20 Things You Had NO IDEA You Could Do In Fallout

The Fallout franchise is one of the most popular series in gaming. Well before Bethesda took the reigns of the series, Interplay had created a groundbreaking point and click post-nuclear game. So it is likely that many of you know at least a few of these interesting things to do in Fallout.

My intention is purely selfish. I want to talk about all the things that surprised me in Fallout over the years. All the little-hidden gems that I wasn’t aware of, and stumble across by accident. Or perhaps just share aspects of the franchise that are just plain fun. I think this will be a fruitful endeavor, especially concerning some of the older Interplay titles.

The games place a lot of emphasis on making discovery fun. I really appreciate the effort that both Interplay and Bethesda put into the discovery element of their games. Not just the environment, but the very mechanics themselves. Every layer is detailed and just waiting for you to peel it away, often revealing a whole other… onion… cake? Whatever your metaphor, Fallout is a franchise that is worth exploring.

So let’s enjoy a foray into some of the weird, reclusive, and more amusing aspects of the wasteland. A journey that spans more than 20 years.

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20 It’s Like Pantsing Someone, But In The Future

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We all know that power armour requires a fusion core to function. No core, no power. This fact goes for both you and the enemy. But what if you were to remove it while the armour is active?

If you have high enough stealth skill—or a few Stealth-Boys laying around—you can sneak up on your unsuspecting victim, pick-pocket them, and relieve them of their fusion core.

You get the benefit of acquiring a fusion core—which are not overly abundant—and you get access to that sweet, fleshy centre lying within that power armour. So get stabbing, shooting, or nuking, that naked raider isn’t gonna take himself out for a night on the town!

19 Popping Grenades Like Bubbles

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You may have realized that Fallout 4 handles a lot better as an FPS than other titles in the series. This is because Bethesda sought the help of id Software—of Doom fame—to polish the shooting mechanics of Fallout 4.

It is true, the game plays like butter. Combat feels responsive and quick. One wouldn’t be blamed if Fallout’s iconic V.A.T.S. mechanic fell by the wayside. I still used it quite a bit during my playthrough, but had no idea of this specific feature.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I got wrecked by grenades, especially on harder difficulties. If only I knew you could use V.A.T.S. to shoot them puppies right out of the air.

18 This Is A Thing? Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?!

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Who here knew Fallout 4 had a cover system? Me neither! I ran around like an idiot for 100+ hours, standing behind trees, kneeling behind cars, and rickety tables hoping I could reload before I took another bullet to the face. It wasn’t until I got to Far Harbour that my character popped behind a wall and poked her head around the corner to shoot. Whaaa?!

Evidently, Bethesda likes to leave some of its game’s mechanics to the imagination. But why? This changes the whole dynamic of the game. Rather than standing around in the open like a Napoleonic foot soldier, you can pop in and out of cover like a boss.

All you gotta do is stand behind the edge of a piece of cover, the hold the LT/L2 button, and start wrecking ghouls.

17 Like Tears In Rain

via: techtimes.com / shantellehyslop.blogspot.ca

If you are this deep into this article, clearly you're a sci-fi fan. This easter egg is a nice little reward for the diligent sci-fi explorer.

At the rear of the Mass Fusion Containment Shed, there is a climbable ventilation pipe. Locate an A/C unit, climb up, then move to the roof behind that. Once you’re there, you will find your reward.

Leaning against a piece of machinery, you will see a trenchcoat-clad corpse facing a generation one synth slumped over on his knees. This is a homage to the final scene of Blade Runner. The man in the trenchcoat is Rick Deckard, while the synth is the Replicant Roy Batty.

I dig this one as it symbolizes the struggle between man and machine, frozen in time. If only it was raining when I found it.

16 I’ll Take A Mentats Sour, On Ice.

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This little tidbit is for my chem addicts out there (I got you fam! ). And I am sure you all are quite familiar with the single effect you receive when consuming the various chems in the game. But when you find a chem crafting station, you can combine ready-made chems.

Now you can experience the joys of slowing time and punching people's arms off with a shot of PsychoJet. Perhaps moonlighting as a pseudo-Super Mutant tickles your fancy? Then whip up a batch of PsychoBuff and start eating manhole covers.

You’ll be a strung out Martha Stewart in no time!

15 Eating People Makes You A People Person

via: YouTube.com(Ouroboros612)

Fallout: New Vegas is a Bethesda game. And as such, cannibalism needs to make an appearance. I dunno whats going on over there, but the developers’ obsession with depicting the consumption of human is kind of alarming… But I digress.

Choosing the cannibal perk in New Vegas is probably ill-advised as the benefits hardly outweigh the karma loss. However, if you do want to partake in the taste of people, you can receive a special perk.

Upon killing and eating the Mr. House, President Kimball, Caesar, and The King, you are awarded the “Meat of the Champions” perk. This perk is not listed in any guidebook, making it pretty tough to come across on your own.

This perk gives you +1 to Luck, Intelligence, Charisma, and Strength for 60 seconds after eating a person. So I guess if you’re into becoming a lucky, charming, and swole nerd, then go ahead a nibble on buddy’s toes over there.

14 Like Vaguely Stylized Text? I Got You!

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Fallout 4 features a heavy amount of customization. And though the settlement system has received some flack from the community, the added depth to the crafting stations in this game was certainly welcome. However, this feature goes the extra mile when it comes to customization.

Were you aware that you could use HTML to name weapons in Fallout 4? Neither was I. Now, don’t get too excited, you can’t change text colour or make blink text or anything, but you can bling out your creative names with bold or italic fonts.

Now you can a run around the Commonwealth with your brass-knucks <i>Ace</i> and <i>Of Spades</i>.

This little tidbit is pretty dang nerdy, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that if you are reading this, you are a card-carrying member of the dork patrol. Show it proud my friend, show it proud.

13 The Wasteland Has Eyes

via: capmac.deviantart.com

Ulysses is the mysterious masked and dread-locked rival to the protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas’, Lonesome Road DLC. You get to meet this angsty character later on in the game, but did you know that he can be seen stalking you throughout the early parts of the game?

In a manner similar to the G-Man from Half-Life fame, Ulysses can be seen moving through various backgrounds as you make your way through the wasteland. He creepily moves through buildings, just out of sight. Glimpses here and there. It is a very interesting addition.

For those savvy enough to use console commands, you can see that the stalking version of Ulysses is invulnerable to damage. Seems about right, he certainly is one of “naw, you didn’t shoot me” kinda playground douchebags.

12 Oh God Make It Stop!

via: nexusmods.com

People hate the hacking system in Fallout. I hate it, my friends hate it, and even you hate it. And if you deny it, you’re a liar! Hacking is tedious, unintuitive, and just plain annoying.

To recap for those lucky few who haven’t suffered through this, the hacking system requires you to find a password from several words with only a few attempts. Fail too many times you’re locked out.

However, if you scan through the random figures in between words, sometimes these random entries (eg. [({^?}{!) will do one of two things if you click them. Either they will refresh a number of attempts you have to hack, or it will eliminate a bad password.

Dammit! Right under my nose. Built right into the game! The worst thing is that this was common to many previous titles… To think of the amount of time I wasted reload previous saves…

11 You Sure That’s A Rock?

via: YouTube.com(GameGeezer56)

Behind the Museum of Witchcraft in Salem in Fallout 4, there is an odd looking rock. Evidently, this is a container called “Hollowed-Out Rock.” The rock contains a bunch of supplies, as well as a note.

The note is addressed to a person named “S,” and speaks of missing an encounter with a person at Megaton. The reference to Megaton is a callback to the city of Megaton from Fallout 3. There is also a “Hollowed-Out Rock” behind that city as well. It too contains items and a note addressed to “S.” So who is “S?”

Well “S” is likely the mercenary Sam Warwick, who can be seen hanging around the rock behind Megaton.

Anything beyond this is speculation as there is no explanation as to how Sam could have travelled the more than 450 miles between Boston and Washington. But if you are interested in some stimpacks and bullets, come fill yer boots!

10 How Do You Even Carry That Many Plungers?

via: reddit.com

Bethesda sure like to place random things in their games just to get players to ask: “WHAT is that?” Fallout 3 has its share, but this odd bunker under a bridge may just take the cake.

South of the Chryslus Building, and east of the Farragut West Metro Station, you will come across an unmarked door under a bridge. The door is marked as a fallout shelter, but what lies inside is pretty messed up.

Upon entering you will be greeted by mannequins, surrounded by almost 50 plungers strewn all across the room. Oh, and did I mention all the bloody handprints? Ya, it’s got that too. And they are smeared halfway up the wall… Seriously, WTF?!

This room is lovingly known as “The Plunger Room of Death” by the fanbase. The room is filled with Med-X and Mentats, so somebody had a drug-fueled nightmare with plumbing supplies fake humans. Fun!

9 It Just Keeps Going, And Going, And Going...

via: fallout.wikia.com

This is a nice feature for the Fallout player who likes to explore off the beaten path. You may have seen most of what Fallout 4’s considerably large map has to offer, but did you know the southern border doesn’t stop you from going past it?

It’s true! You can go stomping around the south, deeper and deeper into the glowing sea. It is a really cool area to explore, though heavily irradiated, so bring some power armour. You will find destroyed infrastructure, even a gamma gun if you keep your eyes open.

But don’t go unprepared for a fight. The place is crawling with high-level baddies. I’m serious, you will have regular encounters with Alpha Deathclaws.

So pack a lunch and your Fatman launcher, and have an evening stroll by the Glowing Sea.

8 Does Todd Howard Have A Napoleon Complex?

via: commons.wikimedia.org / fallout.wikia.com

I for one am a huge fan of easter eggs and Bethesda are notorious for littering their games with them. I especially appreciate the ones that are hidden in plain sight.

On a wall in the Dugout Inn in Fallout 4’s Diamond City, you can find a painting of Jacque-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps. Cool, Bethesda developers are history buffs… Wait a second… Who’s face is that?

Looking closely you will see that instead of Napoleon’s face, it’s the head of Todd Howard, director of both the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises. Now, why would this be here? Let’s speculate, shall we!

Is Todd Howard a narcissist, wanting his likeness etched into his creation? Perhaps this is homage by the developers to their fearless leader? I like to think it’s the game designers trolling the hell out of their boss. “Sorry bud, it’s too late to remove from the final version.”

7 Yeah… This Marriage Isn’t Gonna Workout

via: YouTube.com(Dap642)

In Fallout 2, you can meet a lovely lady—or man, depending on your gender—in the small farming town of Modoc. One thing leads to another and you will find yourself in bed, consummating the relationship. However, things turn south when the father catches you. You are forced into a shotgun wedding, and now you are stuck with them as a permanent companion.

They will stay with you until they die or you find some way to rid yourself of their dead weight and poor stats. Of course, this is an old-school PC game, and things can get pretty… creative.

You can roll up on some slavers and offer up your spouse for a tidy profit. Truly, this is a messed up way to rid yourself of your spouse, but those stats… they were just horrendous!

6 Your Pappy Is Insane, You Know That Right?

via: fallout.wikia.com

I enjoy when game developers link the lore between multiple titles in the franchise. It makes the world feel more real and connected. This particular connection can be discovered when speaking to the Lonesome Drifter in Fallout: New Vegas.

Heading over to the east of the El Dorado Dry Lake, located just underneath a Sunset Sarsaparilla sign you will find the drifter. Speaking to him, he gets to talking about his father. He only knows that he was a “mysterious fella.” Hmm? Sounds familiar.

If you relieve this man of his sidearm, you will find out something interesting. Drawing the weapon—the Mysterious Magnum—plays the music that is played when the Mysterious Stranger perk activates. That’s right, the Lonesome Drifter’s father is the gun-toting psychopath that comes to your aid throughout all Fallout titles. So not only is the Mysterious Stranger crazy, he is also a deadbeat dad.

5 You Can’t Do That To Kids In Real Life… But This Is Fallout

via: YouTube.com(Tacgnol)

The old Fallout games took the post-apocalyptic motif very, very seriously. While they certainly had humour, the could get really dark.

In Fallout 2, you are tasked with the job to assassinate the NCR Vice President. Certainly, you could run in, guns a blazing and do the job like the wasteland badass that you are. Or you could jump on the messed up train and get some kid to do your dirty work. But not just any kid, the VP’s 10-year-old son.

So once you find him, you ask him if he could go grab his father for you. The little scamp is a good boy and is eager to please. But before you let him run off, you slip a stick of dynamite into his pocket.

Needless to say, once he finds his dad, you don’t need to worry about your bullet inventory…

4 I Always Knew That Fridge Idea Was Dumb AF

via: fallout.wikia.com

If you’re tired of all the doom and gloom that is traipsing around the wasteland and want to lighten things up, boy do I have the perk for you. At the opening of Fallout: New Vegas, select the Wild Wasteland trait. This perk doesn’t add any practical value to your character, but boy-oh-boy does it make explore a hell of a lot more interesting.

This perk adds a tonne of easter eggs and random encounters to the game. Like a hovering ship that deploys angry aliens after you. A nice nod to Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the form of “Holy Hand Grenades.” But my favourite is the shout out to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

South of Goodsprings, you will come across a refrigerator with a skeleton inside of it. I guess Indy wasn’t so clever after all… God, I hate that movie.

3 I Will Not Do Something So Vile, I’m A Respec… How Many Caps Did You Say?

via: YouTube.com(Борей) / YouTube.com(PLANET23K)

In Fallout, Vault 13’s water chip has broken, and its dwellers will sound die of thirst or radiation poison. The Vault’s overseer has tasked you—The Vault Dweller—with finding a replacement. So off you go into the wastes, battling raiders, rad roaches, and super mutants.

But what if you don’t want to be the hero? What if you just want to enjoy your new found freedom and booze around and enjoy the company of illicit women of the night? Well, you’re gonna need caps for that, sweet, sweet caps. And word on the street says a group of super mutants are paying well for information leading to a good source of meat…

Turns out you can forsake your home and family for a handful of caps. This is one of the “bad” endings of the game. But I don’t know about that… witnessing the destruction of Vault 13 in all the glory of 1997-level rendered graphics is quite the amusing event.

2 What Did You Just Say To Me?

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Bethesda certainly isn’t without their humour, and they certainly like to troll their players once and awhile. If you head over to the NN-03d SatCom Array in the north of Fallout 3’s map. Here you will find a hilarious little easter egg.

You will see a door jutting out of a rock pile. Opening it reveals a blank concrete wall with the word— well, you can see for yourself. Damn! Good morning to you too.

There is not lore explaining this, it’s just a rude door in the middle of nowhere, just waiting to insult a hapless passerby.

You can tell Bethesda enjoys the fan speculation that surrounds their games if they didn’t why include such a random thing? I like to think about the in-universe circumstances that led to this. Perhaps it was ill-temper scavenger hunt set up by a weirdo. Or maybe a bunch of disgruntled, pre-war construction workers. It's certainly fun to speculate.

1 What is Your Damage Little Boy?

via: YouTube.com(DTkiddin -)

It may seem illogical to intentionally hamper the intelligence of your character, but Fallout: New Vegas really makes it worth your while. So if you’re up for good chuckle, drop that intelligence stat as low as you can during character creation.

Doing this will increase the chance that your character will drop hilariously idiotic dialogue in a caveman/Tarzan manner. Allow me to regale you in this masterpiece of an exchange:

Scientist: “Are you a soldier, or a scientist?”

You: “Me shoulder.”

Scientist: “... I hope you serve a worthy master. Are you a maker of war, or peace?”

You: “Pizza!”

I mean come on. Tarantino couldn’t write a more engaging dialogue if he wanted to! But seriously, this little trick kills me. It’s a nice little trick for the multiple playthrough vets out there.

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