30 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Spider-Man PS4

The newest Spider-Man game is the game that we wanted, and honestly deserved after all these years. Truthfully, it's been a very long time since we got a good new superhero game in general, with Injustice being the last completely original one. So don't even get me started on how long it's been since we had a great stand-alone Spider-Man game.

Who could forget the first time we got to suit up as Batman for the in the Arkham games, or the satisfaction of fighting DC heroes and villains in Injustice... well, now Spider-Man can join the ranks of great superheroes with an equally good game.

The world Insomniac built is flawless, the moments are breath-taking, and the combat is seamless (if we ignore a few frustrating camera moments). Swinging out of my apartment for the first time and doing a few unintentional-twists in the air was honestly one of my favorite video game moments in a while. And nothing beats the smile on my face from seeing the city lit up at night for the first time.

This is a great game and nobody really is knocking that, but with most great games there's a ton more content than meets the eye. Spider-Man is not only jam-packed with an endless amount of nostalgic costumes and collectibles, but it also features an insane amount of Easter-egg material that only the most eagle-eyed gamers could find.

Some of these Easter-eggs haven't even surfaced till very recently and we're guessing there's still tons of stuff that has still gone unnoticed. In the meantime, let's talk about the best Easter eggs at the moment, so you can satisfy your inner completionist desires.

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30 Spider-Man, P.I. (And The GTA IV Tie-In)

via: youtube.com

With both games taking place in New York City, it shouldn’t be the biggest surprise that Spider-Man featured an easter egg from the extremely popular Grand Theft Auto series. Yet the first time we found out about the tie-in, I couldn’t help but freak out.

First, find the side-quest Spider-Man P.I. in Midtown, and from there start it up to find this easter egg.

During the mission, you’ll climb up on a wall to do some spying, only to find a planning board with names like Niko and Roman... two names that no GTA IV fan would ever forget.

29 Avengers Tower Is Pretty Hard To Miss

via: youtube.com

Well, we’re kind of cheating with this one, as it’s pretty hard to miss the larger-than-life Avengers Tower on the New York skyline. Yet its inclusion is just so great that we can’t help but list it.

Avengers Tower is one of the first sites you’re likely to see swinging around New York, but if you actually go climb the building you’ll unlock the trophy "Hero For Higher." Pretty punny if you ask us, and it also opens up the possibility for other superheroes to make their debut in the game; cross your fingers for my man Wolverine.

28 Screwball And Internet Famous (Side Quest)

via: youtube.com

You can use your camera for a ton of things in Spider-Man including shameless selfies, photo-bombing or even just to get a few pics from some in-game fans. But most people don’t know that the camera also scans QR codes.

Head to Harlem and take a picture of one of the many QR codes in the area to start the side-quest “Internet Famous.”

From there, you’ll take on a mission where you have to take a few pictures of different areas. After you'll go onto meetup with Screwball, the desperate online attention-seeking nuisance from the comics.

27 Cat’s Cradle (Collecting All The Hidden Mascots)

via: screenrant.com

This one’s a lot easier said than done, that being the reward is pretty dope. First off you’ll have to collect all the hidden mascots that villain and sometimes friend Black Cat set out for you.

It's pretty tough to find all of the mascots yourself, but we applaud those that refuse to look up tutorials.

Once you finish that, you’ll head to her hideout in West Side and find a recording from the dame herself, and you'll be rewarded a wicked dark suit from the comics.

26 You Just Can't Avoid Stan Lee And His Cameos

via: youtube.com

It just wouldn’t be Marvel without a Stan Lee cameo and you bet your chips that there’s one in this game. Instead of showing up as a club DJ, or FedEx delivery man, Lee is actually the owner of a restaurant named Mick’s.

The cameo happens pretty early, as Mick’s is the restaurant that Peter and Mary Jane go to frequently throughout the game. And while Stan Lee's cameos have become a little less surprising in the Marvel movies he routinely shows up in, I did regain some of that childlike wonder at seeing him in a game.

25 The Hilarious Batman Reference

via: screenrant.com

If DC and Marvel were to duke it out, putting their two most popular heroes up against each other, we’d no doubt be seeing everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man against the Dark Knight.

While swinging through the streets of NYC sometimes Spider-Man will make references or jokes relating to other heroes and villains.

Spider-Man makes a rather cheeky remark about a Spider-Man signal. Spidey talks about how useful a signal might be but then cuts himself off by saying “Nah, we don’t want to get sued.”

24 Pucker Up! (Sam Raimi's Original Spider-Man Movie Reference)

via: reddit.com

Sorry not sorry, but to me, there’s just no debate as to whether the Sam Raimi movies or the Amazing Spider-Man films are better, and it seems the game knows what’s up as well.

The game references Raimi’s trilogy multiple times throughout and starts us off with a reference to the iconic kissing scene.

After you tie up Wilson Fisk, or Kingpin, and leave him dangling upside down, Spider-Man jokingly asks the big baldie to pucker-up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

23 Maddie, Will You Marry Me?

via: kotaku.com

People have really upped their proposal game in recent years, even at the high school level I was being put to shame with all the extravagant, and truly unique "prom-posals." But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a proposal like this; one that came through a freaking game.

A fan actually reached out to Insomniac to add a proposal to his then-girlfriend, and for some hilarious they obliged.

Not every story has a happy ending though, as that fan’s girlfriend actually left him for his brother before the game even came out... talk about rough.

22 The Clever Symbiote Suit Reference

via: youtube.com

There are a few things that are just staples to the Spider-Man franchise and his iconic, and very infamous black and white symbiote suit is one of them. While the suit itself doesn’t make an appearance, it’s referenced pretty hard.

Early into the game, Spidey jokes with his friend Yuri about how they should attend the police ball together.

And she responds by saying, "Not unless you have a black and white suit." Well, it’s pretty obvious as to what she’s referring to, so maybe Spidey’s gonna show up to the event looking like Venom.

21 Shirtless Spider-Man Makes An Apperance

via: twitter.com

In a real world where Spider-Man exists, there’s sure to be a few nuts, or at least some people who fanboy way too hard over Spidey’s existence. It seems Insomniac took this into consideration while also paying homage to a fan that was seriously hyped about the game.

Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games was so hyped for the game that he created his own alter-ego by going shirtless and wearing a Spider-Man mask. Insomniac must’ve loved it so much that they decided to throw Miller, or at least someone that looked like him, into the game.

20 "Guaranteed To End Spiders" Rockets

via: dualshockers.com

You just have to love the attention to detail that Insomniac brought to the table with this game. Not only are there a slew of references and easter eggs for gamers to find, but there are clever jokes littered throughout the story.

One of my personal favorites is that the actual rockets shot at you say "Guaranteed to [End] Spiders" in very small print.

But it’s anyone’s guess as to if the actual gangsters wrote this on, or if a weapons manufacturing company made those rocket-launchers with the intent of blowing up a man dressed as a spider.

19 An Endless Amount Of Dope Spidey-Suits

via: gamespot.com

We probably could give each individual suit its own entry on this list as some of them pay homage to even the earliest days of Spider-Man, but we feel like that be a little less interesting. These suits come straight from some of the best movies and comics that our favorite web-slinger has been apart of.

Some of our personal favorites include the suit that Tony Stark designed for a young Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And many comic book fans must’ve had a good laugh to see the inclusion of the Scarlet Spider suit from the Clone Saga arc.

18 "That Totally Worked The First Time" (Stopping The Train)

via: youtube.com

We hope you didn’t expect the Raimi Spider-Man references to stop, because being a huge fan myself, I just couldn’t help but love and include most of them on this list. This particular reference targets Spider-Man 2 and the iconic train stopping scene.

Towards the end of the game, Spider-Man needs to stop a subway train in a way that should be familiar to fans of the movies.

Spidey tries to stop the train using his body, and when he inevitably fails, he remarks by saying “That totally worked the first time.”

17 A Subtle Inhumans Easter Egg

via: usgamer.com

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Inhumans, there a group, or really a race of super-powered beings who live in isolation and have a severe distrust of humans. They’ve met up with Spider-Man a few times and it looks like they’ve been to Earth in the newest game.

Located in the middle of the Financial District, you’ll find a giant gold statue of an Inhuman bulldog.

The pup’s name is Lockjaw and he actually happens to be a part of the royal family within the Inhumans.

16 Twitter Feed Easter Eggs

via: comicbook.com

There’s actually a ton of easter eggs that pop up on Spider-Man’s Twitter feed making the world feel that more realistic in Spider-Man PS4. The feed within the game updates as you complete major missions or significant tasks, but some of the funniest lines on the in-game app come from Jonah Jameson.

Who else but the fiery, and always funny Jonah Jameson?

Jameson’s son also pops up sometimes to talk about his love for his dad while he’s up in space, but one of the best references is to an episode of Family Guy with the hashtag #EverybodyDOESGetOne.

15 Daredevil In Spider-Man PS4

via: screenrant.com

Technically, Daredevil doesn’t make an actual appearance in the game, but there are so many references to Matthew Murdock that you’ll almost feel his presence by the end. You can go visit the Nelson and Murdock law office in Hell’s Kitchen and Fogwell's Gym, the place where Murdock’s dad perished.

Spider-Man also has a business card in one of his backpacks for Nelson and Murdock. Upon further inspection of the item, Spidey will recall a story about getting the card from a blind man, “in case he ever needed a lawyer.”

14 Who The Heck Are Damage Control? (Easter Egg)

via: za.ign.com

Ever wonder what happens to all the destruction in all of these superhero franchises? Well, it’s anyone’s guess as to what happened to it all in Batman v. Superman, but in the Marvel universe, the destruction is handled by a group called Damage Control.

The company was actually created by Tony Stark to clean up the messes that heroes leave behind.

Damage Control HQ actually makes an appearance in the game, and we’re sure they’ll have their hands full with Spidey swinging around.

13 Dr. Morgan Michaels (The Living Vampire)

via: gamespot.com

During the quest "Devil's Breath" you’ll meet up with an Oscorp biochemist by the name of Dr. Morgan Michaels. Most casual fans, including myself, might brush off this guy but any Spidey diehards will know that Michaels is a key character in the Spider-Man universe.

While Michaels is pretty irrelevant in the game, in the comics he’s better known as Morbius the Living Vampire.

Michaels experimented on himself in an effort to cure his rare blood disease but in the process, he kind of turned himself into a vampire with an unquenchable thirst for blood... whoops!

12 Phillip Chang And His Various Side Missions

via: gamespot.com

Phillip Chang is another character who shows up in the game, and despite seeming like another throwaway side character Chang has a prominent role in the Spider-Man comics.

Chang is one of the featured characters in a story arc involving a gang known as the Tiger Claw. In the comic, it’s explained that Chang came from China and had a troubled past there. The Tiger Claws wish to make him their leader when they see his fighting ability but later capture him when he refuses. And who else but Spidey to the rescue?

11 Backpack Collectibles

via: gamespot.com

Spider-Man PS4 features 55 unique and easter egg-filled backpacks that upgrade your character throughout the game. And there’s so much amazing easter egg material to be found in these backpacks that we can’t even cover it all.

From “Good Luck” cards signed by Eddie Brock to business cards from Matt Murdock.

There's also some meta-humor references in the form of a pin for the Spidey Squad, which is a real-life Spider-Man fan club. You’ll have to go out yourself and find all 55 to see the amazing attention to detail, and appreciation for the lore.

10 Photographs Of The Devs On The Wall At F.E.A.S.T.

via: latimes.com

Who would’ve thought that we could’ve gone from a few scientists unintentionally making a video game to having teams, full of hundreds of people developing them? And to think that it all happened under the course of 60 years.

Well, in case you don’t stick for the credits there’s actually an appreciation wall for the devs at F.E.A.S.T.

Located on the wall are several real-life pictures of the people who worked on the game; make sure to thank the people at Insomniac by supporting them in the future.

9 Taking On The Taskmaster

via: youtube.com

Think Spider-Man’s version of the Riddler and you get The Taskmaster. While he’s not wielding a cane and decked out in a green suit, he gives you challenges to try and better figure out who you are as a hero.

The Taskmaster is a shadowy figure with a skull face who shares a striking resemblance to Moon Knight.

The challenges he gives you throughout the game help him better learn your moves, and by the time you take him on he feels comfortable enough with your moveset.

8 Yuri Watanabe's Alter Ego (Wraith)

via: nerdist.com

Truly one of the best things about the success of this game is the potentially amazing worldbuilding that continues to happen throughout the game. One that definitely flew under your nose is the fact that your closest ally Yuri Watanabe might have a potential secret.

In the comics, Watanabe and Parker are good friends, but she also has an alter ego by the name Wraith.

During the day she's an NYPD captain and a masked vigilante by night; so it’s anyone's guess as to whether she’s the Wraith in the game.

7 Justice League Reference

via: imgur.com

This one was discovered weeks after the game released proving that it's still packed with easter eggs that are just waiting to be discovered. DC's Justice League gets a minor reference in the game in the form of a small shop located in the city.

The shop is called "Trust Us League," and the letters are spelled in a way to make it look like it’s saying Justice League.

Some might call it stretch, but with all the subtle references in this game, we’re not putting it past the developers.

6 Wakandan Embassy In The Middle Of NYC

via: fortressofsolitude.co

Sure, everyone and their mama has talked about the inclusion of the Wakandan Embassy and the Black Panther easter egg, but this is for the few that missed it. The Embassy is located in the Midtown district and it’s one of the more unique buildings in the area.

The best part about discovering the embassy though is Spider-Man’s comments about Black Panther, in which Spidey wonders if T’Challa was bitten by a radioactive panther to get his powers. But we’re gonna go off on a limb and assume that wasn’t the case.

5 Helping Harold Find His Pigeons

via: dualshockers.com

“Helping Harold” might not be one of the most significant side quests in the story, but it’s definitely one of the most, well, unique we guess. You’ll find Harold in Chinatown where he’ll ask you to help him find his escaped pigeons.

Yeah, it doesn’t exactly scream end of the world, but you’re not really in a place to say no.

It proves to be a little tricky catching these pigeons, but it’s pretty worth it when you see the smile on Harold’s face (plus you’ll have a nice pocket full of research tokens).

4 Take A Selfie At Uncle Ben's Grave

via: youtube.com

“With great power comes great responsibility.” These are the words told to Peter by one of the most important figures in his life, his Uncle Ben. If you know anything about the story of Spider-Man, then you probably know why he isn’t in the game.

But the game still has a few solemn references to Uncle Ben, and you can even go to his grave to pay your respects.

Uncle Ben also shows up in a photo with a young Peter that now sits on Aunt May’s desk. Yeah, this game gets you right up in the feels with this one.

3 The Case Of Wilson Fisk’s Missing Cane

via: ultimaficha.com

Wilson Fisk is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains and he’s also one of the first bosses you take on in Spider-Man PS4. After fighting Fisk it felt like one thing was missing though; oh yeah, his cane!

You just can’t have Kingpin without his infamous cane, yet it’s M.I.A in Spider-Man PS4.

Well, you can actually find the cane during the first mission you play as Mary-Jane Watson, and you’ll see that it's tucked away in a display case at an auction.

2 They Included The Spider-Man 2 Balloon Kid

via: dorkly.com

“Come Back! Oh no, balloon.” Anyone who’s ever played Spider-Man 2 on the original Xbox, GameCube, or PS2 knows these infamous words. Throughout Spider-Man 2 there were several kids who would always complain about losing their balloons, and let’s just say it got a little annoying at times.

We guess Insomniac just had to bring back the past by including a reference to one of Spider-Man 2’s most infamous side-quests. You’ll actually find a drawing in one of the many collectible backpacks, and it's of Spidey saving a kid’s balloon and returning it to him. Pretty sentimental when there’s no annoying dialogue involved.

1 Miles Morales, Spider-42, And The Future Of The Franchise

via: youtube.com

Spider-Man PS4’s world building is on par with masterpieces like the Arkham franchise, and one of the best examples of this is the game establishing Miles Morales by the end. In the middle of the game, Miles is bitten by Spider-42, and by the end of it, he’s expressing to Peter that he’s starting to get these “weird” changes.

The best moment is when Miles jumps on the ceiling to show Peter what he actually means, only for Spidey to go join his friend up there as well. Easily one of the best, and most heartwarming ways to end a game... but where will Insomniac take the story from here?

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