25 Things Most Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Players Don't Realize They're Doing Wrong

I get that in the court of popular opinions it’s cool to hate on Call of Duty, but Black Ops 4 came along and has kind of changed that! It made over $500 million in the first three days and it’s still one of the top games on Twitch. A lot of this has to do with the Blackout mode, but they changed the multiplayer up this year as well and it feels fresh again! I know that they added a good bit to zombies as well, but that mode has honestly never really been my thing.

Outside of all that, though, let’s talk a bit about how people are playing the game now that it’s out in the wild! Between the Multiplayer and Blackout, there are a ton of different play styles and a ton of things people might be doing the wrong way. By saying wrong, I don’t mean that you’re playing the game wrong, but maybe some tips can make things easier. Some of the stuff on this list are no-brainer stuff, but people might have honestly overlooked them.

The stuff I’ll cover on this list will be totally focused on Multiplayer and Blackout, since those are the modes I am super familiar with. The multiplayer can be so fast that you don’t have time to think, and Blackout can go a while without even seeing anyone. I am by no means an expert at this game, I perish A LOT, but I have put in some serious time with it and see people’s tendencies.

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25 Don’t Run All The Time

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I would say this applies to both Multiplayer and Blackout, cause footsteps make noise no matter! You can solve that by adding perks, but just straight up, if you’re running all the time then people can hear you. I get that the Blackout map is huge and running makes sense, but maybe pick and choose when you’re doing it. Because if someone is inside a house and hears you running outside, they’ll wait till you come in the house and that’s probably the end of you!

24 Get Healing Items In Blackout

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If you don’t get healing items in Blackout then don’t expect to get a top 5 finish, even if you hide the whole time! It’s super rare that you’ll go into a house and not find any, but I have had it happen.

The healing items are First Aid, Med Kit, and Trauma Kit.

First aids are all over the place, and you can hold up to 10 of them without a backpack. The others are rarer, but the trauma kits can get your health up to 200.

23 Customize

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I was a bit confused how you customize your character and player card when I first got this game, and I can’t be alone with that. Hit the Menu button on Xbox and Options on PS4 and scroll over to customize your character and everything else. You can go to that menu at any time outside of playing in a game, so updating your stuff between matches can be done. They have added a tier system recently, so you can unlock a ton of war paints, player cards, and emotes just by playing!

22 Listen For Hit Markers

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I can’t emphasize how important sound is with this game and hit markers might be the most important example. Every time you connect a shot with someone it makes a sound that lets you know you hit them, so keep firing there!

It makes a “tic” like sound.

This sound has been in the series for a while, but I can see some not fully realizing what those are since they never explain it. It seems super obvious, and I know most people will roll their eyes at this, but some may not know and now they do! Knowledge is power!

21 Mute People You Don’t Want To Hear

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It sounds odd to say that I hate hearing people talk in a multiplayer game, but I’m one of those that do, especially when they’re random! Thankfully you can mute them instead of dealing with a kid listen to bad rap music a whole match.

You have to be in the game to mute them.

Once a game starts, hit pause to pull up the players, go over to them and hit A/X to mute them. It’s stupidly easy and yet I still see people complain about hearing it in games.

20 Capture Points

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It might seem pretty obvious, but when playing an objective mode, play that objective! I get that going for a high K/D in a Control match can be something to aim for, but if you aren’t near the capture point then maybe go play Team Deathmatch. Cause if you’re rocking with 30 plus shoots in a game but your team loses the round, then maybe change up how you’re playing. There’s a reason that this game has so many game modes, and if you just want to run and gun maybe stay off the objective modes.

19 Adjust Sensitivity

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Black Ops 4 is a very fast-paced game, and making adjustments to controls is something you need to keep an eye on. The game starts you on a 4 sensitivity, but that is a tad slow for me.

I play on a 6 sensitivity.

They did take all crazy jumping and wall running out of this game, but it somehow seems faster. Sensitivity is a very player to player thing, but if you’re finding aiming to be slow then play around with that so you can play a bit faster.

18 Take Ammo From Crash

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The specialist Crash has an ability where he drops a pack that will fill your ammo and you need to take advantage of that. Hopefully, the Crash on your team puts it in a decent spot but that can vary. I see people all the time just walk past them and not grab the ammo. It literally flies to your hand so you don’t have to be up on it to get the ammo. Not only do you get ammo but the Crash player gets points for it as well!

17 Update Your Class Between Matches

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Like I mentioned earlier, you have time between matches to update your class so you don’t have to bounce out of a lobby. Getting with a good group when on a winning streak has been some of the most fun I’ve had in multiplayer.

You have about 30-40 seconds between matches.

It is a tight window, but slapping on some attachments to a gun only takes a few seconds if you know what you’re doing. It will take a little while to get in the habit of this, but it’s worth it to stay in a game lobby.

16 Leave Your K/D Ratio At The Door

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I mentioned this earlier as well, but I think it’s important to play these game modes the way they are meant to be. If you want to play an objective mode then don’t worry about your K/D as much. I’m not saying to just run in a room to get a Control point blind, but play with a little strategy. I will say that having a person or two that is taking a bunch of people out can really help people capturing points. Points capture faster with more people on them though.

15 Destroy Equipment

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There are a ton of equipment that people can use in this game, and they can all be destroyed as well. Having a rocket launcher can make things so much easier and can take out a lot of equipment in one shot. If you don’t destroy stuff, then that means that the other team can basically get free hits and can turn a match fast. Especially if someone gets a chopper or a counter UAV, those are so annoying! You can also just shoot equipment with guns but it takes a lot longer.

14 Use Vehicles In Blackout

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I get that it’s tempting to not use vehicles with solo play in Blackout because they are loud, but they are the best way to get around. The map is huge and getting away from the circle is easiest in a vehicle.

The ATV is my go-to.

You can technically outrun the circle and it doesn’t hurt much but still. Plus, you can go faster and swerve around people trying to take you out easier in a vehicle. A chopper is the fastest, but I’d probably only use that with a team.

13 Stay Out Of People’s Way

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An annoying thing I see all the time is people stepping in front of people trying to help, but they just end up throwing off their aim. I get that in Core team perishing is off, but try to gauge the situation and only step in if they look like they need it. Cause they might be near a streak and you might throw that off. I get that can be hard to know when to step in and when to step back, but playing more will help with that.

12 Use Secondary Weapons

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When I first started out in Multiplayer, I was just going with a primary with a ton of attachments but I started actually using the secondary weapons and they’re good! I still have one class that just has a decked out primary but I have a secondary on all other classes.

A shotgun is my go-to weapon.

Having an SMG and shotgun combination can be deadly in objective modes! If you’re close enough the shotgun is a one-hit takedown and feels good to use!

11 Use The Wingsuit In Blackout

via: allgamers.com

You know when you drop out of the choppers at the start of a Blackout match and you wingsuit where you want to go? Well, you actually keep that and can use it through the match. They never tell you this, but if you jump off a high ledge you can deploy it and glide to your next spot. I never see people use this and that may be because you have to be decently high to use it, but it’s there.

10 Don't Always ADS (Aim Down Sights)

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I know that every time you see someone it’s almost instinct to aim and then fire, but you don’t always need to do that. Hip-fire is a very viable option in this game and you’d be surprised how often it works.

The Gung-Ho perk really helps with hip-fire.

In close quarters I only aim if I have to. If you catch them off guard then by all means ADS, but just pulling the trigger might work better! SMGs are very good for doing that!

9 Use Your Abilities

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The main difference between this game and all the other Call of Duty games is that all the specialists have abilities in Multiplayer and you need to be using them. They all recharge, so even if you mess up it’s fine. I see people just using guns and forgetting about the abilities but they can literally be a match changer. Having a shield for protection or a dog going around taking people out can be hard to stop, so use them! Use them a lot!

8 Get Away From The Chopper

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I’ve mentioned the attack chopper a few times and that’s because it’s powerful and very annoying. When one is called in you can shoot it or you can run from it, I’d run most of the time.

Three rockets from a launcher can take one down.

Even if you have a launcher it can still take you out before you can lock on and fire. Only shoot one when you are safe to do damage, otherwise you’re done for and become points for the other team.

7 Don’t Just Pick Up Everything In Blackout

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It can be tempting to just pick up everything you see when playing Blackout, but maybe just chill with that. If you have a backpack then pick up whatever you want, but if not only take stuff you’re going to use. There are a ton of perks around and they can just take up space that could be for weapon attachments or healing stuff. Unless you plan on using the perks I’d leave them or use them right as you pick them up.

6 Try Out Different Weapons

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There are a ton of weapons in Multiplayer and Blackout, and I would try out most of them before picking ones to make classes. You will have to unlock them in Multiplayer, but since they’re just laying around in Blackout it’s pretty random which ones you’ll get. I would honestly just play around with guns at first and not just go in a game with an AR if you don’t like it. This game is made for customization so take advantage of that and experiment with stuff.

5 Use Headphones

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I get that gaming headphones can be kind of expensive, but sound is vital in this game and they help. You don’t need to spend like $300 to get a decent pair, like $70 can get a good pair and you’ll be good.

Footsteps are vital in this game.

I get that this game sounds great on a home theater system, but you don’t get the extreme footsteps noise like that. I hear people running around in Blackout all the time and it’s because of my headphones.

4 Boost Health In Blackout

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When playing Blackout you’ll come across a trauma kit and that can not only give a full heal but can boost your health to 200 if at full health already. So basically, if you see one of those, go ahead and use it so you will have more health. People seem to just use that as a healing item and you totally can, but I would use it before you need it to free up more space. It took me a while to realize this so I’d assume I’m not alone with that.

3 Everything Makes Noise In Blackout

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Something you’ll notice when playing Blackout is that it’s pretty quiet outside of all the gunshots and stuff going on. So since it’s quiet, people can hear most things you do.

Opening a fallen person’s pack is so loud.

The zipper from a fallen person might be the loudest thing on the planet! I watched a k-cam once and the sound it made when I was looking through the guy’s bag I just took down was surprisingly noisy. I get why that is, but just a heads up about that. I didn’t know until I saw my our k-cam.

2 Learn The Weapons In Blackout

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I mentioned that there are a lot of guns earlier and you’ll see that when you play Blackout. It’s honestly just the luck of the draw as to what weapons you will run across and that’s why learning what the guns are is important. A shotgun is cool for close quarters but you don’t want to run out in the open with it, or maybe you do, you do you! I usually avoid them in Blackout but I have been taken out with a lot of them. You really just need to play to learn them.

1 Know Your Role

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The most important thing to know in Multiplayer is knowing what each specialist can do. You can win without using their abilities but it will be harder on you.

Each specialist has two abilities and a special weapon.

If you want to spot people then play as Recon, and if you are a run and gun type then maybe go with Battery or Ruin. You’re going to waste a special weapon, it just happens, but wasting one because you didn’t know what was going on with that character is kind of on you.

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