Pokémon: 25 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Jessie

Pokémon, the animated series, has starred Ash Ketchum and Pikachu for two decades. Fans were used to seeing Ash travel to new regions, finding new Pokémon, and gathering two or three new companions to join his adventures. Along with Ash Ketchum were the bumbling trio, Team Rocket. Their primary goal was to capture any Pokémon, but they set their sights on Pikachu at first sight.

After two decades, one might think that Team Rocket's antics become stale. Thankfully, the writers have given us insight on the group. Team Rocket has three primary members: Jessie, James, and Meowth. Fans are quick to learn that although they work as a team, Jessie is clearly in charge. James doesn't seem to mind because he enjoys plotting and planning heists as much as his partner-in-crime. At first glance, Jessie is a quick-tempered villain. Real fans know that Jessie wasn't always the person we see on-screen. While James grew up in the lap of luxury, Jessie was a survivor. Her past molded her into the person we see today, even though we often see her wrong side.

Ash Ketchum may be the 10-year-old protagonist of the series, but he isn't the only one to act like a hero. Team Rocket spends most of their time scheming, but have had their moments to shine. Jessie is easy to misunderstand. Fans may wait to paint her as a villain and get a lot of her character traits wrong. Our list clears up the most common things fans get wrong about Jessie. This list contains spoilers from the Pokémon animated series and comic adaptations.

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25 Isn’t Related To Every Jessie

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James is the only son to wealthy parents. They showered him with objects when all he wanted was their love. As a child, they forced him into an arranged marriage with a young woman who seemed strangely familiar. James' parents arranged for him to marry a girl named Jessebelle. Although the girl looked eerily similar to his future partner Jessie, they are entirely unrelated.

Jessie wants James to be happy.

Jessebelle demands that he throw away his dreams.

24 Underestimates Her Opponents

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Jessie has a boastful personality. She loves trying to best her opponents. Jessie's words are tougher than her actions. She spends too long bragging about how she will defeat her enemies.

Since Jessie is too busy obtaining Pokémon instead of training them, she has lost most of her Pokémon battles. Jessie also has a bad habit of underestimating her foes. She always assumes she'll win. Her enemies often gain the upper hand and win, leaving Jessie "blasting off at the speed of life" once again.

23 It’s Just A Number

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The animated series showed us flashbacks of Jessie's childhood, school days, and career with Team Rocket. Fans have speculated her age. The video game series stated that Team Rocket was the same age as the trainer.

In a CD only released in Japan, it indicates that Jessie and James were both in their 20s at the time of the second episode. Like Ash, they likely don't age throughout the series. They may celebrate a birthday, but they will always remain the same age in the next series.

22 A Tragic Past Crafted Her Future

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Pokémon often has stories that amuse viewers, but there are times when the story becomes serious. According to the Pokémon audio CDs, Jessie went through a tragic childhood. Her mother, Miyamoto, was a member of Team Rocket. She wanted to capture Mew, the legendary Pokémon. Miyamoto left Jessie at home, believing she would return shortly.

Miyamoto disappeared in an avalanche and never returned.

After realizing her mother wouldn't return, Jessie lived out the rest of her childhood in an orphanage.

21 Proved Fan Speculation Right

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Jessie and James have spent decades working together. Fans have often speculated that there was more to their working relationship. According to the comic series The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Jessie and James cared for each other more than anyone thought. At the end of the series, the partners are now married. Jessie is expecting a child while James stands by her side. Although we've never seen the partners act romantically in the show, the comic gives them a happy ending.

20 Team Rocket Wasn’t Always Her Goal

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Along with James, Jessie didn't do well in school. She and James were shown in the series to have the worst grades during high school. Jessie's real ambition was to become a Pokémon nurse. Unfortunately, she wasn't from the Nurse Joy family or a Chansey, which are usually found in Pokémon Centers. Jessie tried her best to excel in nursing school. She made friends with another Chansey along the way. Jessie ultimately failed and had to find a new profession. Luckily, Team Rocket was seeking applicants.

19 Has A Distinct Voice

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Pokémon, the animated series, has aired since the turn of the century. Many fans who ban watching as children are now adults. Fans could easily pinpoint each new voice of every character.

Jessie has retained the same English voice actress for multiple series.

Rachael Lillis has portrayed Jessie for eight TV series and movies. Viewers noticed that a new voice actress has taken over since season 9 and the film The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon. Michele Knotz is now the primary voice actress for our Team Rocket heroine.

18 New Costume, Same Name

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When Pokémon was localized for North American audiences, almost every character and pocket monster received a name change. Musashi's name was changed to Jessie, but even "Jessie" is a nickname.

Jessie's full name is Jessica. She always uses "Jessie" as a base name for all of her disguises. Though her voice and appearance always give away her identity, even the most confused fan will take the hint that almost any character with the prefix "Jessie" is using a fake persona.

17 Almost Captured Every Pokémon

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One of Jessie's primary goal is to capture Pokémon. Team Rocket's sights are primarily focused on Pikachu, but always fail to catch him.

In the episode "Control Freak!" she uncovered an ancient golden mask and scepter that gave her the power to control Pokémon, including Pikachu.

The effects are only temporary, and Golbat manages to escape the mind-control effect. Golbat's determination helps him evolve into Crobat. With Brock at his side, they stop Team Rocket's villainous plans to take control of all Pokémon and sell the mask and specter. Ash and his friends manage to stop Team Rocket.

16 Enjoys Fine Dining

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James was brought up in a wealthy household and had everything he could ever want. Jessie often went without food as a child. She struggled to survive but turned into a healthy adult.

Out of the trio, Jessie has the largest appetite. During meal scenes with Team Rocket, Jessie enjoys the most significant portions. She had to go through a tough childhood with minimal food and is determined to change her future. Though the team has to survive in the wilderness, they always find an excellent meal to enjoy together.

15 The Hair Remains The Same Or Else

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Jessie has long hair that defies gravity. At first glance, it may seem that she doesn't take care of her hair. Her reddish-purple mane sticks out behind her and is in danger of being harmed at any time.

Jessie has maintained the same hairstyle for decades and doesn't intend on changing it any time soon.

Jessie is incredibly protective of her long locks. When a Pokémon accidentally, or purposely, cuts her hair, they feel the full wrath of her rage.

14 A Spender, Not Saver

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Jessie grew up fending for herself. Now that she's an adult with a job, she has more disposable income. When the trio falls into any amount of money, Jessie spends it all on items they don't need.

As we've witnessed during the series, Jessie doesn't save up for a rainy day. She spends all of her money at once at the finest stores in any city they visit. Luckily for Team Rocket, they have enough money to afford basic supplies and food. Jessie remembers the hardships she was forced to face as a child and wants to enjoy her new life.

13 Always Had Star Potential

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Jessie loves being the center of attention. She is part of Team Rocket but will find other activities that make her stand out. This explains why in the later series, she's seen participating by herself in various Pokémon-related competitions.

In the episode "Crossing Paths" it was revealed that Jessie has had a passion for fame since she was young. She was given the opportunity to become a Pokémon Coordinator but turned it down because she aspired to be a pop idol with two of her closest friends at the time instead.

12 A Unique Personality

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Jessie may have had name changes over the years, but her history remains.

Jessie's personality combines a variety of traits to make her one of the most memorable antagonists of the Pokémon series.

The former Pokémon series scriptwriter, Takeshi Shudo, based her on a former high school girlfriend. He combined his former flame's personality with that of Majo, the antagonist of the anime series Time Bokan. Majo is a vain villain who often boasts about her beauty to her enemies.

11 Makes The Best Out Of Any Situation

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Jessie didn't have much during her childhood. She lived in an orphanage, but even they didn't have much money. Jessie was forced to fend for herself.

During the Winter months, Jessie ate snow to survive. Though this may sound horrible to most Pokémon viewers, Jessie made it seem like a gourmet meal. She molded snow into delicious meals, such as snow sushi and snow cones. Jessie may have had a sad childhood, but she made the most out of her situation.

10 May Not Have The Right Temperament

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Team Rocket's James is mild-mannered while Meowth is a planner. Jessie is the leader of the group, but she lacks the temperament to make good decisions. She may have become the leader because of her willingness to take control. Jessie has a quick temper that scared her friends and Pokémon team. Though Jessie gets annoyed at her failures, her Pokémon has enraged her to the point that she spits fire. Her team knows that they must stay out of the way or else.

9 Deeply Cares For Her Team

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Jessie and James have unique relationships with their Pokémon. James' Pokémon adore him to the point of accidentally harming him.

Jessie's Pokémon listen to her, mostly out of fear, but they have grown to love her.

Jessie cried when she released Arbok but knew it was to save its life. She also released her Dustox so it would live happily ever after with a Shiny Dustox that belonged to her childhood friend, Austin. Though Jessie is known for capturing Pokémon, she doesn't shy away from releasing them it means they'll have a better life.

8 Continued To Trail Ash For Decades

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Every season of the Pokémon series focuses on the adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. He always finds new companions and Pokémon, but he is the main protagonist. Fans may not realize that Team Rocket has also appeared in every single season.

This comedic villainous duo stands out because their uniform and appearance have primarily remained the same, unlike Ash. Jessie is the only female to appear on every single series of the tv show, along with the movies. Though Ash's adventures may change from different regions, Team Rocket will stay close behind.

7 Takes Her Job Seriously

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Team Rocket may appear to be amateurs, but their efforts have been noticed. During Pokémon: Black and White, Jessie and James were both promoted. Jessie was not an Advanced Agent and wore a dark-colored uniform. The trio took on missions from Giovanni, even though he wasn't entirely confident in their abilities. Jessie proved him wrong by taking every task seriously. The team was only demoted back to regular status because there were no more missions. They went back to their typical ways and standard uniforms.

6 Understands Looks Aren’t Important

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Jessie began her Team Rocket journey with a Poison-type Pokémon. She doesn't shy away from a diverse skill set of captured fighters but has primarily used poison type Pokémon on her mission. Jessie has admitted that she really wants cute Pokémon. When Jessie spots adorable Pokémon out in the wild, such as Happiny, Weavile, Smoochum, she attempts to catch them for her personal team. Jessie ultimately fails in catching these adorable Pokémon. Jessie may realize that she excels in training poison-types.

5 Supports Her Rivals

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In every season, Jessie is forced to face off against Ash's current female companion. In the Diamond and Pearl series, Jessie and Dawn competed against each other in a Pokémon Contest. Jessie tried her best without resorting to cheating. While Jessie harbors a competitive spirit, she wasn't furious when she lost. Jessie wished Dawn the best of luck and watched her competitor from the sidelines. Jessie loves to win, but she also has respect for Ash's friends in Pokémon contests.

4 ...And Takes Her Rivals Seriously

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Butch and Cassidy are Team Rocket agents and the rivals of Jessie and James. Unlike the Team Rocket trio we've known for decades, Giovanni trusts Cassidy because of her high success rate.

Jessie has had a rivalry with Cassidy since their Team Rocket training days.

In the episode "Training Daze," the rivals raced each other on treadmills, trading insults, and comparing how many Pokémon each managed to capture that day. Jessie's rivalry is more extreme than the one James shares with Butch.

3 Has The Potential To Win

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In the episode "Wobbu-Palooza!," a villainous group tries to run the Wobbuffet-themed festival. Ash and his friends can't help because they feared breaking the rules of the event. No fighting was allowed out of respect for the honored Pokémon.

Team Rocket isn't known for following rules. Jessie, who also has a Wobbuffet, manages to defeat every party crasher while the villagers watch. She's a competent trainer when it matters most. If Jessie kept training, she could one day out skill Ash.

2 Has An Unbreakable Bond

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James and Meowth are often the victims of Jessie's short-temper. At the end of the day, they remain teammates and friends. Their close relationship was displayed "Holy Matrimony!" James' parents trick him into returning home. Years after running away from home, he realizes his parents still want him to marry Jessebelle and inherit the family fortune. Jessie notices James' struggle during this episode. She eventually helps him escape. As they float away in a Meowth-shaped air balloon, Jessie and James vow to continue being independent.

1 Doesn't Need To Cheat To Win

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Jessie has resorted to schemes and villainous tricks to get her way. Team Rocket has always failed at the end of each episode. Jessie's talents would surprise many. She is a skilled Pokémon Performer and Coordinator.

Jessie always dresses in a disguise when competing, but her skills are impressive enough to bring her into the finals every time.

Unfortunately, the final match always involves the current crowned champion and Ash's current companion. One day, Jessie's moment in the spotlight will come.

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