25Two Of A Kind

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The first thing everyone knows about GameStop is that it sells both new and used games. It's kind of their thing (although Best Buy and indie game stores have been getting on that bandwagon in recent years). However, you might not know the lengths to which GameStop will go to

sell you a used game. One thing employees will do, at corporate's urging, is hide when certain games are on sale. See this copy of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? Chances are the weekly deal is that it's on sale for $34.99. It'll even be on the weekly ad that way. GameStop would rather you buy the pre-owned copy for $54.99 as it's more profitable for the company. So the pre-owned copies will be more prominently displayed. Some employees will even try to give you that used copy, even when you show them the ad with the sale price on it. Buyer beware!

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