TimTheTatman Gets 3 Mech Kills With His Monitor Off

The Season of the Mech continues in Fortnite as streamer TimTheTatman proves you don't even need to look at the game to win. To show just how unbalanced the new mechs are, Tim turned off his monitor and let his teammates guide him into getting at least 3 kills.

Without aiming or really even moving, TTT was able just blast away at his own feet and knock out 3 enemy players. The stunt couldn't have gone better if it was scripted and makes Tim's (and the rest of the community's) point loud and clear: Mech's are low-skill and over-powered.

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B.R.U.T.E mechs were introduced at the beginning of this season and were pretty immediately and unanimously hated. Brutes have 1000 HP, fire rockets and shotguns, and can unleash a devastating stomp attack (as Tim demonstrates in the clip). The high speed Ballers were removed, so players have fairly few options for escaping a player in a mech once they set their sites on killing you.

After a week of mech oppression, Epic announced a nerf in the form of an early warning audio cue that alerts players when they are being targeted. The change had nearly 0 impact on the player perception of mechs, as everyone including Ninja bemoaned how OP they are.

Yesterday, an official statement from Epic about the B.R.U.T.E indicates that they have no further plans to alter or remove the mechs, atleast until the end of the season. The mech appeals to the casual audience, according the Epic, and is giving low-skill players the opportunity to get their first elims and victory royales.

Fans are understandably frustrated, given the recent Fortnite World Cup and the emphasis on high level play. Tim's no-monitor stunt is a prime example of just how brainless using the mech really is. It seems like mechs could be balanced in a way that gives low skilled players an advantage without being this broken, but Epic seems satisfied with the way mechs are right now, so players will have no choice but to endure the reign of mechs until the end of season X.

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