25 Things Wrong With DreamWorks Movies We All Choose To Ignore

Like any object in this fantastic world we live in, everything has an issue, deformity, or discrepancy, be it internal or external. Whether it’s a misprinted anime figure or a story with dozens of plot holes, the concept of perfection really doesn’t exist. That being said, this also goes for some of Hollywood’s biggest hits, especially animated films.

Can you believe that some writers try to pass off the relationship of a hippo and giraffe as plausible, or raccoons and squirrels eating junk food as perfectly healthy? And to the kids watching these animated, somewhat inappropriate films, they’re not as observant of these issues. After all, with the odd company that DreamWorks is, the kids in the audience are too busy waiting for the fart jokes or for various characters to get whacked upside the head. Because yes, violence is still funny.

So I did mention DreamWorks for a reason. Today, we’re going to focus on the company that’s responsible for bringing characters like Shrek, Alex the lion, and Toothless to life. By no means do I intend to bash on every single DreamWorks film in existence. After all, they do have some very great films. But like everything else, there are issues within these films, both big and small, that shouldn’t necessarily be ignored or pushed over, especially when it comes to factual evidence for them. Now, I get it, children’s films are sometimes supposed to make zero sense. But why teach children that emotional baggage can just be forgotten about? Or that lions and zebras can be friends?

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25 Okay But... Ants Can't Be Ended This Way

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The movie Antz has a pivotal moment where the villain intends to eliminate the Queen Ant by drowning her. However, this reasoning has plenty of flaws. Sure, this is a kid’s movie, so children understand that drowning is bad all around, right? That’s not necessarily true when ants can’t actually drown. In fact, ants can actually breathe underwater for about 24 hours, since they don’t have lungs. How would this life-ending plan be successful if ants can survive this long underwater?

24 Are The Croods Really Struggling?

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The Croods is one of my favorite DreamWorks films, mainly due to the familial theme there. At the beginning of the film, protagonist Eep and her family are supposedly struggling to survive in a very sheltered existence.

But are they really struggling that much?

I understand the perspective that cavemen were very muscular. And yet, if the Croods were struggling so much, why isn’t there more actual proof of that? To me, their sheltered lifestyle seemed to be suiting their survival just fine.

23 How Is Fiona's Relationship With Her Parents Still Okay?

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Man, I wish I had as magical of a relationship with my parents as Princess Fiona from the film Shrek seems to have with hers. Fiona was locked away in a tower by herself at a very young age. How she’s not an emotionally or mentally damaged wreck is beyond me. After all, how did Fiona survive her teenage years with only a fire-breathing dragon to keep her company? And upon seeing her parents again, it’s almost as if everything is okay and that their relationship is just fine?

22 Why Were There So Many Male Ants?

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What’s interesting about ants is that the majority of worker ants are all female. Occasionally, winged male ants are produced just for reproductive purposes. So it’s rather odd that a good majority of the worker ants in Antz are males, not females. However, I guess I will give the film some credit. This did come out 20 years ago when writers didn’t care as much about discussing gender equality and rights. Man, you probably came into this story thinking you weren’t going to learn a bunch of random ant facts, didn't you?

21 Why Were They So Nice To The People?

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There are plenty more issues that I could list off for historical inaccuracies in The Road to El Dorado. I mean, to be fair, the Spaniards definitely did not treat Central Americans with any decency and respect. So it’s very surprising to see Tulio and Miguel be so respectful to the citizens of El Dorado when it’s a known fact that the Spaniards did a lot of horrible, cruel things to anyone who had differently colored skin. But hey, I guess I can’t blame a children’s film for not wanting to be historically accurate in this regard.

20 What Happened To Farquaad’s Kingdom?

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Look, the film has been out for almost 20 years now, so if you get mad at me regarding this spoiler, you have no right to be. At the end of Shrek, villainous Lord Farquaad is eaten alive. But how does the system at Farquaad’s kingdom work? Who takes over in Farquaad’s position if something tragic happens to him? This is entirely forgotten about in Shrek 2 when the crew decides to take their adventures elsewhere. What exactly did happen to Farquaad’s kingdom? Three movies later and we still have yet to receive an answer.

19 What's The Future For Monsters?

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Like any other children’s movie, the bad guys lose and the good guys win. With Monsters vs. Aliens, the heroic monster team is given the opportunity of freedom in exchange for saving the world. However, it’s not long until the world is in need of saving again. If the monsters are already free, then what’s the point in helping the government which restrained them in captivity in the first place? Why would the monsters even feel the slightest bit of gumption to help out?

18 How Did They Understand Each Other?

via imdb.com

You know what, as much as I adore this film, this is also a The Road to El Dorado inaccuracy, part three. When Tulio and Miguel first meet characters like Chel and Tzekel-Kan, they immediately begin a conversation. But again, that in itself should be next to impossible. After all, the Spaniards and El Dorado residents spoke different languages. There should definitely be a language barrier there, but of course, there isn’t one. For a kid’s movie, this is something relatively easy to gloss over. But it still really bugs me.

17 How Are There Sunflowers, Joseph?

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One aspect in DreamWorks direct-to-video film Joseph: King of Dreams that I still don’t understand is the representation of sunflowers in the movie. It’s a known fact that sunflowers are native to North America. And with that in mind, it should be impossible for there to be any sunflowers where Joseph is at. Again, you wouldn’t think historical research would be so difficult but apparently, it is. After all, there are plenty of other symbolic items that could have been chosen over the sunflower.

16 How Did Po Not Know He Was Adopted?

via Kung Fu Panda Wiki

In Kung Fu Panda, the main character Po is a panda. Obviously, anyone in a viewing audience, even small children, are fully aware that Mr. Ping, Po’s adoptive father, is indeed a goose.

However, this matter is treated in an interesting manner by the film.

It’s almost as if this news is surprising to Po. How can it necessarily be that surprising though? It’s not like Po is at an age where he can’t comprehend the situation. Clearly, Mr. Ping isn’t your dad.

15 Were They Really Monsters?

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I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed the under-appreciated film Monsters vs. Aliens. However, isn’t the title “monsters” just an odd way of categorizing some of our heroes? Out of everyone in the monster team, Ginormica is the one who kept her appearance as a human, minus the fact that she is struck with a giant meteorite and ends up growing 50 feet in height. But why is the rest of the crew monsters? I don’t look at characters like B.O.B. and think that that’s a monster.

14 The Food Chain In Madagascar Doesn't Make Sense

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I get it. Kids’ movies can get away with some inappropriate jokes, but they should never show grotesque violence for the sake of keeping a PG rating. I understand that. But the friendship the cheeky film Madagascar shows between Alex the lion and Marty the zebra is extremely unlikely to happen. Lions like meat in general. So even while in captivity, Alex should have found Marty to be somewhat appetizing. And I mean that as in Marty as a literal appetizer served on a platter.

13 What Even Is Turbo?

via youtube.com

I’m really trying to sort my thoughts here, and you know, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever watched Turbo. When I was in college, I got very behind on what movies were currently playing in theaters, but my sister would always keep me up-to-date and show me films that she deemed worth seeing. Turbo was never one of those films. After all, isn’t it just the Pixar film Cars but with genetically engineered snails? I’m pretty sure I’m right on that.

12 What Happened To Godmother’s Company?

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Continuing off of the Farquaad and Shrek discussion, Shrek 2 introduces us to Fairy Godmother, a very influential, hardworking woman. Even when Shrek and crew break into one of her businesses, it’s very clear that she employs a lot of people.

So what exactly happened to them after the Fairy Godmother was annihilated?

Who do they work for now? Or did they all lose their jobs just because the Godmother wanted the crown? There’s surprisingly quite a lot of negative aspects related to Godmother’s demise.

11 How Is Shrek So Well-Adjusted?

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There have been moments where I’m by myself for a few days in a row, and upon having human interaction again, my brain just shuts off. How is Shrek still capable of holding any type of conversation with any type of subject, be they friend or foe, if he’s been by himself for so long? You know, the guy could just as easily move somewhere else if he didn’t want all of those fairy tale creatures in his swamp. Shrek just seems like the last person who would be so proactive on the issue.

10 The Wreck Of A Boss In Cat In The Hat

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What’s excellent about the world we live in is that we are all different. However, there are just some aspects of people that aren’t nice at all. It’s okay to be a neat freak, but why go to the lengths to fire others just because of your issue with that? Of course, I’m referring to Hank Humberfloob in The Cat in the Hat. I would absolutely hate to work for an individual that’s so particular about things like that. My anxiety would have me constantly on edge.

9 Over The Hedge And Junk Food

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You know, they say junk food is bad for everyone, even for humans. But in Over the Hedge, a film about a group of woodland animals scavenging for food, eating junk food is encouraged. After all, what kid wouldn’t want to be like Hammy after drinking a caffeinated beverage? Who wouldn’t want the ability to move extremely fast just through a simple drink? My point is that animals are shown to be able to survive on junk food and that’s not possible at all.

8 Shouldn't The Ants Have Won?

via youtube.com

Again, I completely understand that it’s a children’s film, not a documentary on ants. But there’s another aspect related to the Antz plot that’s really bugging me. There’s a moment where the ants and termites war against one another, with the termites eliminating several ants.

However, ants are usually the insects that eat termites, making them the more dominant species. Sure, I’m glad they pitted ants and termites against one another, but ants aren’t nearly as weak as some might make them out to be.

7 Where Did They Get Their Facts?

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When it comes to writing any type of story with historical context connected to it, research is especially important. In The Road to El Dorado, the story says that in 1519, Hernán Cortes was the one who set sail for El Dorado. Actually, it was Gonzalo Pizarro, who set sail in 1549 for the quest. I understand that when this film came out, it might have been more difficult to research topics like this. And yes, I’m aware of the fact that not a single six-year-old stood up in the theater and shouted, “That’s incorrect!”

6 The Bee Movie. Just. The Bee Movie.

via modernfarmer.com

There’s so much I could say about Bee Movie. The entire concept behind the film is just extremely obscure. First off, bees can talk to humans and this is played off as if it’s nothing groundbreaking.

And sheesh, don’t even get me started on the implied romantic feelings between Vanessa and Barry.

How would that even work? I am all for the inclusivity of all romance, but I think everyone can agree with me when I say that it’s very odd to think of romance between a human and a bee.

5 How Are Donkey And Dragon Together?

via youtube.com

This is definitely an aspect of Shrek that has been frequently discussed. Not only do Donkey and Dragon end up having a relationship, they also somehow ended up producing children, too? And in the third film, Donkey even questions how babies are made. How could he possibly be so oblivious to how that works if he’s responsible for helping Dragon create dragon-donkey babies? I know Donkey is supposed to be the main comedic sidekick in the films, but he can’t be that clueless, right?

4 The Spirit Spin-Off

via hollywoodreporter.com

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a gorgeously animated film that ended perfectly. The horses live happily ever after and get to enjoy their freedom. But for some reason, some writer out there saw the need for a sequel to Spirit and got to work. From what I understand of the Netflix sequel series, it’s about Spirit and Rain’s offspring and more or less follows the same storyline of the original film. How riveting. I absolutely can’t wait to watch something I’ve already watched.

3 Hiccup And His Training

via howtotrainyourdragon.wikia.com

I get that viewers are supposed to more or less gravitate toward a film’s protagonist and identify with them in some shape or form. However, what if Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon isn’t a character many identify with? To me, the film isn’t the most exciting production DreamWorks has put together. Besides, I seriously doubt the Vikings would be that accepting of giving up pillaging over training dragons. Vikings were ruthless, so seeing that soft side to them is rather strange and out of place.

2 How Is Megamind So Fashionable?

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Why is it that the super-villains always seem flashier than the actual heroes? I understand that this is kind of the point for the film “Megamind,” but it also just seems like the villains are more appealing in films than the actual heroes. They’re more fashionable and flashy; and to me, they just stand out a lot more in a crowd. Honestly, there isn’t anything that’s unappealing about being a supervillain. After all, at least Megamind understands consent a lot more than Titan does.

1 How Are Melman And Gloria Together?

via: twitter.com

And last but not least, let’s discuss the relationship between Melman and Gloria in Madagascar. I’m all for movies portraying all types of relationships in films, but out of everything, why did they decide to go with one between a giraffe and hippopotamus? Would Melman and Gloria actually be able to have that type of relationship in reality? Unfortunately, they wouldn’t. There’s no way that type of relationship would actually be able to work out. Because, well, that’s just how it is.

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