25 Things Super Fans Never Knew They Could Do In Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series is the sort that brings out obsession in people, meaning that people end up playing the games over and over again while looking for new things to do and new ways to try and play the game. That means that there are a lot of people out there who believe they've seen everything that the game has to offer, but we're here to tell everyone that this probably isn't true!

Yes, what this list is about is telling people the things about New Vegas that they may not have discovered during the time they've spent with the game, no matter how much they think they love the game. This means that we're going to be looking right into the gameplay and narrative of this game to see what may or may not be well known by the rest of the video game world! Fallout games are notorious for having so many things that one playthrough isn't enough. Truly, Fallout is the kind of game that needs to be played several times to truly see all (or as much as you can) that there is to see.

So, we think it's about time that we got started and had a look at some of the more secretive things that are hidden throughout New Vegas. Even the biggest fans of this game will be able to find something in this list that will surprise them! If we forgot anything major, let us know in the comments!

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25 Discover How The Plant Beings Came Into Existence

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One of the defining characteristics of the Fallout series is the inclusion of vaults, the places that human beings were forced to retreat to when it became clear that humanity was going to end itself. The player can go in search of these various vaults throughout the game world, with one of the better vaults in New Vegas being Vault 22, where players take on plant-like humanoids. What they may not know, is that there is an explanation as to what happened there, with the experimental plants becoming sentient and transforming the poor humans around them!

24 Take A Look At Some Cave Paintings

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Yes, only the real fans of New Vegas have spent enough time in the caves of the game to know that there are a lot of cave paintings around that deserve a look. Most of it is rather standard stuff, but believe it or not, there are actually some hidden Easter Eggs among the random tribal paintings that people can find throughout some 0f the many caves that exist within the wasteland that players will be traveling through for hours.

23 Become Idolized In Goodsprings!

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As it's a tutorial, most players accepted that they wouldn't be able to do in Goodsprings what they manage to do in other areas of the game. Yet, by saving the woman in the tutorial, fixing the radio, and fending off the powder gangers, players will end up being idolized by the people of Goodsprings.

Like us, most people just assumed that you got what you got from this place!

22 How Did The Marked Men Come To Be?

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In one of the DLCs for New Vegas, Lonesome Road, the player is tasked with searching through the Divide, a place where the Marked Men roam.

These ghouls are on a path of destruction where everyone is fair game, and they will not be stopped by anything other than force.

However, these men were once friends on either side of a conflict, before the premature detonation of some missiles turned them into the monsters of the divide.

21 Where Did The Ghosts Come From?

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Throughout one of the many DLC packages, players will be put up against a new type of enemy, the Ghosts. These beings don't look much like what we think of as ghosts, instead appearing to be human beings wrapped up in suits. Yes, these are people who attempted to escape the radiation by putting themselves in hazmat suits, but the radiation actually sealed them in these suits, leaving them trapped forever, left to take on anyone that comes near them.

20 The NCR Emergency Radio Discusses Earlier Choices

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One of the most famous moments in the game is when the player takes on the enemy in an attempt to take over the Hoover Dam. However, what a lot of people don't know is that, during this mission, you can listen to the Emergency Radio through your Pip-Boy. Not only is it a nice little bit of lore expansion for the mega fans out there, but it also incorporates the player's actions into things by mentioning choices that have been made in the past.

19 Frame Heck Gunderson!

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Anyone who has played New Vegas will know about the White Glove Society, a group of people that have turned to eating other human beings in the wasteland. The player can choose to get involved with their dealings when a man named Heck Gunderson asks you to find out what has happened to his son who has disappeared.

You can rescue him from the White Glove Society, but you can also frame Heck Gunderson for the crime, who will resist arrest and be taken down.

18 Free The Vault Dwellers!

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We've already briefly discussed that there are various vaults that the player can find throughout the wasteland, but most of them consist of taking down whatever you find in there.

However, this isn't true of every single one of the vaults in New Vegas!

For example, in Vault 34, there are a group of vault dwellers that the player can end up saving. It makes a change from having to shoot at anything that comes your way!

17 Boost The Strength Of Your Forces

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During the mission where players take on Nelson from Forlon Hope, many players don't know that it's possible to increase the power and strength of the attacking forces by completing other missions beforehand! This includes saving all of the wounded soldiers, finding the missing medical supplies, fixing the radio, and giving Legion ears to Pvt. Sexton. This will increase the number of the forces at hand, as well as the power of their equipment.

16 Take Down The Casinos

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What with it being called New Vegas, it's no surprise that this Fallout game includes the ability to do a spot of gambling, but it can be a risk that leads to losing everything.

However, there is a way to make it a lot easier to break the bank at the casinos.

By throwing points at your luck until it's at 8 or above, you will be able to take on the games at the casinos until they've lost all their money. Obviously, they will then ban you from playing.

15 Pick Wild Wasteland

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Hard to believe that there are actually people in the world that have played this game without the Wild Wasteland perk picked at the beginning of the game.

Everyone should pick this perk, as it adds some great things to the game!

We don't want to spoil anything here, but let's just say that there are some great random encounters and Easter Eggs added to the game when this perk is turned on!

14 There Are Stupid Dialogue Options

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Just as increasing Luck can have an effect on how well you do in the casino, your intelligence will have a direct effect on the way that you interact with people.

In fact, by choosing a very low level of intelligence, a player will find that their character can't even properly communicate with the people around them!

That's right, they'll be so stupid that they'll be forced to communicate through a series of moans and grunts...

13 Raid The Great Khans' Armory

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Depending on how smart people are and how much they're willing to loot the world around them, it can be difficult to ensure that the player has the right amount of inventory throughout their entire journey. That's why we suggest that people take a look at the Great Khan Armory. We don't want to spoil what people can find in there, but it's well worth taking a look for it and grabbing everything you can while you're in there.

12 Get Rotface A New Hat!

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For anyone that doesn't know, Rotface is a ghoul beggar that will ask the player to throw some money his way in exchange for some information.

However, what a lot of people don't know is that there's a limit to how much money you can give this guy!

Throw him a cap 30 separate times and, apart from getting a lot of gossip from the guy, he'll be able to buy himself a unique hat not seen anywhere else.

11 Take Out That Teddy Bear!

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There's a young slave girl in The Fort that the player can interact with and gain a mission from, as she wants someone to find the teddy bear that she has lost.

The player can obviously go find the teddy bear for her and give it back to her, thereby saving the day for this poor little captive.

However, they will also be offered a much nastier option. If the player feels like it, they can take the teddy bear out in front of the little girl and rip the head off it...

10 Give Veronica A Dress

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Anyone who has played a Fallout game knows that it's possible to use the pickpocket option to put items into enemies pockets, as well as take things out! This leads to some hilarious adventures with grenades that we won't bother going into right now... However, people can be taught a special unarmed move by Veronica, by placing something a lot nicer into her inventory, namely a fancy dress.

9 Craft Stimpaks

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A lot of people don't understand that they're able to craft a lot of helpful things, including stimpaks and repair kits.

All the player has to do is keep an eye out for any empty syringes, which are usually found in toolboxes and first aid kits.

It's funny to think that this series once had a major obsession with crafting and forcing players to think about how they were looting, but to an extent, players don't care about that sort of thing anymore...

8 There's A Flashlight

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Okay so we know that a lot of you are going to be annoyed that we even put this one in the list, but we're telling you that there are genuinely people out there that don't know you actually have a flashlight on you at all times!

Yes, the Pip-Boy has a flashlight, and we know that is blowing some people's minds right now.

If you're someone who likes to sneak around though, make sure you turn it off when you want to take someone down, as people can figure out where you are based on your flashlight.

7 A Gun With A Theme Song...

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There are a lot of characters in New Vegas, and it can be difficult to tell what you can get out of them from first glance or how important they might end up being. However, there is a character that we suggest everyone takes out, and that's the Lonesome Drifter. The main reason to do this is that he has an item on him called the Mysterious Stranger's Mysterious Magnum. Whenever the player pulls it out of the holster, it plays its own special music!

6 Food Is Important!

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Perks are an important part of New Vegas, but some of them have hidden effects that the game doesn't outright explain to the player. For example, there are some perks that increase the duration that chems last, such as Day Tripper and Chemist. However, what a lot of people don't know is that these also triple the amount of time that food will continue to restore your health, making food a much more viable option for survival.

5 Always Aim Explosives At The Legs

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Okay, so this one may seem obvious to some of you, but it's one of those things that we can understand might not seem too obvious to some until it's pointed out.

Whenever you're using an explosive item, it is always important to aim for their legs.

Even when using VATS, if the percentage for hitting the enemies' legs is low, it doesn't matter, as the grenade or explosive will hit the ground around the enemy, still causing them a high level of pain.

4 Reverse Pickpocket C-4

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We've already spoken about the ways that people can use the pickpocket system to their advantage and even touched on how there can be a lot of fun with grenades.

However, by putting C4 into someone's pockets, you essentially have a walking explosive that you can detonate whenever you want.

Believe it or not, but this technique can actually be used to finish off certain missions by having an NPC move close to a target before you conveniently blow them up and walk away.

3 Passive Robots Still Have Experience And Loot

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One of the best ways to pacify a dangerous situation with robots is have enough skill to ensure that you can turn them off and make them passive.

However, what a lot of players don't understand is that these robots still have experience and loot that can be gained by taking them out once they're passive. This makes it a lot easier to take them out and saves the player a lot of trouble in the long run!

2 Make Slim The Mayor!

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A lot of people who have played through New Vegas believe that there are only two options when it comes to picking who will be the next mayor of Primm.

Believe it or not, but you don't have to pick either Meyers or the NCR, and can instead go with someone else.

Yes, it's possible to reprogram Primm Slim, turning him into the new mayor! We know that some of you will already know this, but a surprising number of people never thought to try it!

1 Time To Dine And Dash...

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Look, this is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and that means the morals and ethics that we used to have are now out of the window. That's why we understand why a lot of players choose to have the "special eating" perk...

After a certain amount of time chowing down on various other... things... in the Fallout universe, you will be given a perk that allows you to take the meat with you for later. Throw in the fact that the Breakfast Of Kings perk is also on the table, and it may be worth becoming a special eater!

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