25 Things Most Spider-Man PS4 Players Don’t Realize They’re Doing Wrong

It was a big deal when Marvel's Spider-Man came out for the PS4, as it had a lot of hype to live up to, which is never usually a good thing for any new release. However, once the reviews were in, it looked like they were onto a winner, and people flocked out to buy what some people were referring to as the greatest superhero video game of all time. We wanted to make a list that takes a look at all of the little things that people might not have picked up on in their excitement to play the game.

We're going to go through a bunch of tips and tricks, things that we don't think most players of the game know they're doing wrong, or at the very least could be doing better! We want to give everyone a chance to feel like Spider-Man, and the best way to do that is to hand them the skills they'll need to pull off everything like the superhero they're pretending to be!

So, is everyone ready to take at where they might be going wrong in Marvel's Spider-Man? We want to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of their game, so we better get started! If there are any major tricks that we're missing, let us know. This is a great game and they're still releasing content for it, so it's never too late to try and explore the world of Spider-Man PS4!

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25 Point Launches Are Important For Speed

via: cgmagonline.com

One of the most important things to get used to in Marvel's Spider-Man is using the web-swinging to get around the city, and we know that people will want to do that as fast as possible.

It is important that players get the hang of swinging at the right time for good speed, but mastering point launching is even more important.

After upgrading the point launch, it's essentially the best way to pick up speed and can even be used to traverse huge areas of the map without using the web swinging once!

24 Dives Are Important Too

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Another way to pick up some serious speed is to dive whenever possible, which Spider-Man can do whenever he jumps from a great height. By pushing in L3, players can force Spidey into a dive. He will start to plummet towards Earth, meaning that when he shoots a web, he will begin to arc at incredible speed. Players should be utilizing this move whenever they jump from a tall building, and we don't think a lot of them know about this little trick at all!

23 The Importance Of Hanging Upside Down As Spidey

via: theverge.com

People are forced into using this a couple of times during missions, but we were surprised that the game didn't explain directly how to do this sort of thing when players are out exploring the open world. This is quite possibly the most iconic pose that Spider-Man has, and it just feels cool to pull it off, so why the developers wouldn't want the players to know how to do it is beyond us! Any chance people get, they should be pulling this little move off, lowering themselves towards enemies...

22 Fighting Is Easier In The Air

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The main thing that Spider-Man has going for him as a superhero is the fact that he's nimble and agile, so when he gets into a fight, it's smart not to keep him on the floor.

There are only a couple of enemy types that are able to stop him from fighting in the air, so it's pretty much always a good idea to force the enemies into the air with him. Once up there, Spidey is able to combo the enemies in the air, and even fling them back to the ground where they'll often end up stuck to the floor by the webbing!

21 Enemies Can Hit Each Other

via: digitaltrends.com

While Spider-Man may have a code of ethics that says he cannot take down any of his enemies permanently, they don't have this same code. This means they'll be bringing some pretty dangerous methods to the fight!

However, Spidey can use this against the enemies, by dodging above or below an enemy when he's about to be shot at. This will lead the enemies into hitting each other, helping Spider-Man by hurting one another, giving him a chance to take advantage of these idiots!

20 Area Of Effect Attacks Are Best

via: gamespot.com

There are a lot of suit powers out there, but we think that the area of effect ones are the best for any amateur Spider-Man. There are enough web gadgets to take down people in normal combat, so it's good to have a special that can deal with a lot of people at once. Take on people as individuals in normal combat to build up the special gauge, before unleashing a huge area of effect attack that will take out any stragglers that are left over!

19 Spidey Can Swap Between Gadgets Quickly

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Everyone knows that they can swap their gadgets out on the fly by opening up the gadget selection wheel, but this isn't the most efficient way of getting out what players need in the heat of a battle.

Spidey will quickly switch between the last two gadgets used when players tap the L1 button.

This means that they can set themselves up with the best gadgets for the job before jumping into a serious situation. This way they always know they're properly equipped!

18 Keep Enemies Close To Walls

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Anybody that has played this game knows that there are web gadgets that can stick enemies to walls, but a lot of them don't know that the normal web can do exactly the same thing.

If the enemy is close enough to the wall, the standard web will stick the enemy to it.

If a player notices an enemy by a wall, they can use the standard webbing to stick them to it, thereby saving the gadget webbing for a stronger enemy.

17 Powers Can Be Swapped Between Suits

via: gamespot.com

One of the best things about this game is that it offers a level of customization, with Spidey unlocking various outfits that make nods to his comic book past throughout the entire game.

Each new costume comes with a power, something that will help give players the edge in a fight.

However, what some players may not know is that these powers can actually be mixed and matched with the suits, meaning players can look how they want while also getting a chance to use their favorite powers.

16 There's A Fast Travel Option...

via: trustedreviews.com

Like most people in New York City, Spider-Man can choose to get the subway to take him around the city if he wants to, and this opens up little interactions with some of the citizens of NYC. We can understand why some people would never want to hit the ground in a game that makes swinging off buildings so fun, but we would suggest using the subway at least a couple of times throughout the game, as it offers up a couple of cutscenes not seen anywhere else.

15 Use The Drones!

via: holdtoreset.com

Of all the gadgets that are open to Spidey, we think that this is one of the best and can be very useful when facing an entire group of enemies.

They fly around the fight, slowly chipping away at enemies and distracting them.

The game allows the player to have up to three out all at the same time, which can dramatically change the course of a fight. They will weaken enemies, allowing Spider-Man to take them down easily and turn the tide.

14 Keep Up With JJJ's Podcast

via: reddit.com

We were surprised to find that the developers actually gave players a choice to turn this off, as we thought it was one of the best little distractions in the game.

Hearing J. Jonah Jameson go off on tangents while we were swinging around the city, on our way to stop the next crime, was genuinely entertaining and often funny to us. We suggest that, whenever one of these pops up, people stop and listen to it, not rush to the next mission where it will then stop.

13 Pedestrians Can Be Interacted With

via: playstationlifestyle.net

Seeing as the game makes it so much fun to swing around the city, it's no surprise that people don't know that it's possible to interact with the people on the ground, and not just to fight them!

Citizens will come up to Spidey and tell him how they feel. While it's not always positive, some of them will want to interact with the player.

At the push of a button, Spider-Man will high five citizens and interact with them in other ways that we don't want to spoil for you. Go have a look!

12 Rockets Can Be Thrown Back

via: dualshocker.com

While there's no denying that Spider-Man is an amazing superhero, he's not known for his strength. This guy is quick, which he uses to his advantage.

His defense is quite low though, which can be seen by how much hurt he takes from major enemies, like the enemies that have rocket launchers!

Players will be glad to hear that there is an upgrade that allows Spidey to fling these rockets right back where they came from, and we suggest people try to get it as early as possible.

11 Use The Swing Tricks

via: youtube.com

One of the early upgrades that are open to the player is the chance to buy the ability to do tricks while swinging through the air. Doing these tricks while swinging around will net the player a small amount of experience points, but more importantly, they teach the players how to properly swing at the right time! Not only this, but they look very cool as well, which is reason enough to try them out and see what you think.

10 Do The Laboratory Work

via: gamepur.com

We know that a lot of people didn't buy this game so that they could sit and do puzzles, but we are telling you now that the side missions in the laboratory are well worth your time.

They never get too difficult, meaning everybody should be able to finish them, and they offer rewards for completing them as well!

There are the experience points, which are important in this game, but they also offer science tokens, which you will need to upgrade your gadgets.

9 Collect The Backpacks

via: polygon.com

Traveling the city and trawling for pickups is exactly what Spider-Man is about, so we suggest that people take a look at the various backpacks spread around the city.

Not only does it work towards completing the game, while rewarding the player with experience points, it also helps build the world around the player.

This is a superhero that has been a while for a few years at this point, and we can feel the impact he has had through what is found in these backpacks.

8 Change The Time Of Day

via: arstechnica.net

While people just have to accept what time of day it is throughout the story, having to swing either at night or day depending on what the game wants, this isn't true once the main story is completed.

Once all of the main missions are through, the player can travel to one of the many Osborn research stations throughout the game.

Inside those, Spider-Man can choose to change the time of day from a small terminal in the corner.

7 Upgrade The Web Swinging Before Anything Else

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This one should be pretty obvious from the moment that players start up the game. The developers of Marvel's Spider-Man want you to swing around as much as possible.

It's the best part of the game, which is why players should be trying to unlock every single upgrade for the web swinging before anything else.

This will allow them to traverse the world in style and with ease as they pick up the experience points they need to upgrade everything else!

6 Take Some Photos!

via: shacknews.com

Even though the developers implemented the photography in a small way within the story of Spider-Man, we think that they don't go far enough with it.

There is a dedicated photo mode in this game that we think everyone should take a look at, even if it's only for a few minutes.

You may be surprised to find how much you're able to document, as the game allows Spidey to pull out his camera and take a selfie while he's doing anything, be it swinging around the city or attacking bad guys.

5 Listen To Doctor Octavius' Audio Diaries

via: polygon.com

We think that modern players are too obsessed with hitting goals and quotas, not allowing themselves a chance to stop and take in the world that has been created for them.

One of the best things about the new Spider-Man game is watching Spidey's close friend and mentor Doctor Octavius descend into villainy.

The player can hear this happen over time by going to the laboratory and listening to the various audio diaries that are left throughout the place.

4 Pick Up A Newspaper Once In A While!

via: reddit.com

Not only will picking up a copy of The Daily Bugle offer a chance to see the media's reporting of Spider-Man events, but it actually has little Easter Eggs contained within as well. This is most likely one for the super fans of Spidey, but somebody who knows about this man's story and world will find there is a lot to be seen in the newspaper. Who knows, it may even be a gateway for non-fans to pick up a comic book or two!

3 Go See Some Genuine Landmarks

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One of the best things about modern technology is that it has allowed video games to replicate real life like never before. This can be seen best in the way that developers are able to replicate actual landmarks within their video games, and the developers of Spider-Man are no different. There may be no experience points for doing it, but we think the chance to take a selfie as Spider-Man atop the Empire State Building is rewarding enough...

2 Try And Break The Rules

via: youtube.com

This one might sound weird, and that's because it is! As we've already mentioned, Spidey lives under a code of ethics, one that says he cannot take the lives of those he fights against.

The developers have come up with genius ways to make sure that Spidey sticks to this code of ethics, whether players like it or not.

For example, when enemies are kicked off the tops of buildings, they're stuck to the wall of the building as they fall. It's fun to play around with it!

1 Visit The Marvel Universe Locations As Well!

via: twitter.com

Not only will photographing some of these locations net the player some experience points, but it's very cool to jump into a universe like this and see how the various comic book worlds collide. For people who have a general idea, it piques the interest and feels special. For the people who already know about the way these worlds come together, it's interesting to see how the developers have decided to utilize that in-game!

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