That Three Houses Mission Where The Pope Tells You To Give Your Students Some Weed

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a mission where a religious leader advises you to give teenagers an "herbal remedy." The game plays it very straight, as just another one of many fetch quests. The context, however, and the nature of the items involved make it hard not to wonder what the writers were thinking.

To catch you up to speed: Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the latest in Nintendo's strategy RPG series. The setting is a school where young lords and ladies are trained to be military officers in a fantasy world. It's run by a church that seems a little overzealous in sending soldiers to "punish" sinners by running them through. Your character becomes a professor at this fine establishment, putting the well-being of the students in your hands.

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Fortunately for the students, you're not the only one concerned about them. The head of the church keeps a watchful eye over all under her roof. When she notices that two of your students are having a hard time adjusting to school life and murder, she sends you to remedy the issue. Emphasis on "remedy."

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a lot of these fetch-quest sort of tasks. You spend a lot of time running around the grounds of the monastery school returning lost items to students or giving them information. So when the church leader, called the archbishop, gives you a task to deliver remedies to troubled students, it's easy to just go with it. But let's take a closer look at this quest.

First of all, just the name "Herbal Remedies" calls to mind a certain pastime that's becoming more accepted in the US due to its "medical" applications. The comparison becomes even more apt when you look at the names of the herbs the archbishop has you deliver. One is called "Courage Herbs" and the other is called "Hopeful Herbs."

The description of the Hopeful Herbs says that they give optimism to "people who constantly expect the worst." Sure enough, in the Golden Deer storyline, you give the Hopeful Herb to Marianne, who has borderline given up on life. The Courage Herbs, meanwhile, go to anxious little Ignatz.

To recap: we have remedy herbs that help people cope with their anxiety and stress. The ideal users of these herbs are the depressed girl and the guy who needs to chill. Not only is this allowed in school, the teacher will actually hand deliver them to you. And it all was the pope's idea.

How do we sign up for this school?

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