This Week On Xbox Confirms That Janemba Is Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ

Janemba Dragon Ball Z Cover

There is still one more unannounced DLC character for the second season pass of Dragon Ball FighterZbut that character may have been accidentally leaked by the latest episode of This Week on Xbox, where it was revealed that a Janemba skin is coming to the game.

Janemba is a powerful demon who acts as the villain of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, which is one of the Dragon Ball Z movies. The story of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn involves Janemba taking over Hell and only the power of Gogeta was enough to stop him. The fact that Janemba is a movie character means that he isn't part of the Dragon Ball canon, but his popularity has ensured that he has appeared in many different Dragon Ball Z video games in the past. Janemba's popularity has made him a popular fan choice for a DLC character slot in Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

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There is a moment during the latest episode of This Week on Xbox where the host mentions celebrating Goku Day by purchasing a skin of the Dragon Ball GT version of Kid Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The host went on to say that a Janemba skin was also available in the game. The description of the video has been updated to clarify that only Kid Goku, a new Lobby Avatar, and a new Z-Stamp will be part of the latest update for the game.

Janemba has yet to be officially announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but it seems likely that he was just accidentally leaked in This Week on Xbox. A similar incident recently happened with Kid Goku, whose reveal was leaked early due to early copies of V-Jump magazine being uploaded before his official announcement.

The second season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ has had lots of incredible character choices (as well as Videl) and Janemba makes for a great addition to the game. The question now is whether Dragon Ball FighterZ will receive a third season pass, as there are still plenty of characters that the fans want to see appear in the game.

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