25 Things Super Fans Never Knew They Could Do In Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar is known for making huge games, sprawling maps where players have the chance to go wild and do whatever they please, with their flagship series being Grand Theft Auto. The last installment in the series has been out for a long time at this point, but we bet even the biggest GTA V fan won't have known they can do everything we've offered up in this list.

It's a major US city, and as such, the world of GTA V has a lot to offer, which is exactly why we made this list! We want to offer people a chance to take a look at the huge number of things that players can do while they're involved in the world of GTA V. There is so much to do, we're not sure that even the greatest GTA fan out there will be able to guess everything that we've got on this list!

So, we think it's about time that we went through some of the things that people won't believe can be done in GTA V. The level of detail that Rockstar puts into their games is immense, and we've written this list just to prove it! While some fans might have tried some of these things before, there's no way that they've tried everything. Really, there's just so much to see and do in this game. We'd need more than one list to fully explore it all. If we missed anything major, let us know!

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25 Take Selfies During Cutscenes

via: kotaku.co.uk

Yes, believe it or not, players can actually pull out their phone just before a cutscene hits so that they can take a couple of snaps as characters chat about the next mission!

Not only that, but the cutscene will show the player with their phone out, seemingly ignoring everything that is going on around them.

This is either a funny glitch, or a satirical comment on how we're all missing important information because we're staring at our phones!

24 Go Ghost Hunting

via: pinterest.com

Anybody who has ever played a GTA game will know that Rockstar likes to add in various bits of supernatural phenomena, either alluding to something or outright allowing the player to interact with it!

This is the sort that players can get up close and personal with if they feel like it.

Players will find a website in-game that laments the suspicious passing-on of a woman named Leonora Johnson, claiming that there were questions still unanswered. By visiting the area where the site claims she was found, players can see a ghostly apparition appear around 11 pm, every night!

23 Dress Up As Other Rockstar Characters

via: youtube.com

While it's not the GTA installment with the most RPG elements involved, like most other Rockstar games, GTA V offers you a certain level of customization when it comes to how the main characters look. Players were quick to realize that, by messing with the limited options, they could turn Michael into Max Payne! Just take off the hair on his head, add in a full beard, and go pick up a Hawaiian shirt at the shop. Anyone who has played Max Payne 3 will be able to see the immediate similarities between the two characters!

22 Play Grenade Fetch

via: gtaboom.com

Okay, so this certainly isn't one for players out there who love animals, but we still think it's well worth mentioning this one...

So, anybody who has played through GTA V will know that Franklin has a trusty dog, a dog named Chop that can be taken around the city with Franklin whenever the player wants. However, what they may not know as that they can play fetch with the dog, even going so far as to throw a grenade instead of a ball. We don't really recommend doing something like this.

21 Flip Flops Don't Just Stick To The Character's Feet

via: mods.com

As video games have started to become more and more sophisticated, audiences have come to expect more and more from developers. This includes the little details that we may often never even notice until somebody points them out.

The little thing we would like to point out to people today is how flip-flops react to the main character walking in them.

Yes, they both flip and flop, rather than just sticking to the bottom of the character's feet, as we would've expected from developers not too many years ago.

20 The Character's Clothes Get Wet

via: gamespot.com

The weather physics in games have gotten to a very impressive point, especially when it comes to the way that water affects everything else in the game.

One of the more impressive visual effects in games like GTA V is the way that water has an effect on the main characters.

Yes, when players take their character into the water, they look realistically wet, even getting wet to the very point that the water reached on the character!

19 It's Possible To Catch An NPC Robbing A Business

via: ibtimes.co.uk

While we all know that GTA V asks players to do bad stuff, allowing them to do essentially whatever they want in the game world, no matter how reprehensible their actions may be, they offer the NPCs the same chance to take part in some bad acts. Players can pull out something and take on a convenience store clerk, but did you know that you can actually walk in on a stranger doing the same thing?! People don't often head into these places as they don't hold much other than low-end health items, but if they do, they might catch someone being robbed.

18 Michael Tells His Therapist About Events

via: imgur.com

People who have played GTA V will know that one of the main characters is Michael, a man that has done some bad things in his past but who is trying to put that all behind him.

This doesn't fit well with the way that most people end up playing these sorts of games though...

If players want to, they can actually visit a therapist as Michael, where the character will admit to depraved acts the player has forced them into throughout the game!

17 Backfiring Cars Set Fire To Gas Trails

via: gtanet.com

We've already discussed the ways that video game developers have started to add in little details that they couldn't have possibly dreamed of doing back in the day, and this is yet another brilliant look at what people can do in GTA V if they want to try to do things a little differently. At any point, a player can pull out a gas can and pour gas from one place to the other, before setting fire to one end by shooting it. However, this can also be achieved by purposefully backfiring a car near a trail of gas!

16 Taking A Picture Of A Street Performer Will Make Them Angry

via: nocookie.net

In an attempt to create a lifelike environment, a living city for players to rampage through like they can't in the real world, the developers have added in things such as buskers.

This is the sort of thing that you will see on a daily basis, but they end up just blending into the background, but you can even interact with them in certain ways in the game! If you try to take a picture of them without giving them any money, they get angry, and will often attempt to fight you for thinking about their bottom line!

15 Characters Can Take Part In Street Races

via: ign.com

We all know that there are races in GTA V, both in single player and online, both in a car and on foot, but what some people don't know is that these can actually be started on the fly while driving around the city! While stopped at a traffic light, players can rev their engine, and if the NPC in the car next to you does the same, you know that they're up for a race. Once the light goes green, both you and the NPC can peel out, and try and show the people inhabiting this world that you're the best street racer out there!

14 Kicking Cars Dents Them

via: gta5-mods.com

Rockstar has an obsession with details in their video games that can be seen throughout their time in the limelight, but GTA V was the first game they made where the technology would allow them to put in as much as they truly wanted to!

This includes the frankly huge amount of effort put into giving the game realistic car physics.

Not only will punching or kicking a car change it, but it will actually cause the car to show a dent in the exact place the player hit it! This is true of car crash changes as well.

13 Female NPCs Get Scared Of The Characters Following Them

via: gtaforums.com

We already know that GTA V concerns a group of main characters that aren't exactly pleasant people. They will do anything to make sure that they end up on top, even if it means taking people out.

Well, it seems that the women within the world of GTA V know just how worrying these men are.

Yes, if the player chooses to slowly walk behind a woman in the game, they will start to notice that someone is following them, and react accordingly...

12 Phone Settings Can Be Changed

via: pocket-lint.com

Modern video games attempting to reflect the modern world back at itself have to include a mobile phone, as it's one of the most important inventions of the past few decades, and one that has changed everything. Well, not only does each character have their own individual phone in GTA V, but the player can actually go into their phone and mess with the settings! We don't want to spoil exactly what can be done by the player, so all we'll say is that there's a surprising amount of options loaded into the in-game phone.

11 Police Officers Drag Each Other To Safety

via: gta5-mods.com

One of the problems with video games is that it can be incredibly difficult for the developer to get their AI characters to behave like an actual person would.

This is something that Rockstar has been contending with for decades at this point, obsessed as they are with creating an impressive and immersive virtual world. However, in GTA V they came closer than they ever have done before, especially when it comes to the police officers, who will actually risk their own lives in an attempt to save that of their friends!

10 Birds Can Get Sucked Through Engines

via: gta5-mods.com

We know that this is something that pretty much nobody will know, and it's actually pretty difficult to make it happen organically, but that didn't stop the developers from putting it into the game! Just like in real life, birds that get in the way of planes will end up getting pulled into the engines. It's not a very nice end, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen in real life as well! Yes, that's right, it's something that happens in real life, so therefore Rockstar just had to have it in their video game.

9 Investigate A Crime

via: imgur.com

If we're honest, we don't often care about a lot of the details in video games like GTA V, as they don't really offer much in the way of solid gameplay mechanics.

That being said, sometimes they sort something out that is well worth a look, which is why we've put this one on the list.

By solving a series of riddles found throughout the world, people can actually attempt to take on someone that has been taking part in fatal crimes, taunting the police officers.

8 Investigate An Abandoned Mine

via: nocookie.net

The best parts of games like GTA V is the stuff they don't tell you about, the sort of thing they put into the game but wait for everyone else to find.

There is an abandoned mine in the world of GTA V, one that the player can actually find and look through at their own leisure.

We're not going to say what's in it though, as we don't think there's any point in telling you about the mine and then spoiling it for you as well!

7 Watch Thelma And Louise

via imgur.com

One of the things about creating a huge world like the one found in GTA V is that it then has to be filled with things so that it doesn't feel like an empty world.

Rockstar managed to do this by throwing in various things alongside the gameplay mechanics, such as various Easter Eggs.

In GTA V, players can find a car with two women in it, who then go on to drive off the edge of a cliff to get away from the police, just like in the movie Thelma & Louise.

6 Accidentally Stumble Upon No Country For Old Men

Via: IGN

Thelma & Louise isn't the only movie reference in the world of GTA V though, as players have found themselves stumbling on a group of vehicles in a very similar configuration to one of the opening scenes in No Country For Old Men. If players want to, they can find a small amount of money there, while also taking the life of one of the people there. If people haven't seen the movie, it will just look like a random deal gone wrong, but we know the real story behind this Easter Egg.

5 Listen To Franklin's Inner-Most Thoughts

via: imgur.com

A lot of what people enjoyed about GTA V is the fact that it gave people the chance to see into the lives of more than one person. With three characters, the amount of narrative in the game actually tripled!

One thing that people can do is get a little tipsy or intoxicated when playing as Franklin.

When they do this, the player is treated to the thoughts running through Franklin's mind, with many of them being pretty negative and about his personal insecurities.

4 Wet Shoes Make Squelching Noises

via: gta5-mods.com

We've already talked about how flips flops actually flip and flop, but this isn't the only thing about shoes that developers put it into GTA V.

Yes, when players get their characters wet, their shoes will actually squelch as they walk down the street.

It's these little details that people love about Rockstar, because it totally brings you into the experience, immersing the player into the world that they have created.

3 Watch NPCs Play Tennis

via: riotpixels.com

We all know that Rockstar threw a lot of stuff at GTA V, allowing players to take part in numerous activities, including tennis.

However, players aren't the only people that can walk around the city and interact with everything that was put in place!

NPCs can be found doing things, which includes playing tennis. If you want to, you can sit and watch two people play tennis together.

2 Check Out Attractive People

via: polygon.com

Video games have gotten much better at making human beings look real, so it's no surprise that when left idle, the characters in GTA V will want to take a look at what is on offer in the world! Switch to first-person mode while playing the game and then don't touch the controller. It won't take long for the characters to start to watch attractive women as they walk by. They don't comment on anything or interact with the women, but this is just a little detail that tells you what sort of men these are...

1 Ride On A Vinewood Tour Bus

via: nocookie.net

As video games develop, they start to offer different things that were impossible before. With sandbox games like GTA V, this means throwing in different ways to interact with the sprawling world.

In GTA V, players can actually take a tour through the immaculately created world!

This may seem boring to some of you, but there's importance in offering downtime to players, as they will get fatigued by a constant barrage of action. This is a great way to see the sights and relax.

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