24 Times Naruto Went TOO Far

Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, you better “believe it” because we’re about to call out Kishimoto and the rest of the gang right here. We all know that anime is a strange thing. The Japanese culture created this cartoon series that is rarely for children, or at least, is not something that most American/British/Canadian children would be allowed to watch. Most of the time, Naruto was pretty safe. But there were quite a few times where it went way too far!

But before we start, let’s talk about some of the most annoying things that are completely unnecessary in this anime. *SPOILER* for anyone who has not finished the Shippuden anime series! Like how Guy (who we are very glad lived) actually lived after opening all eight gates. It makes the gates seem less than amazing. Then we have Black Zetsu, who oddly seemed like nothing, then seemed like the main antagonist (but turned out pretty pointless). He was not needed for the plot, despite being underlying central to it. And can we just pretend that the Akatsuki aren’t the Illuminati? Or that the Shinigami isn’t the creepiest thing you’ve ever heard of. This goes beyond the grim reaper, this is a soul-eating monster. Finally, how about the fact that Kimimaro was so strong and beautiful and dynamic. Then, he was nothing. He was someone that definitely should have been more crucial to the plot.

Things can get crazy and even push the line in this exciting show. Here we have twenty-five times when Naruto went TOO far.

24 Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Jutsu

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This is pretty obvious if you think about it for just a minute. But even if you don’t, one episode, in particular, proves that this is true. We know she wears the mark on her forehead to stay young. She’s also said that she was practically born “well-endowed”. But in one episode Sakura and Ino ask Tsunade to show them what she looked like when she was younger. What they saw was a flat-chested young woman. This led them to the belief that Tsunade uses the Transformation Jutsu to make herself appear not just young, but, shall we say, "perky."

In short, Naruto actually gave Tsunade plastic surgery via ninjutsu. Pretty crazy and definitely something that should not be on a show that is rated TV-PG.

23 A Forbidden Unveiling


A lot of people don’t agree with this, but just before the end of Naruto Shippuden, the reveal of Kakashi’s face shocked fans. The episode was disguised as a sort of filler, but then BOOM, the biggest secret in Naruto is revealed. It seems that the revelation was anticlimactic. It’s really sad how they did it so sneakily but so straightforward. Ask most fans and they will reveal that deep down, they feel that they’d rather have never seen his face than to have seen it how they did.

It wasn’t a bad episode and we really did want to see his face. But the mystery had kept us enthralled for years! They should have at least given us a dramatic reveal, and maybe there could have been something special about it beside him being incredibly handsome. Like maybe a reason he wore a mask? I almost love the mystery more than actually seeing his face.

22 Heating Up The Hot Springs

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How many scenes have been at the hot springs? Or should I say, how many inappropriate scenes have been at hot springs? When I think of inappropriate hot springs scenes, two things come to mind. One is a peeping Naruto (and other males). The other is that one in Shippuden where Sakura gets jealous. Why? Because Hinata had really blossomed over the months. She was insecure about it at first because they just “wouldn’t stop floating”.

The other girls were amazed but Sakura was just jealous that Hinata was so blessed. The whole scene is uncomfortable, with Hinata bouncing around everywhere. But isn’t every hot springs scene revolved around inappropriate and uncomfortable things? Would you watch the scene with your mother? Your daughter? That’s what I thought.

21 Only The Good Die Young


This was one messed up tale, and as far as I remember, the youngest character that producers showed their death. The little child had the ability to control the weather. Because of this, he roamed the woods, without a friend as everyone was afraid of him. When he was very young he met the Naruto gang and had a great time. But other than that day, he was only used and tormented.

When Naruto was playing with him, he even mistook Naruto’s games as a sign of hate. Naruto told him to find his own hiding spot in a good manner, but Yota thought he didn’t like him. When the Anbu capture Yota and the gang saves him, Yota returns the favor by saving them when they fall into a river. Sadly, Yota doesn’t make it out, despite him being about five-years-old. The next time we see him, he’s reanimated.

20 The Saddest Naruto Backstory

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Karin’s bite me ability is enough to make you question if she’s an appropriate character, but after seeing her past, we know that she’s not. After her loving mother is killed in battle (after sacrificing herself), Karin is taken to “earn her keep”. To do this, she is forced to let injured soldiers bite her all day long, stealing her chakra and of course causing her pain. Not to mention, it must be quite demeaning. This is her life until she is taken to the Chunin exams.

She is treated like dirt by everyone who she has ever met, with her own village telling her she better be happy that they took her in when she had no one. Everyone she ever worked with told her she was nothing, accusing her of treason. Her story must be the saddest of them all.

19 Naruto The Social Ghost

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You mean to tell me that the entire village ignores and abandons the son of the Fourth Hokage because he had a demon sealed inside him? Sure, the villagers may be scared, but what about the Third Hokage? What about Kakashi and the Sannin (excluding Orochimaru)? What about all of Minato and Kushina’s close friends? The fact that they left him to feel so alone and mistreated is beyond me.

But even then, why in the world, and how, do authorities allow him to freakin’ vandalize Mount Rushmore? You know what I mean, Boruto did the same thing. The first episode of Naruto, he is found vandalizing the Hokage Rock, and no one notices him for the longest time! Don’t they have guards?

I can’t believe producers actually let this happen. How could they abandon an infant? Who took care of him as a baby anyway (Sarutobi?)? How could they just let him get away with vandalism so easily?

18 Raise The Anchor

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Again, just like Kakashi’s face, who would end up with who was best left a mystery for so many. Every fan had shipped at least two couples (you don’t have to lie). But at the end of Naruto: Shippuden, and in Boruto, they flat out tell you who gets with who. This took it a little too far, especially with some of the couple not making sense. There are some you can’t argue with, like Temari and Shikamaru. But then, there are the puzzling ones. like Choji and Karui.

If they wanted to further the story, they had to ship couples, but so many fans are ticked off that their faves didn’t end up together. It has caused some people to give up on the show, believing that seeing couples they think are “so wrong for each other” is too much. Plus, many fans want a gay couple, which the other half of fans would think was going too far. Can't please everyone.

17 Jiraiya And The Warm Blanket

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Jiraiya is a creep, we all know that. The whole idea of his personality is too much for a show like this. He was obsessed with young women and "bare skin." It’s all rather much, especially when we get into the fact that he not only read dirty magazines but also wrote dirty novels.

Then, he rubbed off on Naruto, who then rubbed off on Konohomaru. Remember the episode where Konohomaru fell into Tsunade’s chest and rubbed his face around, saying it was, “like a warm blanket”? This could have been in a maternal way (he was young and the connection in natural feeding could still be there), but it also could have been in a creepy way. This all comes back to Jiraiya, who taught everybody he knew to be a creep. Not cool, J, not cool.

16 Drunken Fist Style

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Here in the US, and I’m sure many other countries, we’re not allowed to show alcohol on shows that kids watch. But in Naruto, you not only see people drinking, you see people under the influence. Sake is a regular theme for this show. At least two of the three Sannin are addicted to it and there’s hardly a span of time where someone doesn’t go out for a drink.

In Japan, there is even an episode where Lee learns “Drunken Fist” which of course occurs when he gets tipsy on sake. In the English version, this is changed to “Loopy Fist” to remove alcohol references. He even drinks an “elixir” instead of sake. However, in the original, the young teen really does get loopy on sake.

15 My Strange Addiction: Sannin Edition

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Addiction is a disease that rules your life. For a time at least, each of the Sannin were ruled by their addiction. Orochimaru sought immortality and power, putting it above everything else. In fact, you could say that he had a substance addiction as he was always looking for “a fix”. Tsunade was absent for years due to her gambling problem, labeling her the Legendary Sucker. Then there’s Jiraiya who can’t spend one day without getting distracted by women.

The idea that such mature addictions are brought into a show like this is pretty intense. Most would say that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with their children watching the Sannin combating their addiction, and especially giving in to them. It’s safe to say that the three new Sannin (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) will have their own demons to fight as well.

14 Sakura Gets Harassed

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Women get harassed in Naruto, but none more than Sakura. In fact, there are one or two scenes in particular that are much worse than the others. One is in Volume 3, Episode 19 of the manga. Sakura is walking the streets in the land of waves when someone grabs her behind. She turns around and punches him and that’s it. He doesn’t get into it with the authorities. Nothing happens. It's done in a comical way. While I don’t remember this scene in the anime, I am sure that something like it is.

Harassment is real, and it is not to be played with or made fun of. But still, it makes it into anime. This is much worse considering at the time Sakura was just twelve years old, the poor girl.

13 Risque Jutsu Action

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Not much more needs said for this. Since the beginning of Naruto, Naruto has used the "Sultry" Jutsu that turns him into a beautiful, usually bare, woman. This causes many nosebleeds indeed, and is not something that should be on a PG show in the least!

But it gets more intense when the Jutsu is actually “improved." Naruto reveals that “wearing a skimpy outfit" is even more effective than presenting the woman fully unclothed. That is because the outfit is cut and shaped to make the victim obsess over wanting to see more of the woman's body, combined with the "bad girl" look.”

What’s crazy is that this was used in reverse on the biggest baddie in the show, Kaguya, and Risque Reverse Harem Technique worked!

12 Madara The All-Powerful

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Madara was one messed up character. He goes way back, as he actually founded Konohagakure. Then he went all "eye transplants and dead bodies." Let’s not get started with white Zetsu, which were fallen soldiers in reality. No one tells you these things. Then Black Zetsu, which was nothing, then Kaguya, but actually nothing.

His biggest "cray cray" moment was the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which would cast Genjutsu on the whole world for all of eternity. That’s deep, and completely warped. The whole series led up to this moment when he finally cast it. But then, the whole Madara, the all-powerful thing fell by the wayside when we realized that Kaguya, who is never spoken of before this, is the real antagonist. That means Madara was just another tool, who seems like nothing after we spent years hating him.

11 Females Aren't As Strong

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That’s what Naruto teaches us, anyway. Think about it, is there any female besides Kaguya that is actually powerful? Is there anyone that measures up to Sasuke, Naruto, or Neji? Whenever you think that maybe Hinata or Sakura can kick butt, they get knocked back with ease. Are they not tough enough to take a hit like the boys?

You know how objectified they are. Women, unclothed women, are the object of obsession in Naruto. Even someone as powerful as Tsunade is objectified regularly. And every female ends up becoming a healer anyway. Which leads us to that healer stereotype that females so often get. Thanks, Naruto, for reinforcing that. I hope that Boruto shows us some strength in Sarada and the other girls of the gang.

10 The Ultimate Self Harm

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Taking one's own life is such a touchy subject these days and with good reason. It’s real and it hurts so many families and friends on a regular basis. This is not something that an anime should fool around with, but they do. To name a few minor characters, take a look at Kagero, Raiga, Menma, Hoki, and Fugi. But then we have major characters that sacrificed themselves like Chiyo, Sarutobi, and Nagato. Those are still self-harming moments, even though they were for a good cause. Heck, even two Akatsuki members offed themselves. Kisame left on good terms but graphically summoned sharks to eat him. And Deidara used a kamikaze Jutsu that explodes in his face. Kid-friendly for sure!

Things get real when you hear of the young teen, Leonid Hmelev, who took his own life after Itachi died. We all cried, so we understand his pain, but this, this is too much. These are real people!

9 More Heat In The Hotsprings

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Sai was one creepy character. I don’t know how his and Ino’s marriage is, but I wouldn’t trust him. That smile is too much. But there was not a moment creepier than when he was at the hot springs with Naruto. Sai and Naruto are fighting, so Yamato urges them to spend the rest of the day at a hot spring.

Things start off weird when Yamato tells Sai and Naruto that there is no better way to bond than to be unclothed and together in a hot spring. This makes Naruto uncomfortable, so he stands up, to which Sai says, “so you do have balls after all.” This makes Naruto fume with anger, and the girls in the women’s hot springs laugh out loud.

8 It's Hard To Say Goodbye

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Having characters die in an anime is just going to happen. It has to. But there are times when they just go too far. Jiraiya was bad and there was hardly a dry eye watching. The whole thing with Creepy Sage’s guilt over what happened to Pain, his guilt over not stopping Orochimaru, and his inability to raise righteous students or impress Tsunade was too much.

If that wasn’t enough, we have Itachi’s selfless demise where everyone was saying, “if he touches his forehead, if he touches- he touched his forehead….wahhh!” The pain is only thrown at us to crush us to extinction with Neji’s surprising passing, Kushina and Minato’s heartfelt destruction, and Asuma’s end, which left his unborn child fatherless. This is why Naruto is the most emotional anime in history. It takes a strong person to get through it.

7 Sit Down, Let’s Talk About Animations

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This is pure laziness and Kishimoto admits it. The animations in Naruto are really sloppy. The reason was that he wanted to focus on the story and not spend so much time on the art and animations. For this reason, some scenes are unbearably awful and incredibly scary. The most infamous of these is that fight with Pain. It’s when he starts charging Naruto and his face gets all wacky. This is an extreme example of how bad the animations in Naruto can get.

But it’s not the only time. Nearly every character has had a bad “candid photo” taken of them. For a collection of shots, this Quora page has some of the most hilarious of these. But for serious Naruto fans, they make one want to cry.

6 Immortally Immoral

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Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jashin? Hidan was one messed up character, for a few reasons. For one, he represents the religious fanatic that so much of the world despises. Jashin, Hidan’s god, wishes for Hidan to end life and destroy. Thus, he eliminated all of his neighbors before leaving his own village. When he fails to secure a kill, he even asks for forgiveness.

Another thing that makes Hidan so crazy is that he is immortal. The way he gains this immortality is just doing a certain ritual with several young girls at once. Interesting, to say the least. Does this have something to do with his voodoo junk? Anyway, last but not least, is the truth that to this very day, he is rotting away in the Nara forest tied up in a hole in the ground for all eternity.

5 So Soft And Supple!

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Everyone vaguely (or maybe vividly) remembers that episode where Pakkun makes odd remarks to Shikamaru about his soft pads. This was during the Konoha Crush arc when Orochimaru’s gang invaded the Chunin exams. Shikamaru said he wouldn’t help find Sasuke so Pakkun told him that, if he completed this mission, he would let him touch the pads on his feet, which he claimed were really soft and supple. To us, it seems kind of inappropriate how obsessed he was with it, and how touching the pads of Pakkun’s paws was even a reward.

Sure, in Japanese culture it is seen as cute and innocent, but our messed-up world made this really, well, messed up. Want to touch my soft, supple, pink pads? They’re very soothing to the touch. How about no?

4 Thousand Years of Pain

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An oldie but a goodie. The old Hidden Leaf Village Jutsu known as a Thousand Years of Pain. The Jutsu is very advanced and definitely crosses the line as it consists of, “inserting one's index and middle fingers (similar to the Tiger hand seal) into the opponent's bottom, causing constipation, pain and/or embarrassment.”

It gets far worse when Naruto exchanges his fingers for an explosive kunai. It is believed that Kakashi created this technique which makes little sense considering he’s never really been much of a prankster. Perhaps it was Obito’s technique all along. After all, it seems like his style, not Kakashi’s. Either way, it’s something that kids everywhere have done in real life because they watched it on Naruto. Siblings all over the world are cursing the writers to this day.

3 Obsessive Snake People

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It’s true that Orochimaru was obsessed with power more than he was obsessed with a twelve-year-old boy. But so was Voldemort and we all know how creepy that guy was with Harry. Come on, they both have the curse mark. Sasuke’s being the Cursed Seal of Heaven which was meant to corrode Sasuke’s mind so that Orochimaru could use him as a vessel. After all, Orochimaru was in constant pain at all times in his natural body.

If you ask me, his obsession was unhealthy, and the fact that he was a snake made it that much more so. In the end, he wasn’t the baddie that we thought he was, appearing weak compared to others. But yeah, his Sasuke obsession still freaks us out.

2 A Plethora Of Peculiar Plots


There are lots of weird fillers in Naruto and in general, fillers annoy us because we really want to get back to the story and 99% of the anime is pointless. Like that episode where all of the moms fought off sumo wrestlers with frying pans! Or my personal favorite, where Shino is chosen to practically enter a “no-laughing” contest but is instead poisoned with laughing gas. What about the ostrich, Condor, who Team 7 has to take care of (who ends up owning his own animal team of mammal ninjas)? Then we have that time Mizuki turned into a tiger.

There are many more and it really took away from what makes Naruto so special. They were great for laughs, but when you put a robotic Mecha Naruto into a traditional world, fans are bound to shout, “you crossed the line with that one! Things have been taken too far!”

1 The Hot Springs Get Weird


This has to be the most disturbing thing to ever to happen to the guys. I don’t remember exactly which episode this is, but I believe it was 311 of Shippuden. Lee had this bright idea to gather all the men and go to the bathhouse, because that’s what the girls did. Aside from all the usual bathhouse antics like peeping on the girls, one very strange thing happened this time. For one, all of the boys are very visibly unclothed. Anyway, Naruto gets a look at Shino's "you know" and freaks out because a giant caterpillar is near Shino’s area. That’s very disturbing and it’s best you don’t think about it too much.

Nothing about the episode is okay in fact, but the worst part is definitely the focus on Shino’s caterpillar. Which reminds me of a scene where again, Shino is at the hot springs and his pores open up to let his insects out. How disturbing.

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