This Co-Op Horror Game Is Rebooting After A Rough Launch

With the closure of the Discord store, asymmetric horror game Last Year is releasing again this month

Last Year may have already launched… last year, but that didn’t really count. It’s requested a do-over, free of the shackles of the Discord store, and it’s out to make its mark. If you suffer from arachnophobia, you might want to look away now.

Fans of horror games are being spoilt for choice recently, as the genre branches out into new and exciting territory. One of the more recent successful ventures has been asymmetrical horror, seeing a group of players (survivors working as a team) pitted against another player who is controlling the villain simultaneously. Needless to say, the team’s goal is to either defeat the enemy or escape, while Jason’s (in Friday the 13th: The Game) or the general hideous killer’s (in Dead By Daylight) objective is to take down the team and ensure that nobody escapes your evil, machete-wielding clutches.

Single-player horror can be remarkably effective (as all the YouTubers who gibber like excitable baboons at the likes of Five Nights At Freddy’s can attest), but there’s something special about the asymmetrical multiplayer approach. You know that there’s another player actively hunting you, and that’s often more frightening that anything an opposing AI can muster. This is the line of thought that Last Year is hoping to cash in on.

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Last Year’s core concept will be a very familiar one to fans of the aforementioned titles. Here, it’s five players (assuming the tole of classmates) against a sixth player as the suitably enormous and horrible monster. As Power Up Gaming reports, time seems to be on the classmates’ side, as a match of Last Year consists of various ‘levels.’ On completion of each segment, the friends will earn new skills that will enhance them in various ways, ensuring that both human and monster alike will have to react to the situation and change their approach as the game progresses.

The game had already launched on the Discord store in 2018, with its first chapter (The Nightmare) in tow. The fate of the store did the game no favors, so it’s out for a second chance with a new chapter (After Dark) and a huge, terrifying spider to combat. If that sounds like your cup of tea, watch out for the revitalized Last Year’s PC launch on December 12. If you bought the title on its original launch, you’ll get it for free!

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