24 Weird Times Pregnancy Showed Up In Kids Cartoons

Kids cartoons feature many things. Great story plots, funny lines, and even funny jokes. Though, often they seem like a weird place for serious subjects to be discussed with nuance. One thing that is usually overlooked in kids cartoons is pregnancy. For some reason, pregnancy is still held at a distance. Not sure why that is exactly, but it is nonetheless. The stereotypes that come with pregnancy are also written into these cartoons. Have you ever watched a cartoon and one of the characters who is pregnant later goes into labor and the husband is not helpful at all? This happens a lot actually. Or when the character goes into labor she’s calm, cool, and collected? I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen in real life but doesn’t it come off as a little unrealistic?

Seeing how these are kid shows, it's understandable that pregnancy should be handled subtly. But when you think about 90’s cartoons and what kids of that generation grew up with, you can hardly compare pregnancy to it. Have you ever paid attention to some of those jokes that were told during those cartoons? They weren’t exactly PG-13 friendly but they were hidden very well, to the point where you didn’t notice until you were older, taking it upon yourself to rewatch some of the older cartoons and going, “hold on, excuse me. What?”

It all comes down to the writers and the network though, what they’re willing to do and how far they’re willing to go. Sometimes they push the limits and sometimes they decide to go the safe route, making things subtle and barely noticeable.

24 A Pebble From A 'Stone


Wilma was known to be the first pregnant cartoon character on television. Seeing how this was the 1960s, Wilma’s pregnancy was a very subtle transition because of the time period. In fact, during the time Wilma was pregnant, the word “pregnant” was never mentioned once. The show did change up her regular appearance, making the dresses she wore a little wider than the smaller dresses that she would originally wear. Wilma’s baby bump was also never shown and the day that she gave birth it was very subtle, with the exception of Fred freaking out and not being able to think straight. Wilma kept her cool the entire time. That’s the conservative sixties for you but Wilma paved the way for future cartoon characters to be shown pregnant on T.V.

23 A Fairly Odd Birth

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The Fairly OddParents has always been a show that made you go “huh?” multiple times. One of those times was when Cosmo ended up pregnant. If you haven’t seen the Fairly OddParents, its not exactly what you might think. Fairy pregnancy is much different. In fairy pregnancy, male fairies give birth instead of female fairies. For male fairies, pregnancy is also quick, only lasting for three months.

“Can we get that in real life please?”

These pregnancies happen in stages: Stage one is when the god kid of the fairies wishes for a baby. (In this case that would be Timmy Turner).

Stage two is when the male fairy's stomach gets bigger and the male fairy isn't able to fly because he grows too large.

Stage three is when the fairy's stomach gets enormous. They go through mood swings, pain, and even vomiting. I know it’s tough, but Cosmo got through it and gave birth to he and Wanda’s fairy child Poof.

22 The Rugrats Add One More

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The Rugrats is all about babies, with the exception of some grown-up interference here and there. They are babies after all, so they can’t do everything themselves. The baby squad always consisted of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, and occasionally Susie, with Angelica. (not in that order). This all changed with the premiere of the first Rugrats movie in 1998. This set up the pregnancy of Didi Pickles, Tommy’s mother, who was pregnant with his little brother Dil. When Dil arrived, he didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome from the gang, leaving Tommy to think his parents no longer cared about him. This also created the idea in Tommy’s head, to send his brother back from where he came from, which was the hospital he was born in. It was a cool idea for the writers to add another baby into the mix, but they didn’t have to break up the dynamic foursome.

21 He's Still A Crybaby


Caillou was a sweet kids cartoon that centered around a little boy and his learning experiences. Things were changed up a bit when Caillou’s mother became pregnant. It’s always interesting how kids shows integrate pregnancy into the storyline. With all the excitement going on, Caillou gets upset, not understanding why his parents get to go to the hospital and he has to stay home with his Grandma.

This was another show that didn’t really give details on what goes on during childbirth.

It is a kids show after all, but Caillou’s parents just arrived back home later with his baby sister in tow, offering no real explanation about what went on. What is shown, is Caillou getting jealous of his new baby sister because she is getting all of the attention from his parents. The show was trying to demonstrate what it’s like having a new baby in the house and how small children might feel as a result.

20 A Magical Pregnancy


Kiki’s Delivery Service is just one of many amazing Studio Ghibli films, about a young girl named Kiki, who travels as part of her magical training. In this case, she lives temporarily with a couple who runs a bakery, in the city she’s visiting. She assists them in delivering their baked goods all over the city in exchange for their kindness, room, and board. The character Osono, who is the wife that runs the bakery with her husband, is shown pregnant during the entire time duration the film. They only show Osono at the end of the film when she goes into the labor, then again during the credits with her standing next to her husband, who is holding the baby during a picnic outing. Gotta love that cartoon magic.

19 Possibly More Than One


Kim Possible did things a little different. Since Kim Possible is a series about a teenage secret agent. Her siblings are already older. In this case, you see Kim’s mother pregnant with her twin brothers, Jim and Tim, when she travels back in time in A Sitch in Time, Part 2.

Kim time travels back ten years in the past, to stop a villain and ends up getting a glimpse of her mother who looks rather young and very pregnant.

Kim is young herself and gets to feel her mother's belly. Her belly doesn’t move at all, but Kim gets excited and happy saying that she felt her “baby sister kick.” It’s cute seeing a young Kim get so excited over having a baby sister. Especially, when its the exact opposite and she ends up having twin baby brothers instead.

18 A New Generation


The Legend of Korra was a sequel taking place 70 years after the hit series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. The character who is shown pregnant is Tenzin’s wife Pema, who is pregnant with their fourth child. Tenzin is also the grown son of Aang and Katara. They don’t show Pema often during the series, seeing how the show focuses on Korra’s training while learning under Tenzin. Their son is born in the 10th episode of season 2. This brings the couple much joy and Pema, of course, is as calm as one can be during childbirth. The baby is born at home but it isn’t shown. What is shown, is Pema going into labor with her other three children present and unfortunately not knowing what to do.

17 A Shrew'd Pregnancy


Fru Fru is an adorable kind-hearted character featured in the Disney movie Zootopia, who is the daughter of a feared crime lord named Mr. Big. Fru Fru becomes friends with Judy and Nick, after she walked in on her father who was about to hurt both of them. Her father puts a pin in this act after Fru Fru tells him that Nick and Judy saved her life.

Later in the movie, Fru Fru reveals that she is pregnant.

Her father makes Judy the godmother of Fru Fru’s unborn child and Fru Fru declares that she will name her child after Judy. It’s a sweet suggestion. Fru Fru is never shown giving birth. In fact, Fru Fru is still shown as very pregnant at the end of the movie.

16 Pregnant For Four Seasons


The Weekenders was a Disney show that focused on four pre-teen friends who get into shenanigans every weekend. There was one secondary character, Mrs. Gloria Duwong, who was featured in multiple episodes. She was pregnant for the entire four season series. Totaling in at thirty-nine episodes. Gloria was always shown helping the teens with problems, assisting in events, and lifting objects that she definitely shouldn’t have been lifting. She was an “I’ve got a handle on everything” type of woman. Not sure why the writers decided never to have Gloria give birth but that was the way they wanted it. It would’ve been nice to see her finally have the baby, considering she was huge during the entire pregnancy. She looked as if she was about to pop at any moment.

15 A Family Flashback


Pepper Ann was literally much too cool for 7th grade, with her quirky friends and equally quirky family members. This particular episode, Season 2 Episode 11: Cold Feet, focuses on Pepper Ann’s grandmother Lillian, who is about to celebrate her 50th marriage anniversary with her husband Leo. Lillian visits her family and begins to reminisce about her life when she met her husband and how they bought their first family house.

One thing she talks about is her being pregnant and traveling abroad to attend a concert.

Way to live on the wild side Lillian. Unfortunately, her concert trip is cut short, when she went into labor at the last minute. The animators showed Lillian's baby bump literally jumping while she was holding luggage and some other items. They also showed Pepper Ann’s mom, Lydia, pregnant with her daughter Margaret Rose Pearson, AKA Moose, when Pepper Ann was much younger.

14 Bobby’s World Gets Bigger


Bobby’s world was a 90s series that aired from 1990 to 1998. The show centered around a 4-year old who frequently escapes to his own imaginative world. Bobby was an only child for his entire 4 years. That was, until his mother Martha became pregnant with twins. This made Bobby very happy. He was going to be a big brother and be given two new brothers. They showed Martha with a very big belly but this didn’t stop her from doing what she wanted and tackling her 4-year old son's melt-downs whenever needed. When Martha went into labor, she wasn’t exactly thrilled. Her husband was as hands-on as he could possibly be but unfortunately, he wasn’t very helpful during that stressful situation.

13 He's Probably Smart Enough To Be A Doctor


Dexter was a boy genius that had to put up with his older sister Deedee's shenanigans. She was constantly breaking into his lab and practically destroying everything in her path. In Season 2 Episode 17b: "911," Dexter is trying to watch his favorite television show when it’s interrupted by an emergency broadcast test.

Dexter then takes it upon himself to try and solve the various emergencies.

One of these emergencies involved Dexter delivering the baby of a woman who went into labor in the back of a cab. Talk about having bad luck. There was also a second episode that featured Dexter’s mother pregnant with him in a opera version of his life story. The best part of that episode was his mother still wearing those rubber gloves that she wears all the time during her house cleaning.

12 A Change Of Heart


Avatar: The Last Airbender was a highly popular animated series that has millions of fans. In Season 2 Episode 7: Zuko alone, Zuko is separated from his uncle while he was on a journey of self-discovery. Zuko was an angry prince later turned fugitive from his home in the fire nation. While on his self-discovery journey, Zuko was weak, hungry, and desperate. He was going to steal from a couple, holding them at knife point but he realized that the woman was pregnant, immediately changing his mind. Seeing that they needed their food more than he does. Showing this couple kindness isn’t something that Zuko was used to, but he managed and ended up learning a lot. Pretty much learning what his uncle wanted him to learn in the end.

11 Mistakes Were Made


An animated series based off the movie, Big Hero 6, was released in 2014. The series premiered in 2017 as a sequel to the movie. The series followed Hiro, Baymax, and his friends, on their adventures. In the first episode of the series, the Big Hero 6 go out, participating in their first night patrol. The 6 come across a car that they think is stolen, but instead, they find out that the car isn’t exactly stolen.

It was a husband just trying to get his pregnant wife, who is in labor, to the hospital safely.

The husband is understandably irritated that he was stopped but eventually the couple goes on their way. In a way, this felt like a little comic relief at the beginning of the show.

10 This Wasn't In The Job Description


Justice League Unlimited was a follow-up to the Justice League series. This series ran for only two season from 2004 to 2006 and focused more on superheroes that aren’t as iconic as Batman and Wonder Woman. In season 1 episode 7: The Greatest Story Never Told, Booster Gold, a D-list superhero, comes across this women who is in labor in the back of an abandoned ambulance. To his dismay, he has to help the woman deliver the baby, and from the looks of it, Booster Gold doesn’t know how to deliver a baby. Stop bad guys, sure. Fight when his life depends on it, no problem. Deliver a baby? Now that is a whole other ball game. One question though, Why was this women in the back of an abandoned ambulance in the first place?

9 A Little Helicopter Saves A Little Life


This show was a British/Canadian animated series based off children’s books. The show was based off a living aircraft that went on adventures and performed tasks with his other aircraft pals. The show was based on the perspective of the childlike helicopter, whose name was Budgie. In season 1 episode 3, there is a nasty blizzard that has created hazardous conditions, making it impossible for anyone to go anywhere. The character Budgie has to help a woman who's in labor and can’t make it to the hospital. So, Budgie picks the woman up and eventually gets her to the hospital, where she safely gives birth to her baby. Talk about piling on the stress during a kids cartoon. Imagine being a child, sitting there watching this the entire time just waiting for Budgie to arrive at the hospital safely.

8 Anime Counts


Yes, this one is an anime, but it deserves to be on the list. Plus, it came out in 2000, which technically makes it a show for 90s kids. Vandread is a sci-fi anime that focuses on the future where men and women really don’t co-exist at all. In fact, they live separately, with the exception of the male doctor on board the ship where the character Ezra lives.

Ezra is the only character in the series who is pregnant.

She reveals that she is pregnant, to her friends but she reveals that she is pregnant with her girlfriend's child. In season 2, she gives birth to the child. Vandread was creative in showing not only men and women practically living apart, but women have female partners.

7 The World's Calmest Pregnancy


Peppa Pig is known for a few things. One is being a great kids show that many kids from all over the world enjoy. The second is, Peppa has the tendency to throw shade at her parents here and there. During an episode, Peppa asks her mom if she’s pregnant and she tells her yes. They show Peppa’s mom with just a small round belly in her mid-section. She’s constantly in good spirits and she can’t wait for the baby to be born. Everyone is excited and Peppa expresses how she would make an amazing big sister. The birth is subtle and in T.V. fashion. Everyone is happy and calm. During the birth, she is equally calm and everyone else keeps their cool. I suppose they took this route because they didn’t want to scare any children.

6 She Won't Take This Lying Down


Doug is a calm teenager that shows signs of social anxiety. Even though it’s not exactly said that he has anxiety, it's clear that he probably does. Doug lives with his mom, sister, and father. In Disney’s Doug, Doug’s mom Theda is not only pregnant but she’s still seen doing household chores. In one episode she claims that standing is just too difficult so she'd rather lay down, only doing things that she can from the floor.

One of those things includes dusting.

Doug is worried about his mother doing things when she should be resting but his mother seems bored and just wants something to do. Theda, we can relate. It’s funny how everyone is worried about Theda except for Theda herself, and her husband who just seems to go with the flow.

5 The Tiniest Vampire


After the first Hotel Transylvania movie in 2012, the sequel premiered in 2015. Dracula’s daughter Mavis ends up with Johnny, a human boy who ends up finding Dracula’s high-end resort for the supernatural and falls in love with his daughter. Of course, later Dracula warms up to the idea but that didn’t exactly come easy. The second film focuses on Mavis and Johnny’s toddler son. There is a flashback briefly showing Mavis pregnant and very happy. They didn’t show her giving birth but she and the father of her child were very happy.

Who would’ve thought that vampires could even have children?

Making other vampires sure, but having vampire children? Twilight already had their fun when they dabbled in that storyline and although it wasn’t exactly executed in the easiest of ways, they got their point across.

4 The Pain Was Unbearable


This show centers around three brother bears who try and find their place in the world. They try to make friends, search around for food, or try to become famous on the internet by trying out different schemes. They leave their cave one day and start to explore the San Francisco area, discovering that they have a lot to learn when it comes to the world and the technology that surrounds them. In the episode "Yard Sale," Panda meets a woman named Annie, who has been texting him accidentally with plans for a date. Unfortunately, those plans are for her husband and not Panda. Long story short, Annie’s husband thinks that Annie is being unfaithful but that’s not true. Her husband wants to beat up Panda but Annie goes into Labor and Panda helps saves the day. All is well in the world again.

3 Daniel's A Good Brother


This is a show that focuses on young Daniel the tiger’s adventures and experiences. During an episode, Daniel learns from his parents all about being a big brother. They tell him about how he’ll have to help his younger sibling and teach him/her about different things. Daniel spends the episode helping both his parents set up for the baby, which includes helping set up the baby’s room. Later, Daniel asks his mother if he can touch her belly.

When she tells him he can, he begins to talk to the baby.

This makes him very happy and excited. He can’t wait to enjoy his experiences as a big brother by being the best big brother he can be to his unborn sibling. This makes his parents very happy and they have a group hug at the end.

2 That's Not An Ambulance


Premiering in 2007, Transformers Animated was an action series focusing on autobots lead by Elite Guard washout Optimus Prime. This takes place during the 22nd century in Detroit. These autobots have to protect their new home from the Decepticons. In Season 2 episode 4: Garbage in, Garbage out, Autobot medic Ratchet is mistaken for an ambulance. He’s flagged down and a pregnant woman named Carly is placed in the “Ambulance,” by her husband. It’s discovered shortly after that Ratchet is not an ambulance, but an alien robot. Both characters climb out. Afterward, Carly and her husband decide to take a cab. which is what they should’ve done in the first place but hey, desperate times calls for desperate measures. It’s assumed that Carly and her husband made it safely to the hospital, delivering her baby safely.

1 America's Favorite Trouble Maker


The famous Simpsons, a show that has been running since 1989, totaling in over 632 episodes to date, has shown some funny and questionable adventures during its time on television. It's not really a "kids" show, but a lot of kids watch it, so we'll include it. In the second season, Episode 12, a flashback focuses on Marge and Homer's marriage when their son Bart was conceived. He was conceived at a mini-golf course. This wasn’t exactly a happy time because Marge's family believes she ruined her life marrying Momer. The episode shows them both getting married after they find out Marge is pregnant. The episode also shows Marge’s sisters looking at her with disdain over her choices. Now, Homer might be a lot of things, but when Marge needs him he is always there for her. Including, the birth of Bart, which comes later in the episode after a dramatic scene.

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