25 Things Wrong With Disney Movies We All Choose To Ignore

Disney movies are loved by many, but there are just a few things wrong with them that we can't ignore any longer.

When one must think of a word to describe The Walt Disney Company in a nutshell, there are two different types of people. Some will say they’re money grabbers, purchasing any known company in existence and endlessly merchandising all of their properties. Others will say that Disney is magical and produces films that go above and beyond people’s wildest dreams. After all, there’s nothing wrong with Disney films, right?

Like everything in existence, there are plenty of films in the magical Disney vault that have their flaws. And I do understand that when it comes to children’s films, there are some loopholes a lot of writers, producers, and directors take. After all, why go to the effort to dramatically explain a concept through plot if a 5-year-old isn’t going to understand what you’re discussing anyway?

Today, we’re going to discuss several of Disney’s magical films, including some of their live-action productions, in order to prove that not everything is as magical as it may appear. Don’t worry. As a Disney fan, it really does break my heart to have to write this type of story. But would I truly be a writer if I can’t be critical of others? This is a story that will really test my devotion to Disney. And yet, I’m not going to gloss over the importance of consent or the questions arising from Queen Elsa’s powers. It’s time to address these issues within some of Disney’s beloved films and request immediate answers from those who brought these movies to life.

25 Syndrome Versus Screenslaver

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I was beyond excited to see The Incredibles 2, because it was definitely worth the wait. However, can we just talk about the severe difference between Syndrome and Screenslaver as villains? Syndrome was a huge threat to the area where The Incredibles lived. But Screenslaver was very unsuccessful in even making any progress with destruction. Sure, they managed to hypnotize a few supervillains, but the city never actually received any damage from this baddie. Screenslaver was a good villain; I just wish that more was done with the character.

24 Cars Sequels?

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Now, I’ll be real. I have yet to watch Cars 2 and its sequel. I’ve heard enough about their plots to realize that it’s a complete waste of my time. It’s definitely not like the first movie in the trilogy was super successful. Cars isn’t usually the first movie to come to mind when people think of Pixar’s success. So why did Pixar spend all their time producing unwanted Cars sequels when we were all sitting here waiting for The Incredibles 2?

23 Hook, Line, And Sinking

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Like I’ve told others who have yet to watch Dead Men Tell No Tales, viewers can easily skip over the fourth entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It’s so irrelevant to the overall plot of the series that it’s necessary. Also, it literally buries the conclusion to Philip Swift and Syrena’s ending. Does the missionary perish? Does Syrena do away with Philip? The movie just disposes of any ending for these characters and it to this day has left me with so many unanswered questions.

22 Bring In A New Belle

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Personally, I just think that the casting choice for Belle in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast was overall poor. I’ll admit that Emma Watson really does look like Belle, and that as far as appearances go, she was made for the role. But after being very excited to listen to the movie’s soundtrack only to be sorely disappointed, I just wish someone with a bit of singing talent was brought in to portray one of my favorite princesses.

21 Seafood For Dinner

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The Little Mermaid is definitely a Disney classic, but there’s one scene I’d like to mention in particular. When Ariel is transformed by Ursula into a human, she goes to dinner with Prince Eric, where seafood is visible as a food option. Wouldn’t Ariel be destroyed by this and want to at least act out against this, even without a physical voice to do so? This question still haunts me. Like, after Ariel and Eric married, did she force the whole kingdom to no longer eat seafood?

20 Asking Is Always Important

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With the #MeToo movement still going strong, let’s emphasize the negligence of permission in several of Disney’s popular films. Ladies and gentlemen, here is just a friendly reminder that you always, always need the other party’s permission for any type of contact, even if it’s a hug or a kiss. Did Aurora ask for that kiss? Did Snow White ask for that kiss? What is it with fairy tale curses requiring kisses that may not be wanted on both ends?

19 Makeup Removal With Mulan

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Mulan is definitely a moving Disney film. It shows a brave young woman who’s willing to take the ultimate risk of losing her life all for the sake of keeping her father safe. However, Chinese makeup during the time period in which the film takes place is a rather fickle thing. It should physically be impossible for Mulan to remove her thick white makeup with one simple wipe of a silken sleeve. That makeup took a while to put on, so it’s definitely not just something that’s easily removable.

18 Forgetfulness Helps Convey The Plot

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So one aspect of some Disney movies that I’ve started to notice is that characters just don’t really question occurrences properly. Shouldn’t Mulan be more shocked about a talking dragon? Wouldn’t Belle be more concerned about household items talking to her? Does everything just seem to make sense for Disney characters, even when it involves talking mice or rabbits? I just have a hard time believing that any sane character would be so accepting of something so sudden like a horse talking to them just happening.

17 Forget The Castle

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I know this is further elaborated upon in the live-action version, but shouldn’t the townspeople who live in Belle’s village be aware of a castle? I mean, even if they were cursed to forget about the castle and its inhabitants entirely, how wouldn’t they have suddenly discovered upon it while in the woods? Do people really not leave Belle’s village? You know what? If I’m being honest, I really don’t think people venture very far away from their houses.

16 The Third Return

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I adore the live-action version of Alice In Wonderland. It’s just everything I wanted it to be and more. And of course, it definitely gave a nice conclusion to it. After all, why would Alice need to go back a third time unless Underland was in severe peril? However, she is brought back a third time, all to help The Mad Hatter because he’s sad about the loss of his family. That’s why she was summoned back? That seems pretty low on the priority list, don’t you think?

15 The Power Of Elsa

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Seriously though, what are Elsa’s powers? I understand that she can control ice and snow, but there’s a lot of other abilities she has that aren’t explained fully at all. First off, she can just make her own dresses and beautify her sister’s clothing of her own free will. Elsa also has the ability to create life and nobody questions this at all. In reality, couldn’t Elsa just make snow people so that nobody in Arendelle would ever have to work again?

14 Arendelle’s Climate

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The beginning of Frozen’s events all occur during the summer, as Elsa’s coronation happens during warm temperatures. So, wouldn’t Elsa’s powers suddenly freezing everything have a major effect on Arendelle’s climate? There’d be a lot of animal deaths, for one, because bears and other critters wouldn’t be hibernating. I get that this is a Disney film, but there should be a lot of severe consequences from Elsa’s actions. And toward the end of the movie, Elsa can just suddenly fix everything and there are no consequences involved there, either?

13 Johnny Depp As Tonto

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I understand that he’s part first nations, but that’s a very small part. Sure, Johnny Depp has major celebrity status, but did he really have to be cast as Tonto in The Lone Ranger? Why does Disney struggle so much with finding accurate actors to portray their characters? Considering they’re a company focused on diversity, how is this so difficult? Also, The Lone Ranger wasn’t even a stellar movie, anyway. This is why nobody talks about this Disney film anymore.

12 Oz Is Good With The Ladies

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Now I know that Oz the Great and Powerful isn’t really discussed anymore for a reason. Sure, it was an interesting film, but it made a lot of Disney and The Wizard of Oz fans rather uncomfortable because of how the protagonist was portrayed. There have always been womanizing characters in existence, but it came off as rather odd to have the lead be this way. What are we trying to teach children? Are we saying that it’s okay to flirt with a lot of women and give them the wrong idea?

11 Vanellope’s Status

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So unless I’m remembering wrong, because of Vanellope’s glitching abilities, she has to stay in Sugar Rush. However, recent trailers for Wreck-It Ralph 2 proved otherwise. Again, I could just be foggy on this, but I thought that even after Turbo was defeated, Vanellope had to stay in her game. After all, that was how the end of the first film made it out to be, as if Ralph could only visit Vanellope at Sugar Rush. I just wish that I had better clarification on that.

10 Rapunzel’s Escape

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I know how the various iterations of Rapunzel’s story goes. But for the life of me, I cannot understand how she never found her will to escape the tower until she was 16. Why is that always the rebellious age for teenagers? Personally, I feel like as a child, Rapunzel would’ve figured out a way of escape on her own. There’s absolutely no way Mother Gothel could’ve kept Rapunzel entertained for so long. Children are active and on the go, and with Gothel always being gone, it should’ve been pretty easy for Rapunzel to leave.

9 Only A Dream

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With the live-action version of Alice In Wonderland, it’s explained that Alice has forgotten about all her experiences in Underland, casting them aside as if they were a dream. So what you’re saying is this is a rather easy plot device so that you can re-write the original script for the animated film and re-introduce the audience to characters they’re already familiar with. Besides, I don’t think a child could riddle off something so significant to be a dream, even if people called her crazy for it.

8 Magic House

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Up is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies for a lot of reasons. It’s charming and appeals to everyone of all ages. But what’s odd about this entire film is that there’s only one aspect of it that’s more focused on fantasy. Carl can make his house travel and float with thousands of balloons. Besides that, everything else occurring is very set on reality. Shouldn’t there at least be a couple other fantastical related things happening if houses can easily travel like that?

7 Giselle Is Self-Aware

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In Enchanted, Giselle is magically transported from Andalasia to New York City. Yet somehow, she manages to handle this transition rather well. Heck, she even has a clean-up song where she discusses cleaning a toilet. So, are you telling me that Andalasia had plumbing? Otherwise, how does Giselle know about these things that are very common to New Yorkers? It also surprises me just how quickly she can adapt and that she doesn’t change drastically as a result of her changed environment.

6 The Sentience Of Rats

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Ratatouille is also one of my favorite Pixar films that I wish had more appreciation from fans. But once again, here we have Pixar focusing on one fantastical element rather than several. It definitely does work and these types of writing devices make for excellent movies. However, how is nobody in the film extremely bothered that rats are sentient beings that can cook? I understand the movie’s overall message, but surely there’s someone in Paris who would want to study Remy’s behavior, right?

5 Snow White’s Fate

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I understand love and how it can vex people. A lot of things play into love. For some, it’s one’s appearance. The Prince in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves really doesn’t know our leading lady very well and is, like most men in these early films, charmed by her appearance alone. Yet for some reason, he thinks that upon her passing, it’s okay to open her casket and kiss her. Why have people forgotten about asking? Permission is so important.

4 Dumbo’s Treatment

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To this day, thinking about Dumbo still makes me pretty uncomfortable. The majority of the movie focused on bullying an animal just because he’s different from everyone else. That, and poor Dumbo was separated from his mother, which was a very cruel thing to do. Overall, the movie almost seemed to glorify animal abuse at times and make it seem like it’s okay to separate animals from their parents at a young age. Its portrayal of animal abuse makes me steer clear of it.

3 Just A Shoe Size

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So apparently, men are just so clueless now that they have to resort to having each maiden in the kingdom try on a glass slipper. What’s wrong, Prince Charming? Can you not remember the lovely woman you danced with last night because you were out of it or something? How do you think this is a great idea? Can’t you just summon every woman in the kingdom to your castle so that you can look at everyone until you find Cinderella? Wouldn’t that be easier?

2 Zephyr’s Appearance

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If you’re not as familiar with some of Disney’s low-budget sequel films, that’s okay. Of course, the majority of their sequels are filled with inconsistencies. One glaring aspect of The Hunchback of Notre Dame II that confuses me is Esmeralda and Phoebus’s son, Zephyr. I understand genetics and all that fun stuff, but how is it that Zephyr is completely white? Unless Esmeralda has some unique genetics in her family bloodline, Zephyr should definitely be a mix between his mother and father.

1 Mowgli’s Existence

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In The Jungle Book, viewers are left to believe that Mowgli was raised by wolves, with Bagheera and Baloo acting as parental figures. I’m sorry, but if you want me to be realistic here, Mowgli would have immediately be eaten by any carnivorous animal in the forest. There is no way that Shere Khan is the only creature in the jungle who wants to eat Mowgli. Bagheera should want to devour him. Even Baloo should be curious as to how human tastes.

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