Disney: 25 Weird Things About Frozen (That Actually Do Make Sense)

Frozen was an undeniable animated powerhouse. But even with its popularity, people are constantly getting things about the movie wrong.

Frozen is undoubtedly one of the biggest Disney movies ever. Possibly the biggest as it has been crowned the highest grossing animated film of all time. In 2013 upon its release, Frozen stole the hearts of children everywhere and was the bane of every parent's existence. We know what you're thinking of right now. 'Let It Go' was the hit song of the movie and we can admit it was good...the first few times. After about three months straight of nothing but that song, seriously it was on every TV and radio station in existence, we understand why people hate the entire film now. Children didn't care though, they still continue to watch Frozen and love all the characters (well maybe not Hans, that traitor).

The highly anticipated and feared sequel will be out in November 2019, making it a six-year wait between films. We think that most of the kids affected by the hype in 2013 might be a little too grown up for Frozen 2, but a new generation of fans will be born. They might not, however, as we think back to the generation who waited 14 years for a sequel to The Incredibles. College age or older, the theatres were full of the original release kids.

Whatever happens in the wake of the Frozen 2 release, we can't wait for every store, house and possible car to be fully furnished with Frozen 2 decor. In this list, we'll be discussing 25 things everyone gets wrong about the original Frozen.

25 The Gloves Weren't Enough

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A lot of people talk about Elsa's gloves. If she could just wear the gloves to be normal and stop her powers, why not just wear the gloves and go out and live life like a normal Queen?

The answer is in the movie itself. Elsa goes outside for the first time, gloves on, and causes the biggest drama the town has ever seen. The gloves just weren't enough to keep Elsa's power at bay. We admit she should have had some training.

24 Anna's Memory Had To Be Erased

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Anna's personality is loud, bold, and outgoing. She is kind of hyperactive and excited about the world, so there's no doubt she wouldn't have been able to keep Elsa's secret quiet.

To try and have Anna live as normal a life as she could, her parents had to get her memory erased. Not to mention she surely would have had trauma and held a slight grudge, or least been in fear of her sister without the memory wipe.

23 Hans Was Smart

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We know and we hate to say it to. Hans was the surprise villain of Frozen, and his betrayal of Anna was something not many of us saw coming. At the crucial point of the film (spoiler alert!), Hans refused to kiss Anna and left her to die, which thankfully she didn't.

The thing we need to admit is that Hans was pretty smart. He tricked all of us and we need to show credit, he may have been villainous but he played the whole town and nearly succeeded.

22 Elsa Does Have Issues

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Elsa wasn't just an introvert because she was trapped in her room. Elsa has a lot of issues with people because of her ice powers. She has issues with her sister Anna because she nearly killed her. That would mess with a person.

We think the parents should have wiped Elsa's memory too, then just told her about her powers gently and helped her with them. But we probably wouldn't have got the movie if it went that way.

21 Kristoff Was Adopted

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One thing many people were confused or unsure about in the film was Kristoff and the rock/troll people. Why was he considering them his family and not actual humans? It's because he was adopted.

At the start of the film, we see little Kristoff with men cutting ice and he and Sven (his trust sidekick reindeer) get left behind. Pretty poor parenting, but the trolls were very loving caring, so Kristoff didn't have it all bad.

20 It Teaches Love

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It might be a little unconventional, but in most Disney films the characters do meet for an hour or two, and suddenly in love. In more recent times Disney has, thankfully, toned it down a bit and it takes longer.

Frozen kind of made a joke of this with showing Hans and Anna supposedly falling in love before showing the truth about Hans. The movie teaches more about friendship and sibling love, rather than focusing on romance.

19 It's About Emotion

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The whole basis of the film is about emotions and having them. Elsa's ice powers get intense and create the drama when she's emotional. She learns to control them through emotion.

We see Anna's emotions all over the place which leads to the stuff with Hans and eventually good things with Kristoff. We also see that Anna and Elsa's sisterly love save the day, which is a good lesson for small children.

18 Kristoff Was Isolated

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A lot of people thought Kristoff was a pretty weird character. We meet him as a small child being left behind by his family, he's kind of mean when he meets Anna and he talks and sings to himself as his reindeer.

It's weird, but we have to remember that Kristoff was isolated. Even though he had his troll family, he was still left behind and often isolated as a child. He took it to adulthood and learned to let go and love throughout the film.

17 It Is A Good Message For Kids

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Although Frozen isn't the first Disney movie to show kids that it's not all about romantic love (hello, Mulan exists!), it was a pretty good film for children. It teaches them about emotions and trauma and how to overcome it.

It shows fixed sibling relationships and how platonic, non-romantic love can still be as powerful, if not more, than true romance. We think Olaf's love had a big part in saving everyone in the film as well.

16 Girl Power

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A few Disney movies and general animated kids movies showcase girl power now. It's nice that little girls can now look up to heroes that are like themselves. Frozen is one of these because the girl power of Anna and her sister Elsa save the day, not the boys.

Although Kristoff and Olaf (we're counting him as a boy even though he's snow) help a lot with saving the day, that's not what saves Anna from perishing. Her love for Elsa saves Elsa from being hurt by Hans and her own heart from freezing. Then Elsa saves the town from freezing.

15 Anna Had To Be Kept In

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A lot of people questioned why Anna had to be kept in just because Elsa refused to go outside and see the public. We believe that Anna couldn't go outside as it just would have raised more questions about Elsa.

The townspeople would wonder why Anna could go out and be free but their rightful Queen couldn't. We also think it was for Anna's safety. Elsa knew how trusting her sister was and look what happened with Hans. Elsa nearly lost Anna once, then lost her parents so she probably just wanted to keep her only family safe.

14 Elsa's Powers Make Sense

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People wondered what the point of Elsa's powers was. We can't answer that question as we're not sure why Elsa has the ability to freeze things and sculpt anything out of ice. Elsa can literally create life.

We believe they do make sense as it's a pretty simple concept. If Elsa has the ability to freeze things and create life, she must have the ability to undo them as well. That's how she was able to unfreeze Arendelle at will. That she learned through love.

13 Love At First Sight... Or Not

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A lot of people wondered how it was that Anna supposedly fell in love with Hans so quick before deciding she wasn't going to move that fast again. A lot would say she fell in love with Kristoff just as quickly, but we don't think that she did.

She started off kind of hating him (we have to admit he was a bit of a douche) to liking him as a friend. They both liked each other but we wouldn't say it was love at first sight. At least she didn't get engaged to him as soon as they met as she did with Hans.

12 Magic Is Magic

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A lot of the questions people have about Frozen go back to the magic. Some say the magic doesn't make sense. Why can Elsa update her fashion with her powers, but nearly kill everyone else? Why are the trolls the only one that can fix it?

The questions all come down to magic being magic. You just have to believe and that's it. For people who like logic, this answer will be disappointing, but that's how it is. It doesn't have to make sense because it's magic.

11 Winter Vs Blizzard

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Another thing people got wrong about Frozen was the severity of Elsa's ice spell. Like we said earlier, the freezing of the town affected the people a lot, but it wasn't just a normal winter for Arendelle.

Elsa's spell was causing a whole blizzard over and around the town of Arendelle, which is something the residents weren't used to. Sure they had winters, but not the freezing, unending blizzard conditions that the spell caused.

10 Sisters Coming Together

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As anyone with siblings will know that it's not always easy. Of course, you love them but there are always hard times. Times where you fight and argue and wish them to go away. It wasn't exactly like that for Anna and Elsa but they did have big issues.

In the end, it didn't matter how much they'd grown apart over the years, they still loved each other and saved the day together. We guess the moral of Frozen was the usual 'family is important'. It was a bit better that we learned family doesn't always mean relatives.

9 Loyal Township

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A lot of people questioned why the town would just accept that they could never see their princesses. For the sake of this being a kids movie we're going to say they did it because they're loyal to their royals.

In reality, it was more the fact their lives didn't change. It didn't matter if there were princesses or not, the townspeople just kept living in peace and enjoying their lives, so why worry about it?

8 There Was More Than Snow To Freak Out About

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The town's reaction to Arendelle wasn't unnecessary or dramatic. Sure it was frozen but it wasn't just a bit of cold. From what we saw of the film, Arendelle was a thriving port and sunny, summery place.

Once it was frozen the town's livelihood was at risk. All the crops would have withered, meaning their trade would be gone and the town would have just fallen apart. All the people would have to move or die and what would that have meant for Anna and Elsa?

7 It's Popular For A Reason

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For some reason, a lot of people don't understand this. It happens with a lot of stuff, TV shows, films, and music are probably the most common. The reason that these things are so popular and talked about is that they're good. Or at least, a whole group of people thinks they're good.

In Frozen's case, it was nearly the entire Earth's population of seven-year-olds, but it still counts. Frozen was so popular because it's a good movie with good music, no matter how annoying a lot of adults found it.

6 Elsa Needed Time To Relax

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So many people thought Elsa shouldn't have just run off after destroying her whole town. Literally, her town, as she became the Queen earlier that day. When you think about it seriously, she's an 18-year-old who became Queen of a whole town, spilled her secret of 10 years and froze it in one day.

Of course, she needed a break! We would definitely run away too if we had all that stress in one sitting. All that matters is she came back and fixed it in the end, and now things are running pretty smoothly for the Queen of Arendelle.

5 It Was Still Summer

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Why would Scandinavians be shocked that their town was turning to winter, shouldn't they be used to it? The answer to that specific question is no. When you think of it, it was technically still summer when the town froze.

They were shocked that it turned and because it came so suddenly, it would have been a shock to their systems. If we were dressed for summer then it dropped by twenty degrees we'd be a little ruffled, too.

4 Of Course Anna Is Naive

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A lot of people were kind of annoyed at Anna for being so naive. Even Kristoff in the film was saying how silly it was for Anna to have been engaged to Hans after only knowing him for a couple of hours.

The reason she was so naive is that she couldn't know any better. She had been locked up and isolated in a castle since she was a child. Her only contact was the servants so there's no way she could have learned about betrayal and to stop being naive. Give her a break, guys.

3 It Works Out In The End

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Disney movies are generally some of the happiest movies ever. They're made for kids so of course most of them have the happily ever after that we all enjoy. Frozen was no exception, with Hans being jailed, Anna and Kristoff happily together and Elsa finally free to be the Queen of Arendelle.

We're not sure what the plot of the Frozen sequel is now, but we have no doubt that the happy ending will happen once again. Whatever they're thinking of doing we just hope that nothing happens to Olaf, he's just so cute.

2 Justice Is Served

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Like all Disney movies, the bad guy gets what he or she deserves. In this case, it was Hans being caught and jailed for his crimes against Arendelle and its princesses. As smart as Hans was he made a few mistakes that added up to him being caught.

We're not saying that we didn't like the turnout, but as a generation who grew up on CSI, we picked up on the mistakes Hans made. It's always satisfying to see the bad guy get caught, though.

1 It's A Kids Movie

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The thing we have to remember at the end of all of this is Frozen is a feel-good children's movie. It's not supposed to be taken apart scene by scene and picked at. It's a funny film with loveable characters that kids enjoy.

Whether or not Elsa's castle made sense doesn't matter. Kids thought it was cool and liked dressing up as her. We all have to relax and remember that the movies are just meant to be enjoyed, not nitpicked at. Just enjoy it guys, because the sequel is coming and we're excited about it.

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