THump Banned From Twitch After His Sub Spams Dick Pics In Others' Chats

Popular streamer and YouTube content creator THump says he was given a seven-day Twitch ban after a sub spammed genitalia images in others' streams.

Popular streamer and YouTube content creator THump says he was given a seven-day Twitch ban for harassment after one of his subscribers spammed pixelated genitalia in the chats of Just Chatting channels he was watching on his own stream.

The incident that spurred the ban appears to have taken place on Thurs., Nov. 14. Due to the fact that THump's channel is unavailable and the stream's videos are currently unaccessible, TheGamer is unable to confirm the specific incidents that lead to the ban.

However, via Twitter, the battle royale streamer implied the incident stemmed from an audience member's behavior as THump visited streams in the platform's Just Chatting section. He alleges a channel subscriber named killamario repeatedly posted pixelated genitalia into streamers' chats. Presumably, THump involuntarily broadcasted this content to his own audience, resulting in the ban.

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Twitch's Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy defines harassment as "any content or activity that attempts to intimidate, degrade, abuse, or bully others, or creates a hostile environment for others." Under its Terms of Service, the company has broad authority to implement bans as it sees fit. However, its inconsistent ban policies are at least in part responsible for some streamers' choices to consider other platforms.

While THump gave harassment at the reason for the ban, Twitch's Community Guidelines also forbid streamers from sharing other Twitch creators' content without their permission.

Though Twitch provides a banned streamer a general reason for the ban, the company typically doesn't specify the incident in question. Instead, the company provides the streamer with messaging that points only to the policy the moderation team feels was violated.

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Soon after the incident, THump attempted to appeal the ban. However, his efforts have thus far been unsuccessful as he claims he isn't able to submit the appeal.

A screenshot the streamer posted on Twitter shows what appears to be a Twitch ban appeal form. Though all of THump's data is entered into the form, the screenshot implies that the platform doesn't recognize his suspension in spite of the fact that his Twitch channel is unavailable.

"The account you are appealing from is not currently suspended," the form reads. "Please log in with the account that you are currently suspended from."

Hours later, he claimed he was still unable to get in contact with the Twitch team to appeal his ban.

THump is a content creator for Riot Squad Esports. He's widely known for trolling as a "toxic" player, though generally for comedic purposes. His streams frequently garner several thousand viewers.

In September, he raised around $5,500 for Twitch streamer oLimitedEdition, who has a rare condition called Frank Ter Haar syndrome.

While he currently plays mostly Fortnite, he rose in popularity as an H1Z1 streamer.

TheGamer reached out to THump via Twitter for comment and will update the story should he choose to respond to the inquiry.

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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