TimTheTatman Looks Great After Losing Loads Of Weight

Twitch streamer TimTheTatman lost a lot of weight, which is always a good thing to see in this sedentary industry.

Twitch Streamer, TimTheTatman (real name Timothy Betar), who has over 4 million followers and is known for playing mostly online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty: Modern WarfareFortnite, and Overwatch, is looking much healthier after a significant weight loss.

According to gamelife.com He was "around 275 lbs just before..." Going on to say in a recent Fortnite stream that he was 2 lbs away from reaching 250. What is interesting here is that his weight loss is apparently affecting his brand, as he is losing not just weight, but also subscribers, as one viewer pointed out to him.

His weight is not the the only thing that makes him one of the top 10 Twitch streamers, though. That can largely attributed to his lively personality. His positivity and energy have gained him a healthy following, most of which will probably stick with him through any physical changes. As for the subscriber loss, it seems to be going around.

via Game Life

It should be pointed out that his losses cannot be compared to Ninja's, who, for the uninformed, lost over 170,000 of his 200,000 subscriber base, roughly 90%. 40,000 of which were over a 48 hour period because he was MIA during that time for a gaming conference.

Statistics, numbers, and the sometimes unforgiving nature of Twitch aside, Tim does indeed look more fit, healthy, and energetic. Hopefully he stays fit, even though a time consuming hobby/profession like Twitch can sometimes make it hard to hit the gym on a regular basis. Tim's journey to find this balance has the potential to help inspire other gamers to find such a balance in their own lives. Maybe they can even combine the two. There are quite a few games that do that popping up these days.

Either way, this provides fans another reason to enjoy Tim's streams. Not only is he fun to watch, but he appears to be one of the few high profile streamers to use his platform to promote a healthy lifestyle on his channel. Something other streamers could do well to follow his example, in a culture where the go-to playtime snack is Mountain Dew and Doritos.

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