25 Things Wrong With The Fallout Series We All Choose To Ignore

The Fallout series is loved by many, but there are some problems with it as a whole that we just can't ignore any longer.

Fallout is a vast world compared to other open world games. Fallout takes it one step further and really makes the character (player) feel like we're right there in the thick of it. When we play this game, it’s like we step into a portal into this very spooky and detailed world. We couldn’t help but be amazed, but there are some moments that stand out in a not so positive way. In this article, we want to explore every single angle to see what could be improved on when it comes to this game overall.

Don’t get us wrong, because we seriously do love this game with all our hearts, but that doesn’t mean there isn't room for improvement in the next game of the series. We want to keep seeing that same amazing improvement we have already seen over the years. Many people online, big fans of the series, have also expressed that they want to see some positive changes within the game series as well, which is only natural for a game with a player base so massive in size. There are also some tips and tricks within this article that might help you play through the latest game in the series as well.

Plus, by the time you finish this article, you might even want to play the series over again or maybe just replay some of your favorites within the series. Get some popcorn and grab your controllers!

25 The Graphics Really Aren’t That Impressive

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When you purchase Fallout 4, you expect the best, highest quality compared to the rest of the series. While some people think that this isn't the case, it's true for most others who have been playing the series over the past decade or so.

We really expected more from you, Fallout!

While the game is fun and the content is typically passable, it has been an overbearing complaint from the community that the graphics still break the overall immersion to some degree because they have only improved in slight minor ways.

24 AI Is Broken For Good

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One thing you look for in a game is for it to work properly. Like we’ve already mentioned, it can be difficult to fully immerse yourself in a game that has glitches that are pretty constant. But for the AI in a game to not really function how it’s supposed to can also be a bummer.

Let’s hope this isn’t the case for the next installment.

While the game of course is still playable, we really wish people wouldn’t just brush off this fact and choose to ignore that parts of the game are broken and need to be fixed.

23 The Conversations Make No Sense

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The quests in Fallout 4 are great; most of them are very action packed, interesting, creative, and sometimes even scary. But sometimes the deeper conversations with characters you have, when you stray away from the main quest lines can be a bit dull to put it lightly. We feel many have ignored this because we’re just thankful to have had another Fallout game, but at the same time, should we really be ignoring this very unrealistic aspect of the game?

22 If They Can Update Skyrim, They Can Update Fallout

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One thing that people have really disliked but seem to have ignored all at the same time is the fact that another game from the same company, Skyrim, has received so many more updates, from the graphics to the content available to players. It really seems like they want Fallout to be a one and done kind of deal. Which isn’t really fair to favor an equally large fanbase more. Why would that be okay, when Fallout has just as much of a big fanbase as well?

21 The Combat Is Just Sad

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When you’re playing a quest driven game, it can be easy to sometimes overlook the combat system, especially when it’s a very unique combat system with many custom options in the base game. But the dynamics of it, besides the unique elements, really can fall flat, especially in the early parts of the game when you’re starting a new character or even just playing for the first time. It definitely makes the early leveling process pretty slow, especially when you’ve done it a dozen times already.

20 You’re Helped The Whole Time You’re In The Game

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Having tutorials can be helpful, but when it seems like you’re being guided throughout the whole playing experience, even past the tutorial, it can become tiresome to even want to make a new side character, let alone multiple characters in the latest game installment in the series. It really seems like every step of the way, someone is telling you what to do, which overall takes away from the fun of the game and what it should be providing to the player.

19 Tons Of Bugs

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Of course, every huge sandbox game has a ton of bugs, that’s somewhat of a given. But the fact that Fallout has had so many bugs that people just ignore them now and it’s almost like they’re an expected part of the gameplay. It really is lowering the overall bar of expectations from the fans to the company, which doesn’t give us much hope for the next installment if they take the fact that players are ignoring these bugs.

18 The Animations Are Awful

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Since we’re on the topic of graphics, let’s talk about the animations a bit. After all these years with devs working in this same universe, the focus being on humanoid characters, you would think that the animation would improve and become a bit more natural and fluid, but it’s absolutely not the case. Many times, more often than not, it seems like the characters are very stiff, robotic, and almost slightly off-putting the more you play the game over time.

17 Even The Lip Syncing Is Cringe

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Even the lip syncing isn’t always on point. More often than not it seems like the character models are rigged just to move their mouth to specific regularly used lines and then for the rest they either just move their mouth, or it seems just poorly done. Of course, this doesn’t make or break a game, but by now the fans have come to learn to expect a bit more than what they got with the latest installment of the series.

16 Dated Character Models

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Discovered by fans of the franchise, it’s been noticed time and time again that there MIGHT be reused character models in the latest installment. Which would normally not be a huge deal, but when they’re super dated character models that lessen the quality of the overall game, it does matter to quite a few individuals.

Get with the times already!

Maybe in the future, they can learn from this mistake and just create updated models for most, if not all of the characters in the game, especially if the game boasts to be fresh and new.

15 The Console Bugs Are Worst Of All

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Don’t even get us started on the console version of the game, which is riddled with bugs that can even be updated with a patch from the community add-ons, which we shouldn’t even have to do. There shouldn’t have to be a community cleaning up a game just because the devs won’t update it as much as other games from their company! All we can say is good luck to console players when it comes to this loved and buggy series.

14 Don’t Even Mention The Lag

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The level of lag and crashing is a whole different story that has also become somewhat of a norm within the community behind this game. From the lag that works your system so hard that it most likely crashes the game and you’ll have to start playing again from your last save, to the fact that most players have conditioned themselves to save AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, because of the disconnects being so apparent and bad across the board. It's not fun playing the same quest you just completed an hour ago.

13 Convos Are Boring & A Waste Of Time

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Just like we mentioned, it comes up quite often that even though through most of the games in this series you have to talk to other characters to learn what you need to do to progress within the game next. Well why would someone want to talk to characters and sort through very poorly written conversations to get to the good ones? We’re thankful that most quests are laid out for us and who we need to talk to, but when you get stuck talking to an NPC for 3 minutes and learn nothing new and feel like you’re wasting your play time, it's not that fun.

12 The Voice Acting Is Great, But The Actual Dialogue Isn’t

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One thing the series got right was the talented voice acting, but at the same time that doesn’t always make up for the fact that some of the conversations you have with NPCs can be very lackluster, especially when you compare it to main game content quests. With that said, the one piece of advice we can offer is to the company is to show some love to the details in the next installment, even if it’s a piece of dialogue or a conversation people might not ever find, let’s just not underestimate the awareness of the fanbase.

11 The Role-Playing Is Never On The Best Level

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Sometimes this game has so many difficulties that it can be hard to really immerse yourself in the whole game unless you have add-ons that aid the process in making the game run much more smoothly. Many have taken this to mean that the problem is fixed, but not everyone is able to run add-ons.

Add-ons fix it for some, but not for all!

Hopefully Bethesda can learn from the community and what they want from the add-on creator community to really add those to the game in the future to some degree, at least the idea of some of this content!

10 If You Focus On Combat, You Might Just Play Something Else

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If you’re looking for a game that has an excellent combat system, this isn’t it. We do admit that the system is great in many ways, especially with how unique it really is, but other than that, after playing hours upon hours, it can become very boring and almost a chore. This has led to people just sneaking around the map to avoid conflict with enemies, so it doesn’t waste their time. That’s an unengaged player that isn’t fully enjoying the game at its fullest potential.

9 They All Feel Like The Same Game

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We’ve said again and again that the latest game Fallout 4 really does seem like parts of other games in the Fallout series thrown together and expanded upon, with just a slightly altered plot line to make it seem fresh. People have ignored this opinion, even though many have brought it up in discussion, which makes us believe that devs won’t actually pay any type of attention to these complaints since they haven't been voiced enough by the whole community.

8 Innovation Isn’t There

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At the end of the day when you’ve played all the games in the series, or at least most of them, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that many parts of the game have been in past installments. Even though the latest game is supposed to be fresh.

Innovation shouldn’t be brushed off, it should always be applied, especially to a game that matters this much to this many people.

Which normally would be okay, but with how long this game is, you can play it for weeks and weeks and still have months of content to get through depending on how you play, and sometimes the repetition can get quite old.

7 It Brings Too Much Nostalgia

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There are so many moments within the game that really focus on older installments in the series, rather than paving its own path as the latest game for fans who have been waiting years for this game. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good throwback to spectacular games in the series, but when it becomes expected within the game, whether or not they meant it to be this way, it seems desperate. Games should be able to stand on their own without any references if you took them all away, they should just be a bonus.

6 No Focus On Roleplaying

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Part of the Fallout game is supposed to have a focus on roleplaying. You’re encouraged to have fun with the story background of your character, which is why they do leave your character creation up to you, including the perks you choose for your ‘class’. But when the quests and exploration don’t always present the best role playing opportunities, it can really put a damper on the whole side experience the game could potentially offer the player. There could be so many memorable moments just by providing a player with a more in-depth experience.

5 It’s At Least Not Worse Than The Last

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We do admit, just like many others in the community, that Fallout 4 is much better than the others in the series. While there are some areas that could be improved, overall, the experience playing the game is a good one.

Improvement is always an option that simply can’t be ignored.

We just wish that this wasn’t the baseline standard, the game should be more than just ‘Better than the last’, it should go above and beyond for the fans.

4 It Can Be Fun, But Not For Most

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We all know that in the series, you can create so many different kinds of characters, classes, story lines, etc, but replaying the same content that ultimately leads to around three options at most at the end of main quest lines, it’s not always something fun for many people. This ends up making the game non-replayable for most fans in the fandom, which is something that’s not regularly talked about and usually ignored in the community as a whole, even though it really shouldn’t be.

3 No Character Development

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Some characters that people have fallen in love with when it comes to the series, have not developed over the course of their set out quests that the game has for them. It’s a bit sad that these amazing characters have been left in the dust just because they don’t have a glowing main story line in the series. People shouldn’t ignore the fact that these characters deserve more character development in the future if they are ever revisited. Don’t ya think?

2 It Will Probably Be The Same In The Next Game

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Maybe people are ignoring the fact that fans have said it will probably all be the same type of concepts in the next installment of the game that’s already been announced. While we don’t want this to be the case, we can’t help but think that this might be true to some degree. While there is a huge upgrade in the graphics and what seems to be the playing style, it still seems to have the same kind of vibe through all the other individual games.

1 Design Isn’t There

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Overall, there are many crucial aspects of design that seem to have been ignored in some way to either allow for other updates, content, or quests. While this might seem a bit thrown together, not many people complain about it compared to the graphical problems in the game. But it still shouldn’t be ignored in the slightest.

Design is what holds a game together.

Without design, what else is there in a game, what else brings the whole story line full circle for the fan to enjoy?

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