against the Railroad, which would not end until the Sole Survivor arrived.

23 They’re Not Into Macbeth

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Before the Sole Survivor is released from their cold prison, Rex Goodman, a performer, decides to head to Trinity Tower. The building is infested with Super Mutants. He is well-aware of the dangers but insists on teaching them how to be more civilized. Rex only manages to turn one Super Mutant around. Strong enjoys hearing about Shakespearean plays. Unfortunately, the other Super Mutants consider Rex to be a nuisance. They lock him up, along with Strong, until they plan a worse fate for the duo.

22 A Not-So-Safe Settlement

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The Covenant is a small settlement located within the Commonwealth. They are friendly to any visitor, as long as they pass their SAFE test.

Traveling to this settlement may come at a high price.

If a visitor fails this test, they will be taken against their will, tortured, and underwent horrible experiments. The Covenant's resident scientist, Doctor Roslyn Chambers, has an interest in learning more about Synths. The Covenant is one giant trap that has been preying upon innocent settlers for years.

21 Helping Instead Of Hiding

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The Brotherhood of Steel's East Coast faction decided to go against their traditional ways. Their goals evolved from hiding and hoarding technology to improving the world around them. They realized that they could no longer survive as a faction by being recluses. By getting on the right side of the Commonwealth's settlers, it made people more willing to help them. This means more food, water, and help during battles. Settlers who saw the Brotherhood of Steel as a force of good were also more willing to join their cause.

20 The Most Unhappiest Place On Earth

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Nuka-World was supposed to be an amusement park for families. After the Great War, it became a broken down wasteland. The park was soon turned into a trading post for travelers. Unfortunately, those happy days didn't last long. The amusement park was taken over by Raiders. Within a short time, the entire park was turned into a hub of evil activity. The Pack, Operators, and Disciples were the three largest Raider groups. These three groups were quickly thrown into a Civil War. Each group fought for more power, making Nuka-World a dangerous place to live.

19 A Call For Help Begins

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In the Fallout universe, Vaults are often used as experimental hubs. Vault 88 had a less terrifying goal. The vault was used to prototype different devices. The most successful products would then be shipped to other vaults.

Unfortunately, Vault 88 was never completed.

The people working inside were all turned into Ghouls. Valery Barstow, the Overseer, was the only one who didn't turn feral. Raiders ended up finding the Vault and tried to break in. Desperate for help, Overseer Barstow called for help from any kind soul within the Commonwealth.

18 Seeking A New General

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After the Great War, settlers had to learn how to rebuild. Other factions tried to bully them into joining them or else. The settlers decided to band together and begin their own faction called the Minutemen. The Minutemen worked with the settlers to help protect them from Super Mutants, Raiders, and Feral Ghouls. They always had a leader helping guide them along the way. Unfortunately, their last leader, Joe Becker, was defeated in battle. After his passing, the Minutemen were unable to decide on a leader. This led to the gradual collapse of the faction until the Sole Survivor arrives.

17 A Faction Is Missing A Brother

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The Brotherhood of Steel deployed several squads to investigate the Commonwealth. One of those groups included Recon Squad Artemis, led by Paladin Brandis. Shortly after their arrival, one-by-one the group was taken out by various creatures of the Commonwealth. Paladin Brandis retreated to Recon Bunker Theta, hoping one of his squad members would join him. Unfortunately, he was the last survivor. No one else would join him for three years. He thought that the Brotherhood had given up on him and was prepared to meet his fate.

16 A Patriot Begins His Work

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The Railroad works hard to rescue Synths from the Institute. Luckily, they have someone working on the inside.

Liam Binet, also known as "Patriot," is a Scientist working for the Institute.

He secretly works with Synths to bring them to the surface. Once they're in the Commonwealth, the faction does their best to give them a new life. The Synth knows they'll be on the run from the Institute's Coursers for the rest of their lives, but freedom is worth it.

15 A Paladin Arrives In The Commonwealth

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The Brotherhood of Steel has sent their soldiers all over the country. After the loss of Recon Squad Artemis, Danse and Recon Squad Gladius were sent to explore the Commonwealth. Their goal was to find new equipment and find a base to call home temporarily. The Squad settles on claiming Cambridge Police Station in the Boston Ruins. They were also instructed to show good-will towards the settlers so that they would be more willing to ally themselves with the Brotherhood of Steel. Before the Sole Survivor awakens, Recon Squad Gladius is under threat of being taken out by Feral Ghouls.

14 A Scientist Changes Goals

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After Project Purity is successfully completed, most of Madison Li's work is done. She made her friend's dream come true. This left her wondering what else she should do. She decided to leave the Brotherhood of Steel and travel to the Commonwealth. Within the ruins of Boston, she made contact with the Institute. Madison liked Father's vision of making the Commonwealth a better place. Within the Institute, she made new friends and had all of the equipment she wanted. Over time, she realized that she wasn't as happy as she could have been.

13 Another Vault Opens To New Visitors

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Vault 81 is one of the few vaults where the Overseer considered their dwellers over their job position. The Vault was meant to experiment on its Vault Dwellers to create a single, universal cure for all ailments. Not wanting to see her settlers suffer, the Overseer stopped the experimental program.

The Vault soon opened its giant metal door and allowed traders to enter.

Vault Dwellers also had the opportunity to leave, but many remained distrustful of the outside world. Little did they know that the Vault still contained several lethal diseases that were slowly infecting its youngest residents.

12 Cait Finds Her Calling

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Cait had a tough upbringing. She tried to run away from her abusive family, only to be recaptured each time. On Cait's eighteenth birthday, she was sold into slavery. Cait managed to buy her freedom and get her revenge. She made her way to the Combat Zone in Boston and was hired as a cage fighter, where Cait used her skills to fight for money. After Raiders began to become frequent patrons, Cait had to use her skills and money to make life easier. Life doesn't become easier until she meets the Sole Survivor.

11 Thank This Scientist For All Those Super Mutants

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Dr. Brian Virgil was one of the Institute's BioScience scientists. He worked to create many of the Super Mutants we see roaming the Commonwealth today. These subjects were formerly settlers who were kidnapped and subjected to experiments. Over time, Dr. Virgil was overcome by his guilt. He decided to destroy all of the equipment in his lab and escape to the Commonwealth. Dr. Virgil knew the Institute would be looking for him, so he injected himself with the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) and took refuge in the Glowing Sea. Unbeknownst to him, the Institute told his co-workers he was destroyed in a lab accident.

10 A Mayor Leaves His Home

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Gamers first meet young Robert Joseph MacCready in Fallout 3. He's the Mayor of Little Lamplight, a settlement for kids.

After becoming an adult, MacCready is forced to leave the settlement built inside a cave.

His travels take him to the Commonwealth. There, he decides to join the Gunners, a group of soldiers for hire. He also meets the love of his life, Lucy, within the Commonwealth and has a son named Duncan. Unfortunately, Lucy meets her fate at the hands of Feral Ghouls, and their son becomes gravely ill. MacCready decides to wander the Commonwealth until he can find a cure for Duncan.

9 A Confused Girl Runs Away To Far Harbor

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Kasumi Nakano is a young girl living on the Northeast edge of the Commonwealth. In the past few years, she began to suspect that she wasn't human. After coming into contact with Acadia, Kasumi believed she was a Synth. She no longer felt safe in the Commonwealth. To protect her parents and discover more about her true identity, Kasumi fled to Far Harbor. Her parents desperately tried to get in contact with the one person they knew they could trust: the Synth detective, Nick Valentine. Unfortunately, at this time, he's nowhere to be found.

8 Liberty Reprimed

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In the Capital Wasteland, The Brotherhood of Steel crafted a giant robot to help them defeat the Enclave in Fallout 3. The Capital Wasteland is now safe, but the Commonwealth is under a new threat. The Commonwealth faction would soon bring this giant robot to their new location at the Boston Airport. Unfortunately, the robot doesn't have enough scientists to complete the project. Liberty Prime is also missing essential parts. Though this giant robot could help the Brotherhood of Steel protect the Commonwealth, they can't finish the project on their own.

7 Docile Ghouls Are Forced Out Of Their Homes

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All of the major settlements have a single leader guiding them. McDonough leads Diamond City, otherwise known as the "Great Green Jewel" of the Commonwealth. He treated everyone well until he decided to become Mayor. His attitude quickly changed.

"Mankind for McDonough" was an anti-Ghoul platform that rallied on making Diamond City free from Ghouls.

Other humans became fearful of the non-humans living among them. His platform became popular among the residents. McDonough was elected as Mayor of Diamond City, and all Ghouls were banned within Diamond City's limits.

6 Safety Inside The Falls North Church

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The Railroad is at war with the Institute. Synths want to be free from their creators, while the Institute wants their property back. The Institute knows that the Railroad sets up safehouses within the Commonwealth. They use their intelligence to find each one and destroy them. The Railroad was almost at a loss until the discovered the crypts underneath Falls North Church. Their resident scientist, Tinker Tom, set up an elaborate encryption system to lock out anyone who didn't belong there. The Railroad is safe for now.

5 The Brotherhood Finds Its Elder

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Arthur Maxson makes his first appearance in Fallout 3. Although he's a child, he was sent with the Brotherhood of Steel to explore the Capital Wasteland. He was destined to become the leader but had to prove himself in battle. After extensive mental and physical training, he quickly rises in the ranks. Maxson proves himself a capable leader and fighter. He was elected Elder of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel when he was just a teenager. Although he's young, he is highly respected among his peers.

4 The Most Unlucky Valentine

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Nick Valentine is a private detective that will take on almost any job. His latest case involved him rescuing a captive girl. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a case of a runaway instead. Nick was taken captive inside of Vault 114 for months.

Skinny Malone likes Nick, but doesn't intend to let the detective go without a fight.

Nick's secretary, Ellie Perkins, doesn't have anyone else to ask for help. Nick stays captive inside of Vault 114 until the Sole Survivor comes to his rescue.

3 Fighting Factions Become United

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Longtime Fallout fans were shocked to discover the Brotherhood of Steel's new leaf in Fallout 3. The faction was no longer a selfish group who wanted to horde technology. They were helping others on the East Coast. There were a group of Outcasts who still believed in the old ways of the West Coast faction. They worked separately to accomplish their goals. After Arthur Maxson was elected Elder, he decided these two groups needed to work together. Using his leadership skills, Elder Maxson brought both groups together for the common good of the Commonwealth.

2 Bad Prevails Over Good

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The Minutemen are a small group of settlers who banded together to help protect the Commonwealth. Not many other factions appreciate their good ways. The settlement of Quincy supported the Minutemen. They were attacked by the Gunners, an aggressive faction who are almost as bad as Raiders. The battle proved to be almost too difficult for the Minutemen. Preston Garvey fought his best to protect the settlement, only to be defeated by the opposing forces. The settlers and the Minutemen were forced out. Until the Sole Survivor appears, Quincy belongs to the Gunners.

1 New Life Begins

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Shaun was stolen from the arms of the Sole Survivor's spouse. He grows up without his parents' influence and becomes the leader of the Institute. Over time, he learns that his only remaining parent is in cryogenic sleep. Shaun manages to keep the pod working for years. Before a happy reunion can take place, Shaun falls ill. He has cancer and needs a successor.

Shaun makes the sole decision to wake up his parent from their centuries-long slumber.

Though he has never met his parent, he wants the Sole Survivor to lead the Institute in his place.

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