25 Times The Sims 4 Went Too Far

The Sims 4 does some dark and disturbing places. Fans definitely took it too far.

I've talked about The Sims series before, and it continues to amaze me just how family-unfriendly it can be. With its pastel colors, its complete lack of cursing, smoking, drugs, or anything that could be unsavory to the moral majority, its rules can be bent beyond breaking point. For example, a variety of confessions from across the internet have shown me players who create incestuous situations, paste in their favorite characters from various franchises for nefarious reasons, become eugenicists, or make a town of alien-human hybrids. And that's just the base game! With mods, the possibilities extend even further. For example, there are mods which allow men to become pregnant, mods which bring a variety of weapons into the game, and mods which bring in huge amounts of NSFW clothes and objects.

On this list, you'll encounter some of the grimmest scenarios wrought in The Sims. If you want to read about people who've created serial killers, traps which rival those in Saw, carnivorous plants to feed troublesome people to, and scenes which genuinely reminded me of something from Black Mirror. What about you? What have you gotten up to in your Sims games, and how do they compare to these nightmares? I'd love to hear your stories, so drop them in the comments! I'm looking forward to what will be implemented in The Sims 5, and whether it's going to allow for even more horrifying situations.

25 Solitary Confinement

24 To Whom Do You Woohoo?

23 It's Not A Swamp But It Works

Now I know it’s just a game and all, but the idea of being imprisoned by Shrek sounds like maybe the most horrifying fate of all.


It's an interesting proposition to consider, isn’t it? Like, I’m surprised by how placid the Sims who were being walled in must’ve been, just watching the walls go up around them and assuming all was going to be well. Maybe in The Sims 5 EA will make sims able to climb up walls like nightcrawler.


This is also the same player who installed a mod that allowed him to woohoo with his family, which he KEPT doing. Apparently, the family tree was more of a straight line by the end of it. The character eventually started flirting with his descendants of his own free will.

20 Didn't Know You Really Could Die Of That

The sim originally had an athletic job, but he made them quit it and take up livestreaming. They were raking in the dough from their streams, when they essentially realized they’d made themselves. They wanted to see what would happen if they got fired. Somehow they managed to get fired from self-employment, and as a result, the sim got so embarrassed they wet themselves, then promptly died. It’s a hard, hard life being a professional livestream, especially under the malevolent eye of a Sims player.

19 God Is In The Radio

They locked up their sim in a basement with nothing but a radio for company. The player doesn’t state if they were given a toilet or food, so they probably rotted to the sound of sim pop music. I really hope the AI is merciful when it becomes sentient and takes over the world, rather than locking us in a live-action version of The Sims.

18 Teen (Sim) Mom

There’s also another mod that lets people play out their favourite mpreg fan fictions in the Sims 4, letting male sims get knocked up. I don’t know why mods bring out the weirdest side of people, but it’s a theme you can see across pretty much every game.

17 Simlander

This scenario so tickled a Kotaku writer that they decided to try and replicate the experiment in their own game. Unfortunately, the sim who was marked for death just died as normal, suggesting that MrAkamoll’s weird situation was just a hilarious bug, not a feature.

16 Rosemary's Simbaby

Equipped with the kind of sharply-angled limbs you’d normally only see on a Bigfin squid, it’s unintentional body horror at its finest. Oh, and its eyes protrude out of its head on glitchy stalks. And it merges with anyone it hugs, presumably attempting to possess them. It is something to be seen, and never forgotten.

15 Things That Go Bump In The Night

Luckily for the child, they’re not entirely malevolent. In fact, they can be befriended by the child. If this is done, the player gets the opportunity to play with the monster, tell it their secrets, talk to it, ask about its life under the bed, or ask it to leave. Their appearances can also be prevented by the use of a Defender Wall Light.


Hold up though, it gets even worse. See, this wasn’t mischievous arson. The ghost wanted her own bloody revenge, and she’d get it in the worst way possible. Waiting until the new woman was pregnant, she’d plan an evil crime. Once the woman had given birth, the ghost would kill her in a fire, keeping the child as her own.

13 Polite Until The End

The result of this walling up is pretty hilarious. The sims in question got stuck in a chorus of never-ending “goodbyes,” until presumably, either the player’s mind cracked and they let them out or they died, polite ‘til the end. Until I read this story, I had no idea that every sim is secretly Canadian. Maybe in the next instalment in the series, we’ll get a Tim Hortons DLC.

12 Grand Theft Auto Meets The Sims

There’s a dizzying array of these kinds of mod available. Available ones include the Serial Killer Murder Mod, “Torture And Chaos” and the “Extreme Violence” mod. It’s the sort of thing that I would have thought was so cool when I was like 14, but now it’s just a bit embarrassing, to be honest. Oh, to be an edgy teenager again, when all you needed a game to have was some mindless, weird, and frankly jarring brutality.

11 Demon Cat Terrorizes Simville: More At 11

On its forehead amongst all the white theatre makeup, you’ll find an inverted cross daubed in red. To add a final emo touch, the makeup under its eyes has run, making it look like it’s been crying about something lately. I think that if this entry proves anything, it’s that people would put makeup on their pets given half the chance.

10 Someone Call XCOM

Why they decided to kill the alien hybrids, rather than keep them around, I don’t know. Mind you, seeing as one of their abilities is mind controlling a human to do their chores, they’d probably have ended up bringing in humans as a kind of slave labour, and yeaaah, that’s even darker.

9 Budgeting Taken To An Extreme

I’m just kind of glad that my parents never used this method to explain the importance of managing a budget to me.

8 You're So Vain

This kind of approach even extends into their approach to parenting, with the player confessing that they shower more attention on the prettiest siblings, letting the ugly ones do as they please. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE THINK DESIGNER BABIES ARE A BAD IDEA, PEOPLE! However, if this list has taught us anything, it’s that everyone basically turns into a psycho with The Sims.

7 Fanfiction Made Flesh

Whether they made Ron just to keep him confined to a basement and fed on fish heads, like Bart’s twin in that Simpsons episode, is not made clear. It makes me wonder how many people do this in their Sims games, to be honest. Do you think there are people out there creating all the Games of Thrones houses in their town? I don’t quite know if The Sims have the correct character traits for the Lannisters, to be honest.

6 When Parenting Goes Bad

5 Neither Adoption Or Love Work Like That

This isn’t the only horrifying moment mentioned. Another player said that they were playing a homeless man who proceeded to flirt with any women he can. He was able to woohoo with one of them, but their timing was unfortunate. The mother of the woman walked in just as it was happening, and died of old age while watching them. Their parenting skills need improvement.

4 I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger

3 Supernatural? Or Just Weird?

This is far from the only figment of the Supernatural theme which has cropped up in The Sims 4. You can find a huge range of related mods and downloads online, if such a thing takes your fancy. From Supernatural tattoos to pre-made characters, they’re all there, if you wanna get in on the hottest show from five years ago.

2 Venus Man-Trap

If you want to get in on this, gaining a plant which can deal with just about anyone, you need to undertake an epic quest. The quest? Collect a rare berry which you can then plant in your backyard, which will sprout into the cowplant. In a horrifying twist, once it’s eaten someone, you can milk the plant producing a lifegiving potion “the essence of life.” Is this how Soylent Green is made in The Sims universe?

1 Game Of Thrones, Is That You?

Could have been worse, I guess. At least they didn’t just start woohooing with them in front of the priest. As you’ve seen on this list, The Sims 4 can be properly messed up, if the players have the right…idiosyncracies.

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