10 Things Fortnite Fans Choose To Ignore

As Fortnite enters its third year of popularity, it's undeniable that the game still holds its golden crown of the battle royale genre. Holding up to big titans like PlayerUnknown's Battleground and Apex Legends, it has proven its capacity to remain relevant and adapt according to trends. The developers have been praised for their attention to community feedback and quick response regarding balance issues, always wanting to make the game a more enjoyable experience. That being said, no game is without its shortcomings. Here are 10 flaws despite which avid Fortnite fans continue to load up their favorite battle royale game.

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10 Building Over Aiming


Building is key in Fortnite. A well-placed ramp or wall can often be the difference between death and survival. Even if your aim is questionable, to say the least, as long as you can quickly stack up a fortress to defend yourself, you are likelier to emerge as victorious than any of the most skilled shooters. Those who train hard to hit their shots will find themselves frustrated by what might feel like a cheap counter to hard skill.

9 Rewarding Passive Gameplay


In any battle royale, the last man standing wins and it's expected that the person has fought long and hard to reach that coveted position. Fortnite, however, makes it possible for players to hide and play passive most of the game without engaging in any real combat. A player can camp in bushes or buildings until the final two are left and then swoop in to steal the victory from a more aggressive player. This can make gameplay unrewarding for those who work hard to get to that final eye of the storm.

8 No Map Variety


Although Fortnite's map has gone through some changes over the years, from different biomes and areas being introduced, the foundation and core of the map is still the same. For a game that is so fast-paced and where a round could be over in a few seconds, it can be boring to always load up and drop to the same map with the same locations. This also encourages repetitive gameplay and strategies since the terrain is largely the same.

7 Pricey Cosmetics


In order to get your hands on those gorgeous skins and cosmetics, a player needs to purchase V-bucks. Although the prices for the currency packages are not high, the skin and cosmetics prices in V-bucks quickly add up. Moreover, the availability of the skins changes from day and from each week, encouraging players to splurge quickly in fear of not getting their favorite backpack or harvesting tool.

6 Luck Is Everything


Like in any battle royale game, one of the most crucial points is where the player chooses to drop at the beginning of a round. In Fortnite, loot is entirely randomized and there's no real way to predict where to find decent weapons and items to secure your victory royale. Regardless of your skill level, sometimes the mere fact that you decided to go to Haunted Hills rather than Tilted Towers can cost you the entire round.

5 Weapon Accuracy Issues


Since its release, Fortnite has been criticized quite a bit due to its hit detection issues and generous bloom on a few of its guns. Some weapons also have unreliable damage, even when headshots are made, which can be incredibly frustrating when the pool of players gets narrowed down at the end of a round. In a fast-paced game where that final 'tickle' shot counts, not being able to hit your target even when you clearly did on your screen is the difference between you and achieving victory royale.

4 Crazy Meta Changes


Over the few years it has existed, Fortnite has introduced some very creative features in the game, from swords to shopping carts to turrets. However, some of these new changes have brought about unpopular metas that were, thankfully, eventually removed. A great example of a crazy and unbalanced meta was when the developers decided to introduce planes, which allowed players to camp on these vehicles for a while and essentially dominate the game.

3 Bad LTM Rotation


Not only do developers seek to change the game by introducing new items and weapons, but also by creating new modes you can play to switch up your Fortnite routine.

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Some modes like Blitz and 50v50 have been hugely popular, while others such as Final Fight have left the players less than lukewarm. Moreover, many of the popular modes don't get enough rotation despite being player favorites. We hope Season 8's new The Floor is Lava LTM will prove to be just as exciting as it sounds.

2 Crossplatform Play In Arena


The new 8.20 update seeks to address the lack of a more competitive environment for those hardcore Fortnite 'sweats'. In the new Arena mode, players can rank up with each game to eventually participate in the Fortnite World Cup, but will be pitted against other players from each platform.

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This means that PC players will play against console players. While arguments can be made both against and in favor of this, the play style, meta, and pace of the game can vary depending on the platform and what kind of tools, mouse or controller, the players use to achieve their goals.

1 Material Imbalances


Previously, Fortnite developers implemented a significant nerf to building materials, capping the amount to 500 per each. However, each kill could earn the player some extra materials and their harvesting time was faster. With the new arena mode introduced, this nerf will only carry over to competitive mode, while the old system of 999 materials and regular harvesting time, with no drops after a kill will return to casual mode. Players will now need to be aware of this difference between both modes, and adapt accordingly.

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