20 Things Fans Totally Missed About Luke Skywalker (Even After All The Movies)

Star Wars is probably the biggest movie franchise of all time. When George Lucas first created Star Wars he didn't think it would make it to the theatres, let alone become the huge success it had. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope came out nearly half a century ago, and they're still adding more films to the franchise now. That sounds like every filmmaker's dream. We were introduced to all the loveable and some unloveable characters we know now, George Lucas grew his fortune and Mark Hamill had the most job security of any actor apart from those on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Luke isn't the first Star Wars character we were introduced to, but he is the main character of the series. Of course, with all the prequels and now sequels being made, it's debatable as to who the main character is. We still consider it be Luke as he started the whole thing. This is our first and final spoiler warning for this list, so if you're still reading, it's at your own risk. We know that Luke perished in the most recent film, but personally, we're not sure the next ones can be Star Wars films without Luke Skywalker.

In this article, we'll be discussing 20 things fans missed about Luke Skywalker. Now we know there are some serial SW/Luke fans out there, so some of you know will know of a few things in the list. There is some stuff that not many people understood, so read on.

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20 Luke's Orientation Isn't Known

Via: Faktor

This one wasn't really mentioned in any of the films. Not counting the awkward Leia kiss of course. Even though he's young and cute, Luke doesn't really have time for going on dates. He's pretty busy trying to take down Darth Vader and save planets. After all that goes down, we see that he's become a recluse.

His actor Mark Hamill has made it clear that Luke's orientation is very open to interpretation. He says, of course, Luke can be gay, or bi, or a part of any section of the LGBTQ community.

19 He Started With A Different Name

Via: GeekTyrant

Luke Skywalker is the coolest name in the universe. At least it was when Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released back in 1977. Luke was the coolest guy in the galaxy for kids and adults everywhere, and he had an awesome name to go with it.

As it turns out we might not have had a Skywalker at all. Originally George Lucas had planned for Luke's name to be Luke Starkiller. He changed it a few months into production after the Charles Manson spree. 'Star Killer' just seemed (understandably) inappropriate.

18 He Was Originally A General

via: wired.com

Luke Skywalker may have become the most famous Jedi in the world and fought the biggest battles, but that's a far cry from when we met him. Luke was just a young farm boy before he went with Obi-Wan to learn the ways of the force.

In early scripts, George Lucas had Luke as a powerful Jedi General who worked alongside Obi-Wan. Then he was written as a Holy Man who knew the ways of the force. We're glad Lucas picked the farm boy because we really got to see Luke grow as a character.

17 Dark Side Luke


While we watched Return of the Jedi we have to admit it seemed like there was a chance of Luke turning dark side. First of all, he had an all-new all-black wardrobe which we'd never seen. If you compare it to his white outfit from A New Hope, it gives Luke a darker, edgy feel.

Turns out anyone who guessed that was nearly right. George Lucas considered turning Luke to the dark side. He was going to put on the mask after Vader perished, and slip into the position his dad once held. We're so glad he didn't, Luke is a hero to many.

16 Freddy Krueger Got Him The Job


This one surprised us. Sometimes you forget actors have actor friends, but who would have guessed that Freddy Krueger and Luke Skywalker's actors hung out? It was revealed recently by Mark Hamill himself, that Robert Englund helped him get the part of Luke Skywalker.

They were hanging out one day in Hollywood when England, who had already auditioned for the role of Han Solo, told Hamill he'd be good for the part of luke. The rest, as we know, is history. We're really glad he did, too.

15 Dagobah Mystery


Dagobah is the planet Luke crashes on, and where he meets Yoda. That isn't a surprising fact to SW fans who will know most of the planets by name. The interesting thing about this fact is, no one can figure out how long Luke was on Dagobah.

We know he was trained by Yoda there, and the montage made it seem like it took a few months. When Luke leaves and meets up with Han and Leia, it seems like he was only lost for a little while. So what is the truth?

14 Car Accident Coincidence


If you've seen Star Wars but don't know much about it, you might not know that in between filming A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, Mark Hamill was in a serious car accident. It was pretty serious because Mark had to have extensive facial surgery, which is why he has a different nose in the films.

The rumor was that the Wampa attacked was added to The Empire Strikes Back to explain Luke's face changing. Makes sense, right? Apparently not. According to Huffington Post, the Wampa scene was written before Mark's face changed.

13 Luke's VS Leia's Teen Years


We found out Luke and Leia were siblings, then twins. Their birth was shown in the prequels and then their separation. We understand why but we still kind of think it was terrible. What made less sense was that to hide the children, Leia was sent to be a princess in the public spotlight, and Luke was sent to live with his own uncle.

The difference in their upbringing was clear. When we're introduced to them in A New Hope Leia is fighting Darth Vader and watching her home planet blow up, while Luke is playing with his toy plane.

12 He Takes After His Father

Via: VertPickQ

We understand that Luke and Leia would have had to inherit some of Darth Vader (or Anakin's) traits. He's their dad, and genetics are a thing. While we know that Luke got the nice side of Anakin, and his ability to learn the force quickly, he also may have got a sith skill.

Force choking became Darth Vader's go-to move, and it's something that's more sith then Jedi. So when we see Luke put this particular skill to use in Return of the Jedi, we think that's another reason that he could have been led to the dark side.

11 He Mourns Quickly


We don't know where this one came from because both Padme and Anakin were shown to have some pretty strong emotions in the prequels. Luke grew up on a farm and was raised by his Uncle and Aunt. That's all he knew.

So when he went back home to discover they and his childhood home had been burnt to a crisp, we expected a little more than pouting into the distance. Maybe it's the way he grieves, but we just think it was a little too fast.

10 He's Naive


A lot of people questioned why Luke would just immediately believe that Darth Vader was telling the truth when he told him about being his father. We think it might be more of the shock factor being so instant, and boy did it work as it's still the biggest movie plot twist of all time.

Canonically speaking, it's probably because Luke is pretty naive. He's just a farm boy who's been told his whole life that his father is bad. Then comes along bad Darth Vader and Luke just put two and two together and went with it.

9 He Forgot His Jedi Powers


While we no longer have the excuse that the Wampa scene was added to explain Mark's new face, that brings up a lot of questions. Mainly, as a training Jedi who just destroyed the Death Star, why was Luke captured by the Wampa?

He might have been knocked out but he was conscious for a while in the cave, so why not use the force powers to end the beast and free himself? Why didn't the force powers start to work when he was in danger in the first place?

8 He Didn't Sense Rey


Luke is supposed to be in tune with the force. As the last Jedi (pun intended) he has had about forty years of experience with the force. There's no doubt he has full control of it now.

That begs the question of why he didn't seem to sense Rey coming at the end of The Force Awakens. It's not like she just dropped in out of nowhere, she had to climb a lot of hills to reach the spot where Luke was just hanging out. You think he would have met her and not looked so spooked...

7 He Was Named After His Director


We suppose when you create a movie you want a little piece of yourself in it. We'd probably name the main character after ourselves and be excited when that name was remembered forever, too.

George Lucas' high school nickname was Luke, so it makes sense as to how the character was born. It has never been confirmed or denied by the director. We assumed that the name Luke would have surged in popularity after the first film's release.

6 Muppets Crossover


This is probably the most unexpected crossover event, but it happened before crossover films and TV shows were even a thing. We could call it the original crossover. In a special episode of the muppets, Mark Hamill brought Luke Skywalker to life alongside Miss Piggy and friends.

The episode was a special and it aired shortly before The Empire Strikes Back came out. It might have been random and unexpected but we like to think that there's an ultimate universe where Luke fights the Empire with the Muppets in tow.

5 He Met Obi-Wan Before


In A New Hope we see Luke go find R2D2 after he ran off and running into the old hermit Ben Kenobi. This is when they meet and the story begins. Only that's not exactly how it happened. After the mania of Star Wars there started to be a lot more things like books and TV shows that added to the lore.

In one of these books was the story of Ben Kenobi saving Luke when Luke was only 8. Given Obi-Wan helped birth Luke and took him to his uncle for safety, we can only assume Obi-Wan's purpose was to watch over Luke and keep him safe until he was old enough.

4 He Built His Own Lightsaber

Via: ScreenRant

We know that Luke is smart from the movies, but building your own lightsaber is still super impressive. In the movies it seems like Luke suddenly acquires this new lightsaber out of nowhere, that's not how it went down.

A deleted scene showed Luke back on his home planet of Tatooine crafting the green lightsaber. We understand the movies are long and that scene doesn't have any substance, but it would have answered a question on many people's minds.

3 No Party For Luke


The end of Return of the Jedi is so surprisingly happy. There's a big party with the cute little Ewoks, Luke, Leia, and Han are all friendly and happy, and they have solved all their family issues. It doesn't happen like that nowadays. The hero always seems to perish.

Well, it might not have been that happy. The original ending was Luke walking off into the sunset all alone and stoic. Given that at no point in time has Luke ever been the 'strong and silent' type, we're glad George Lucas gave him the party.

2 Lucy Skywalker


This one was a big shock to us, but we definitely would've liked it. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have a very different relationship in an alternate universe somewhere. There was a time when Luke was going to be a girl, who was in love with Han who was ruggedly handsome with a big beard. So the only change was the beard.

We think that it would be nice to have a spinoff, or maybe a different series with these ideas. As much as we love Star Wars as it is, Han and Lucy kicking behind in space definitely intrigues us.

1 Mark Hamill Doesn't Like Him

Via: ComicBook

This is a big one because if there's one person on Earth who is the closest to Luke Skywalker, it's his actor Mark Hamill. Without Mark Hamill, there wouldn't be a Luke Skywalker. Or there would, but it just wouldn't be the same.

The reason we all love Luke for the character he is is because of Mark's acting. So when the actor doesn't like the character, that doesn't mean good things. Mark said that he doesn't believe Luke is the original Luke anymore, as he doesn't agree that the character would be the shut off recluse that he is. We've gotta side with Mark on this one.

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