Three Houses Characters Join Fire Emblem Heroes Roster

Fire Emblem dev Intelligent Systems is getting in on the cross-promotion buzz early by adding major characters from the upcoming Three Houses to mobile game Fire Emblem heroes. Representatives of the three houses - Eldegard, Dimitri, and Claude - will be added to a new summoning banner. Alongside them will be the female version of Byleth, the player's avatar character.

The new banner is coming on Tuesday the 22nd. Like most Tuesday updates, it will also bring a new story chapter and opportunities for orbs. Orbs that you can immediately blow in hopes of getting one of the new characters. A preview trailer shows off their abilities, as well as gives fans a chance to see the English dub voices and personalities in action.

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First up is Eldegard of the Black Eagles. She already made some waves by being one of the first characters announced for Three Houses. Of course, a cute girl in a main role is already going to win fans, but she also wields axes. Most Fire Emblem protagonists use swords (to the bane of the Smash Bros. community), so Eldegard being an axe wielder is a welcome change. In Heroes, her abilities make her stronger when fighting alone, probably to fit with the whole "determined and self-capable" air she gives off.

In blue is Dimitri of the Blue Lions. He's called "The Protector" and says that it's evil to kill no matter what. So he's definitely the noble knight type. However, his abilities in Heroes suggest that he should be the one to charge into battle and strike first. So maybe there's a thirst for battle in him despite his lofty ideals.

Third is the new sensation, Claude of the Golden Deer. Claude is "The Schemer" and has an appropriately cheeky personality. Claude has been the subject of discussion in the Fire Emblem fandom recently because it was revealed that he's not a gay romance option. It was a blow to many who enjoy his attitude and found his design appealing. He's also an archer, again something uncommon of a Fire Emblem protagonist (Takumi doesn't count because he's the worst). Expect Claude to appear on many arena teams this season.

via: Serenes Forest

The last addition is Byleth. She's a bit of a mystery, as Intelligent Systems probably wants us to learn her secrets by playing Three Houses. One thing we can say is that there's an odd dissonance between her calm speech and abilities called "Fury" and "Wrath." It could be that some sinister force slumbers within her. If you're wondering where the Male Byleth is, he's actually a gift for people who buy Three Houses and sync both it and Heroes to a My Nintendo account.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses released on July 26th.

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