25 Things Super Fans Never Knew They Could Do In Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Can you believe that Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been on sale for a little over six months now? It feels like yesterday that we were all waiting to get our hands on the second pair of games set in the exciting Alola region! We bet that every Pokéfan who's been lucky enough to grab a copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon has completed pretty much everything these games have to offer... Or have they?

Even before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released, we knew that they'd be jam-packed with new features and storylines that hadn't even been present in their predecessors, Sun and Moon. The existence of the Team Rainbow Rocket saga, for example, was big news—and one of the games' most anticipated additions. Still, Nintendo really outdid themselves when it came to cramming all manner of quick tasks, minigames, exciting opportunities, and hidden storylines into Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In fact, it's basically impossible for just one player to have encountered absolutely everything that each game has to offer!

Luckily for all of you Pokémon players out there, we've explored every single corner of the Alola region to uncover all of the secrets that you might not have got to yet. If you thought that becoming Alola's first ever Champion and defeating Giovanni one last time was all you had to do, you're in for a big surprise! Here are just some of the exciting, innovative, and just plain fun things that you can do in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that even the most ardent Pokéfan might not have discovered yet.

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25 Modify Your Battle Style

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Unless you've been around and spoken to every single NPC in Alola, you might not have realized that changing your "battle style" is a thing in Generation Seven. If you talk to the man in the red shirt outside of the Recycling Plant on Ula'ula Island, he'll introduce you to the world of battle styles by teaching you some "elegant" moves. There are eight different styles to unlock in total all across Alola, all of which will affect how your character behaves in their battle intro. Neat, huh?

24 Defend Your Title

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In literally every single mainstream Pokémon game so far, your character's ultimate aim has been to defeat the Pokémon League and become the Champion of their region. This is no different in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

You actually became Alola's very first Champion!

In a neat touch, you can actually go back to the Pokémon League after you've won to "defend your title" against various wannabe Champions. Trainers you can battle include Lusamine, Guzma, and even Professor Kukui! You'll have to beat the Elite Four again first, though.

23 A Revealing Item

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If you're interested in acquiring every form of every Pokémon that's currently available, there are a few items scattered around Alola that you'll be wanting to collect. One of these is the Reveal Glass, a tool that allows you to transform the Generation Five legendaries Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus from their Incarnate forms into their Therian forms. All you need to do to collect the Reveal Glass is win two Grand Trials, then go and have a chat with Professor Burnett in the Dimensional Research Lab. Easy!

22 Paranormal Activity

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If completing a spooky side quest is your kinda thing, you'll want to take a trip back to the Trainers' School on Melemele Island after completing your first Grand Trial. If you speak to a young boy on Big Wave Beach, he'll tell you that some strange things have been going on at the School at nighttime. Go and check it out when the sun's gone down, and you might end up solving a fascinating yet slightly tragic mystery. It's not a quest for the faint hearted...

21 Limited-Edition Poké Balls

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Back in Pokémon Gold and Silver, Kurt—a kindly man who lived in Azalea Town—would turn Apricorns into unique and very handy Poké Balls for the player. It's very tricky to get hold of these items in any other Pokémon game.

Until now, that is!

If you have a copy of Gold or Silver on the 3DS Virtual Console, transfer a Pokémon from this game to Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and then talk to the guy who asks you about colors in the GAME FREAK building in Heahea City. He'll give you the goods!

20 A Family Reunion?

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One of the biggest mysteries in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is what exactly happened to Lusamine's husband, Mohn. We know that he disappeared into an Ultra Wormhole, but is he the same Mohn who now operates the Poké Pelago?

Apparently so, according to a secret event at the end of the game.

If you defeat Gladion in the Pokémon League and then go to Aether Paradise, you'll see Mohn and Lusamine reunite—except the former has no memory of his wife. No, YOU'RE crying.

19 All The Heart Scales

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Heart Scales are a handy item to acquire in the Pokémon universe. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you can give this item to the Move Reminder, found in the Pokémon Center on Mount Lanakila, and have your Pokémon recall a move that you'd previously deleted. To get a whole load of Heart Scales incredibly easily, head to any of the restaurants in the Alola region and order a meal. You'll get between 1 and 4 Heart Scales—or more if a mysterious visitor decides to join you!

18 Mom's Daily Gift

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Real talk: every single "The Player's Mom" character in the Pokémon series is utterly amazing. They're always so sweet, and so helpful—except maybe the Mom in Generation Two who keeps on spending all of your money. Luckily, in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, your Mom is more of a giver than a taker! If you go and talk to her once per day, she'll give you a Poké Ball. Sometimes, it'll be a fancy one too, like a Great Ball or a Premier Ball!

17 Defeat The Game Director

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Once you've become the Champion of the Pokémon League, all sorts of prestigious Trainers will want to battle you to prove their worth. If you've ever dreamed of having a battle with the actual Game Director of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, now's your chance! If you head to the GAME FREAK building in Heahea City, you can battle Morimoto and Iwao—the minds behind this incredible game. It's not an easy battle by any means, but what do you expect? They literally created the game!

16 The Meowth Battle

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Have you ever wondered what the main character's Mom gets up to when she's not handing out free Poké Balls? Well, if you head home after defeating the Pokémon League, you might just find out! It turns out your Mom's Meowth isn't just a pet.

It's her prize Pokémon.

She was quite the fierce battler back in the day, as you'll get to see when a nosy neighbor turns up with their Alolan Meowth. Of course, your Mom can't help but ask her Champion child to get involved in the ensuing battle!

15 Get A Lucky Egg

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The Lucky Egg is one handy item—if held by a Pokémon, it increases the number of Experience Points they gain in battle. If you want to get your hands on one in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, all you need to do is defeat the Pokémon League and catch a whole bunch of Pokémon. Once you've got at least 50 creatures registered in your Pokédex, go and speak to Professor Kukui in his lab and he'll hand over the Egg!

14 Defeat Faba One Last Time

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Is there a more obnoxious character in the entirety of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon than Faba, the Branch Chief of the Aether Foundation? Like, not only is he totally slimy and arrogant, he's also willing to harm children to make sure his evil plans come to fruition.

What a jerk!

If after the game's main storyline and Rainbow Rocket episode is over you want the chance to defeat Faba in battle one last time, you can head to the Aether Foundation and issue him with a challenge. He'll hand over the rare Dubious Disk when you defeat him.

13 Become A Captain's Assistant

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While you can't quite become a Trial Captain in the post-game of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you can at least briefly become a Captain's assistant! If you head back to Ilima's home in Hau'oli City, battle him at the Trainer's School, and then head back to his home once more, he'll ask you to place a Z-Crystal on the pedestal in Verdant Cavern. Of course, it's not exactly a straightforward task—there are a few Pokémon to battle in the process! However, they're no match for a Champion like you.

12 Battle The Eevee Fan Club

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Eevee is a unique, genetically unstable Pokémon that's one of the cutest and best-loved in the entire series. Of course, it's mostly known for its range of evolutions rather than its original form! In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you can battle nine Trainers who are basically the Eevee fan club. If you head to the Thrifty Megamart on Akala Island and talk to the clerk, he'll point you in their direction—and then reveal that he's one of them too! Plot twist!

11 Unlock Hyper Training

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Hyper Training is a pretty new concept in the Pokémon series: it was introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. If you go to Mr. Hyper in the Hau'oli City shopping mall with a Level 100 Pokémon, he'll offer to take it through his very intense training regimen. In a nutshell, Hyper Training allows you to maximize a Pokémon's Individual Values or IVs. These IVs can then impact the stat values of a Pokémon—for example, having certain maxed out IVs will raise Speed, Attack, or Defense. Basically, it's worth giving a try if you want super-powered Pokémon!

10 Team Skull's Redemption

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You can't help but feel a bit sorry for all of the Team Skull Grunts out there. They're not truly evil or malevolent like some of the "evil teams" in previous games. They're just misunderstood, neglected young people who needed something—and someone—to follow.

That someone just happened to be Ya Boy Guzma.

In the post-game of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you can actually help Team Skull get a redemption of sorts, by donating $10,000 to their cause. It'll give them a fresh start, and you get a Team Skull Outfit in return!

9 Meet Your Fans

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Considering the end of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sees your character not only become the Pokémon League Champion but also save the world from Team Rainbow Rocket, it's perhaps unsurprising that you gain a bit of a fan following. If you defend your title at the Pokémon League more than two times, two of your biggest admirers will actually come and meet you! To show their appreciation for your efforts, they'll give you a Sweet Heart. Not only is this kinda adorable, it'll heal your Pokémon by 20HP. Nice!

8 Nuggets For Days

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Everyone knows that collecting Nuggets is one of the sure-fire ways to make a lot of money in the Pokémon universe. These little chunks of gold will sell for $5000 a pop, which buys you a whole lot of Potions! In the early Pokémon games, Nuggets were incredibly rare—but in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there's one method of getting six in one foul sweep. If you battle and defeat the Sightseer who hangs out by the café in the Seafolk Village Pokémon Center, he'll reward you with some glorious Nuggets!

7 Explore Poni Island

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In all of the excitement of becoming the Pokémon League Champion and defeating Team Rainbow Rocket, it's easy to forget that there's a whole section of Poni Island that you haven't explored yet! Make sure to explore Poni Meadow, Poni Plains, Poni Coast, and Poni Gauntlet. Not only will you encounter some interesting Trainers and Pokémon, you'll also end up at the Battle Tree—a place where you'll meet incredible Trainers from across the Pokémon world. There's a lot to miss out on!

6 It's All In The Outfit

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Although the fact that you can customize your clothes isn't exactly crucial to gameplay in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it's still a fun extra to explore if you have the time or inclination. There are various custom outfits to unlock throughout the game, including a Pikachu-themed ensemble! You can get this from Pikachu Valley—predictable, right?—as a reward for correctly answering all of the questions in a Pikachu quiz. If you want to show your love for everyone's favorite electric mouse through your fashion choices, give it a try!

5 Mega Evolution Time!

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Remember how we said you should definitely explore Poni Meadow after you've completed the Rainbow Rocket episode? Well, one of the benefits of doing so is the ability to unlock Mega Evolution! Sina and Dexio, two characters originally from the Kalos region, will meet you at the entrance to the Meadow and give you a Key Stone. Now, you'll be able to search Alola for Mega Stones—and use them on your prize Pokémon! Did somebody say "Mega Charizard X"?

4 The Upside-Down?

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Stranger Things may have the Upside-Down, but Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have their own weird parallel universe to explore. If you head to the Altar of the Sunne or Altar of the Moone (depending on the game) with your game's legendary Pokémon in your party, you'll be able to visit the "reverse world" if you head through the rift in space!

You'll find a version of Alola that's opposite to your own.

You've basically entered the world of the other version of the game. While there, you can find yourself a Cosmog deep in the ruins!

3 Reap Your Reward At Aether Paradise

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As anyone who's completed the Team Rainbow Rocket storyline will know, most of the action in this episode takes place at Aether Paradise. This is obviously a little bit scary for any Aether employees who decide not to collaborate with Giovanni, and you basically become their hero! If you return to Aether Paradise following this storyline and speak to the janitor who stands by the entrance to Lusamine's home, he'll reward you with a whole load of useful items that the bad guys left behind.

2 Battle The Best Of The Best Trainers

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Throughout the Alola region, there are some super-tough trainers who'll only challenge you if you've defeated every other trainer on their route. If that's not enough of a task for you, if you visit Mt. Lanakila after you've become champion, there's a trainer there who'll only battle you if you've defeated all of the other super-tough trainers who were once the "captains" of their route! Veteran Aristo is quite something: pretty much all of his Pokémon have coverage moves against their main weaknesses. Still, you can definitely take him!

1 The Hidden Maidens

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Another battle challenge you can undertake after defeating the Pokémon League involves the very mysteriously named Hidden Maidens. In reality, these women are pretty easy to find.

They're hanging out on the Poni Breaker Coast!

They've come all the way from another region to film a movie of some sort, and think that battling you will add a bit of drama to their recording. If you beat them—which you will, because you're a Pokémon master—they'll reward you with a couple of TMs-that-were-once-HMs: Waterfall and Surf.

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