20 Amazing Things Deleted From The Classic Fallout Games (That Would Have Changed Everything)

The Fallout series has included some of the most expansive video games of all times, with settings that are filled with different warring factions and a player character with access to numerous skills that can solve problems in a variety of ways. The developers of the Fallout series are faced with a monumental task whenever a new game is made, as the sheer amount of content that is included is up there with some of the biggest video games of all time.

The ever-looming deadline of the release date has meant that there is a lot of content within the Fallout series that was cut during development and is left unfinished within the files of each game. The enterprising Fallout fans have discovered this cut content and some of it has even been restored through the use of patches.

We are here today to find out about the secret content that was buried beneath the soil of the wasteland - from the cut endings of the original Fallout, to the behemoth that almost stalked Fallout: New Vegas. Here are Twenty Amazing Things Deleted From The Classic Fallout Games (That Would Have Changed Everything)

20 Fallout Has Unused Endings

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The first two Fallout games relied on slideshows for their endings, which gave you an insight into how your actions shaped the world and the consequences they had once your journey had ended. Fallout has three ending slides that are never shown during regular gameplay.

The first slide explains that the citizens of Junktown are wiped out by the Super Mutants after a brief battle. The second slide is related to cut NPCs from the Followers of the Apocalypse storyline and how that faction gained power due to your actions. The third slide was related to a traitor within the Brotherhood of Steel who was cut from the game. The traitor sabotaged the Brotherhood and caused their defeat at the hands of the Super Mutants.

19 You Were Going To Be Able To Enter A Space Shuttle In Fallout 2

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The scientists in the Fallout world that existed before the Great War had come close to developing a nuclear-powered spaceship, but the destruction of society left the project incomplete.

The spaceship is called the ESS Quetzel and the player can find it in Fallout 2 and complete a quest where they look for rocket fuel. It turns out that you were once going to be able to enter the ship and potentially fly it, as there is an incomplete map for the interior of the vessel in the files of the game.

18 The Throwing Skill From Fallout 1 & 2 Was Going To Return In Fallout 3

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Fallout and Fallout 2 featured a skill called Throwing that influenced the main character's ability to lob things like flares, grenades, rocks, and spears at the enemy.

The Throwing skill was planned to return in Fallout 3, but it was cut partway through development of the game and its assets merged with the Explosives skill, as Throwing mostly dealt with grenades and similar ranged bombs.

There is still a picture for the Throwing skill within the files of Fallout 3 and it was later used for the Heave Ho! perk in Fallout: New Vegas. 

17 New Vegas Originally Had A Brahmin Companion

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The companions in the Fallout series have varied wildly in terms of their usefulness, with some being incredible combatants and others being wiped out in a single encounter with a mole rat. One of the most useful companions in Fallout: New Vegas was never finished and was left unused in the game's code.

It was originally going to be possible for you to hire a brahmin named Betsy, whose lack of combat ability was offset by her ability to carry six-hundred pounds of weight, which would have been a godsend for players who used a low-physical build and struggled to carry a lot of items.

16 The Brotherhood Of Steel Would Have Been Defeated In Fallout

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The Super Mutants were one of the most dangerous factions in the original Fallout and the player siding with them would almost assure their victory over the human residents of Los Angeles and their control over the region.

It's possible for the Super Mutants to attack various cities and factions as time passes in the original Fallout, but one that is never attacked is the bunker used by the Brotherhood of Steel.

It was once going to be possible for the Super Mutants to defeat the Brotherhood of Steel during the events of Fallout, which would leave the bunker in ruins. There is a map for the demolished bunker within the files of the game, but it cannot be accessed through normal means.

15 A Scene From Monty Python Was Going To Happen In Fallout 2

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The Fallout series has featured numerous comedic references to pop culture franchises, such as the Indiana Jones movies and Doctor Who. 

There is a scene in Fallout 2 where the player can encounter a group of Brotherhood Knights who are searching for the Holy Grail in a parody of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There is another scene involving the knights being wiped out by a vorpal rat, but it's impossible to see during regular gameplay due to a coding error. It was impossible to see this scene until the Fallout Trilogy re-release.

14 Fallout Had A Cut Faction Called The Rippers

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There are many brutal gangs that can be encountered in the Fallout series, many of which will only respond to violence. Fallout was planned to feature another gang called the Rippers, but they were cut during development and their base was repurposed for the mother deathclaw.

The Rippers were meant to be enemies of the Blades and the player was going to be able to take on a mission where they would assassinate the leader of the Rippers and take his cybernetic hand so that it could be presented to the leader of the Blades for a reward.

13 The Wanamingos From Fallout 2 Were Going To Return In Fallout 3

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The wasteland that was once the United States of America in Fallout is home to some horrific creatures that were created as a result of the nuclear war and the radiation that affected the local wildlife.

One of the strangest creatures that could be encountered in Fallout 2 was the wanamingos, which resembled squat version of the xenomorphs, with the addition of tentacles for arms.

The wanamingos were planned to reappear in Fallout 3, as concept art for them has been revealed over the years. The new version of the wanamingo was much larger but lacked any tentacles.

12 You Were Going To Be Able To Steal The Constitution In Fallout 3

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Fallout 3 was mostly set in the ruins of Washington D. C. in an area that was referred to as the Capital Wasteland. It's possible for the player to visit the ruins of the White House, along with other famous Washington monuments that were destroyed during the Great War.

There is a mission in the Point Lookout expansion for Fallout 3 called "Stealing Independence" which involves searching fort he Declaration of Independence.

You were originally going to have to search for the Constitution of the United States in a separate quest, but the item (and its associated quest) were cut from the game.

11 Fallout 2 Had Unused Traits

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One of the ways you can survive the dangers of the wasteland in the Fallout series is through the use of recreational things and medicine, but you can become addicted to them if you rely on them too heavily.

Fallout 2 was going to include several perks and reputations regarding addiction, but they were cut from the game.

You were originally supposed to start with the V of the Wastes reputation, which couldn't be lost until you were with someone, even though it had no mechanical effect. There was a cut Addiction perk which would have resulted from drinking too much, but it was never finished. There was a perk called Tragic Addiction, which was a reference to Magic: The Gathering, as it stopped you during fast travel so you could open a pack of cards.

10 A Catfish Monster Was Going To Appear In Fallout 3

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The radiation that was spread across the United States during the Great War caused regular crabs to evolve into monstrous humanoids that are referred to as mirelurks.

The Art of Fallout 3 revealed concept art for an unused variant of the mirelurks that was based on a catfish.

The catfish mirelurks lacked the armored carapace of their cousins, but they were still muscle-bound beasts that would likely have torn the player apart in combat.

9 A Robot Marilyn Monroe Was Going To Appear In New Vegas

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The city of New Vegas is home to lots of robots that promote the businesses and establishments that are based in the city.

The Lucky 38 is a hotel and casino that acts as the base of Mr. House, who rules over New Vegas with the aid of his robots.

Mr. House was originally intended to have a robot with artificial intelligence that was based on Marilyn Monroe, but she was cut from Fallout: New Vegas due to technical issues, even though she is still referenced in promotional material for the game.

8 A Mysterious Spy Was Cut From Fallout

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There is an unfinished quest in Fallout called "Find Children spy in the Followers" where you had to make contact with a girl named Heather, who was a member of the Children of the Cathedral who was infiltrating the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Heather doesn't actually appear in Fallout which makes it impossible to complete the quest.

There is still dialogue for Heather hidden within the files of Fallout where the player can interrogate her about the spy, which causes her to try and confuse and mislead you on the situation until she knows she can trust you.

7 You Were Going To Receive "Ant Vision" In Fallout 3

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You are expected to enter a lot of ruined buildings and underground complexes throughout Fallout 3, which means that you cannot rely on the light of day to guide you, which will force you to use the light on the Pip-Boy.

There was going to be a method of allowing you to see in the dark with the aid of medicine, as you were originally going to be able to gain "Ant Vision" from drinking Ant Nectar, which would have brightened up the screen.

Ant Vision can still be accessed through console commands, but it's still in an unfinished state.

6 Fallout Had A Cut Race Of Raccoon People

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There are a lot of mutated animals that wander the wastelands, though most of them have retained their base level of intelligence and have not become a full race unto themselves.

The original Fallout was meant to feature a race called the S'Lanter, who were mutated raccoons that had gained human levels of intelligence and formed their own tribe.

The S'Lanter were cut from Fallout due to the developers running out of time, though references to them can be found within the Glow in the final version of the game.

5 Crossbows Were Going To Be Used In Fallout 3

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The vast majority of the weapons you will find in Fallout 3 are second-hand and are taken from the bodies of enemies that you have slain, which means that they are often of poor quality and will break after being used.

The developers never thought to include any bows or crossbows in Fallout 3, even though they would be a lot easier for the survivors to make than firearms.

Crossbows were planned to appear in Fallout 3 at one point, as models for the bolts can be found hidden within the game's files.

4 Fallout 3 Has Cut Images For Various Attributes & Stats

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The main character in Fallout 3 will have to use their trusty Pip-Boy in order to survive the events of the game, as it contains all of the menus that you will need to use.

The Pip-Boy uses numerous cartoonish images of the Vault Boy performing different actions in order to demonstrate different concepts.

There are several Vault Boy icons for different stats and attributes within Fallout 3 that went unused in lieu of numbers and can only be seen through digging in the game's files.

3 Fallout 3 Had A Weapon Mod That Let You Shoot Something Strange

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The Fallout games have often given you canine companions that are more useful than the human ones. It was once possible for Rover to be fired directly at the enemy with the use of a gun.

There is a weapon mod hidden within the files of Fallout 3 that transforms the bullets into dogs which bark when fired. The dog bullet mod was likely a joke on behalf of the developers, but it would have been amusing if it had been included in the game as a hidden easter egg.

2 There Was A Weird Image Cut From Fallout 2

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The changes to the rating system meant that it was impossible to harm children in the Fallout games starting with Fallout 3. It was possible to slay kids in Fallout and Fallout 2, which would give you one of the most damaging reputations in the game.

There is unused art for one of the reputations in Fallout 2 that depicted a pregnant woman being kicked, which wasn't revealed until years after the game had come out. The artwork used in the game shows a man being chased out of town and having weapons flung at him.

1 Godzilla Also Walked The Land In New Vegas

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The most powerful creature you can battle in Fallout: New Vegas is the Legendary Bloatfly, but even a monster as mighty as that pales in comparison to the strength of Gojira.

Gojira is a unique Fire Gecko that is gigantic and has a breath weapon that deals 3200 points of damage a second, which decimate even the most powerful of players.

The developers created Gojira as a joke and never intended for it to be included in the game, which is a shame, as it could have served as an awesome post-game boss for the player to battle.

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