25 Things Wrong With Pokémon We All Choose To Ignore

Pokémon is an incredible franchise and a ton of fun but there are tons of things about the series that make no sense at all!

When a game is good, you're willing to forgive some of the garbage nonsense that comes with it. After all, if you can't get past some of the mistakes that lay at the game's foundation, then you probably just wasted 30+ dollars. But we've all been there and luckily, YouTube has solved this issue for us. You can pretty much watch any gameplay you want. You can probably just watch someone play an entire game if you want.

But with games like Pokémon, that offer a fundamentally different world, you're either in or you're out. You're either down to catch them all, or you want to go and play something with a bit more intensity and rifles in it. The tenacity in these games is basically non-existent, so it may not be your thing. But regardless of all of that, you rolled with the punches and you battled some Pokémon.

There are tons of aspects of the world of Pokémon that don't make much sense, and we think we narrowed it down to twenty-five pretty serious ones. True fans of the series will definitely recognize these as issues they've long since become okay with. Whether or not you agree with them all, is left up to Mewtwo.

These are the things that we can't overlook any longer, even though they're problems that have been around since the beginning of the series. Our view on Pokémon has certainly changed.

25 Basically A Fight Club

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Has no one yet realized the significance of having children wander the world fighting against other children with their pets? And it's all for money and respect too. You take the person's money after you beat them.

When a trainer loses all their Pokémon, the blackout. Or whiteout. And get transported to the nearest hospital. We think they faint and then someone comes along and brings them to the hospital. Children are the bad ones here.

24 Charizard Isn't A Dragon

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It seems like everyone has come into this issue at one point or another in the game. It's the only Pokémon in the game that everyone knows about and has been mistreated by the creators of the game.

Seriously, if Charizard is not a dragon, then no dragon is a dragon. It makes sense to have a fire-breathing dragon and a water-breathing dragon, but Charizard and Gyarados apparently aren't up to the task. Charizard deserves more respect, especially since fans love it so much!

23 Alakazam Has A 5000 IQ

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How can an animal that doesn't even speak or live in a house have an IQ that is like 2000 times the max IQ of the smartest human on the planet? This makes no sense. But we love that special attack stat.

If Alakazam was so smart, it'd have taken over the world by now and spread to countless other planets to create a thousand year Alakazam empire. There'd be nothing to stop it from total universal domination. 5000 is just a ridiculous number.

22 Team Rocket Predation

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There's a lot to be said about how kids are going around fighting their pets with enemy children's pets for money. But there is way more to be said about an organization of adults who capitalize on that.

Team Rocket is nothing but the Pokémon organized crime group. Their leader's name is even Giovanni, a traditional Italian name. They follow around children, are aggressive to them or take them, and steal their pets and money. Where are the police when all of this is happening?

21 Monsters In Balls?

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How do they even fit the Pokémon into the balls? Like, for real, what is going on here? These animals must be some sort of digitized creatures. But if they are digitized, then what about humans?

Humans have 70% of the same genetic makeup as a banana, 99% genetic similarities with monkeys. So how far removed from humans are Pokémon from humans that they can be stored and transported in such a way? On top of that, aren't there things in Pokémon that suggest some Pokémon used to be humans? How would that work?

20 Normal-Type

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Normal anything is a subjective idea. So basically, any Pokémon that doesn't have anything special added to it is a normal Pokémon. But what about fish? Aren't all fish that swim in water normal fish?

If fish are normal, why are they all water type? Because if fish Pokémon are water type because of their life location, shouldn't all land animals be grass, ground, rock, or ice type? Normal makes no sense.

19 All The Adults Are Jerks

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There are theories out there that before the events of the games, there was a great war or battle and that's why there aren't a lot of adults. But for those who did survive, they became the natural leaders.

Gym leaders and villains all seem to be adults. They are jerks and they are constantly thwarted by children. We don't understand why this is the way it is, only the Professors are decent folk. We'd like to see other villain types in the future!

18 Professor Oak And Delia

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Sometimes you start the game and it's only you, your mom, and Professor Oak in the village. What do you expect to happen when Oak sends you off on an adventure and leaves your mom with no one to chill with?

Oak is a sneaky guy. We want to know how he was able to get those three rare starting Pokémon. What did he have to do to get tose things? Probably some weird deals with the strange Team Rocket.

17 Tall Grass Can Be Cut

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If there are wild Pokémon in the tall grass and it's actually dangerous to walk into it without a Pokémon to defend you, then why not cut the tall grass? It's grass, it wants to be cut, it's how it spreads its seed.

So if they just hired some landscapers that would allow for everyone to travel between towns without being mauled by Pokémon. Think about it, there are barely any roads or anything for cars to travel on.

16 Gyarados Can't Use Fly

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Not only is Gyarados in the same boat as Charizard as not being considered a dragon, but Gyarados happens to be a flying Pokémon just like Charizard, but Gyarados can't use the move Fly.

It makes no sense. Why would anyone do that to Gyarados? Give him a flying type to use in battle but give him zero attacks that are of the flying order. It's almost like they wanted to weaken this great warrior.

15 Dragon Weak Against Fairy

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We get that Fairy is this new addition and things are changing in the games, but why did they have to nerf the dragons by making them weak against Jigglypuff? Before, when dragons were weak against ice, it sort of made sense.

Now, having them weak against ice and fairy kind of negates how great dragons are. If anything, dragons should be weak against steel because it's all about dragons being slain by heros. With steel swords and arrows.

14 Brock, Pokémon Breeder

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The Pokémon breeding is out of control and there should be a government department in charge of moderating it. Brock should not be allowed to run his experiments on these innocent creatures.

Seriously, why would anyone get into that lifestyle? Brock works alone but his passion is making sure Pokémon mate with one another to create new Pokémon or just stronger Pokémon. It's insane. Especially considering there are already so many wild Pokémon running around. We need to control that population, not make it worse!

13 Elite Four Get Paid?

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So what do the Elite Four actually do? Do they sit around all day gathering all sorts of money for being the best? Are they a part of the government? Is there even a government in these worlds?

It seems like when stuff goes bad, the Elite Four come and save the day. So they are sort of like champions of the island or whatever. But should they get paid to do that? Can't they find anyone else to fix their bad guy problems?

12 Evolving From Trade?

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What in the world would trading a Pokémon away cause them to evolve into a stronger form? We raise you as a warrior and then when the time comes for you to get stronger, we have to give you away.

How did anyone even discover that ability anyway? They got fed up with their Machoke not getting stronger and then finally decided to get rid of him, so he grew two more arms? That makes way tons of sense.

11 Magnezone Hurt By Earthquake

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This entry is a little specific. Magnezone is an electric type Pokémon and they are weak to ground. But Magnezone can levitate, which means he doesn't touch the ground. But that's only for fools to believe.

Magnezone can be hurt by Earthquake. How does that make sense? And why doesn't the earthquake attack hurt the trainers as well? Are they immune to the tectonic shifting of the planet beneath them? If an Earthquake attack is strong enough to hurt a Pokémon shouldn't it hurt a trainer too?

10 Stunfisk Weak Against Water

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Here we go again with the blatant lies to our faces. This is a fish that lives in the water, yet it is weak against water. Thanks, Pokémon people, we really appreciate you treating us like we are idiots. But we love your games.

There are multiple inconsistencies in the game and this sort of thing takes the cake. However, if you're using this Pokémon then you don't deserve to even play the games because you have no idea what you're doing.

9 Rapidash 150MPH

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Any animal that can run that fast is never going to lose a battle. It could simply run circles around the enemy and be too fast to be defeated. But the speed of the animal on land has nothing to do with battle.

That makes plenty of sense. If a cheetah gets attacked by a lion, it runs. It not only runs, but it will outrun the lion every time. So why aren't there more Rapidashes in the Pokémon realm? Shouldn't they be everywhere?

8 Pidgeot Mach 2

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Apparently, Pidgeot has the ability to fly as fast as 27 billion dollar aircraft. Not only that, but it doesn't even have to try that hard to move that fast, simply gusting its wings about brings it to that intense speed.

Not to mention, hitting anything at that speed would obliterate anything it came into contact with. So why is the attack stat on this bird so low? It would easily vaporize most of the Pokémon who stand against it.

7 Cubone's Hat Skull

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How many bad guys in the world of fantasy wear bones as armor or just for decoration? Okay. And how many of those are the bad guys? All of them. So why is Cubone seen as a cuddly little guy?

He's wearing the skull of his mother. How did he even get that? Did he clean it himself, or did the tissue just disappear so the helmet would be less gross? Unless Cubone ate all of the tissue. Gross.

6 Dream Eater

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How does one eat dreams? We don't know because it's hard to even figure out how one could even locate and tamper with dreams, let alone devour them as sustenance. Regardless of how cool it is.

What happens to the mind of a Pokémon who eats dreams? What are their dreams like? We imagine that type of instinct and lifestyle is not sustainable for a sane creature of the world to maintain.

5 Electrode Can Punch

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There are certain Pokémon out there who have attacks that do not make any sense given their physical traits. Like Pokémon who can kick with no legs, tail whip with no tail, or punch without hands or fists.

Voltorb can punch, even though it's a ball. It can punch. So where does this leave us? Does it make us realize we are playing a game where the rules don't apply?  Or are we supposed to just ignore this malarkey?

4 Pokémon Compatibility

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We're not saying there is anything wrong with a cat falling in love with a whale, we're just saying something may be wrong with the people trying to force that to happen. And let's wonder for a second, where does it happen?

Could something like this take place on land, or in water? We read somewhere that, if not for the buoyancy of the water, the weight of a dolphin or whale would be too much and crush their innards. So that means Skitty needs to learn to swim.

3 Moves And The Move Deleter

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What does this guy actually do? Like, if this was your pet and you taught them how to "roll over" or something, wouldn't you have no choice but to have taught the dog that? How could someone just delete that from their mind?

We'll tell you how: Pokémon aren't real. They're digital whatevers. So when Deleter Guy deletes a move, he's deleting it as if it were a code in a program or something. It's sort of a freaky thought.

2 What Do People Eat?

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Look at that. Ash is eating a Magikarp. A deep-fried Magikarp. That means the there are enough people out there who love Magikarp for people to be selling it slathered in bread crumbs and boiled in oil.

And what does Gyarados think of this? Do people also eat Gyarados, or is that just too dangerous to go after? We have to imagine that baby Gyarados are Magikarp. Gyarados is watching you eat.

1 Magikarp Leaps Mountains

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Magikarp cannot do much of anything, but apparently, he can swim fast and hard enough so that he leaps from the water high enough to clear a mountain. This is the Pokémon that people hate because it only learns two moves.

For the weakest Pokémon out there, this is hard to believe. It's bad enough that we're just supposed to accept that Magikarp evolves into the great Gyarados. Now you're telling me there is evidence to support Magikarp's ascendence?

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